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  1. Lebowski

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Looks like a 4 hour drive is considered "closer to home" as he's transferring to Xavier. His major is accounting so I'm really surprised he didn't end up at either IU or UM. Maybe IU didn't want him? Or maybe he didn't want to transfer to a B1G? Who knows.
  2. Lebowski

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Zach Carpenter, OG transfer from Michigan.
  3. Lebowski

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    All 9 of them.
  4. Lebowski

    2021 Transfer Portal

    In my opinion Nunge would be a nice addition. He's been battling injuries his college career but when healthy he's definitely a stretch 4/5 that can board. Coach Woody would work wonders for him, think Steve Novak. However I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at UE. Also what is considered "closer to home" for him? I think his sister was or is on scholarship at ND. Is MSU or Michigan close? Is just a few hours drive close to home? Is just a few minutes close to home? Regardless what he decides I truly wish him the best. That young man has been through a lot.
  5. No. Not even close. Lol.
  6. Lebowski

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I wouldn't be surprised if Nunge ends up at UE. I know folks are saying Power 5 but he'd literally be the closest to home with the MVC mid major coached by an ex Butler/Iowa coach. Having said that, Coach Woody could mold this kid into a heck of a shooter that would ultimately get him paid. He's already got the touch. And he's got a knack at the boards. His injuries situation is a bit worrisome but personally I think he'd be worth the risk.
  7. One of the most important things I heard throughout his media day yesterday was something on the lines that he didn't have an ego when it comes to basketball. He's always learning and wants to surround himself with people that will help him. Hope this works. Congrats Coach Woodson.
  8. A complete FA market. National https://247sports.com/Season/2021-Football/TransferPortal/ IUFB https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Season/2021-Football/TransferPortal/
  9. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome read.
  10. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    Honestly, I just want a coach that wins. I don't care who gets hired.
  11. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    Gotcha, well, I guess he just adjusts his coaching based on player personnel?
  12. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    I thought he was known for getting the most of defensive players? I could be wrong. He has a ring as an assistant coach with the Pistons.
  13. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    Thanks for explaining. Very much appreciate it. In my experience in every team sport, the style of game is always changing. Wait a few years and the style of basketball played while Woodson was a head coach will be the 'new' style. Typically what forces these changes is how the defense adjusted to all the 'new' craze or personnel/players playing the game. I've always thought there are two types of coaches. The one that is able to adjust and make a career of coaching and one that was once a coach but isn't a coach anymore because he/she was too stubborn to adjust. I will say, in my opinion, being able to shoot the 3 ball will never change. It's pretty simple to figure out 3 > 2. But that doesn't mean the style of play is always going to be 'race and space', if that makes sense.
  14. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    What does all that have to do with the game changing? I'm not understanding you on that aspect of it. Seems to me this shows he's able to evolve with the game. I'm just trying to understand you here.
  15. Lebowski

    General New Coach News

    But he's still coaching in the NBA right now. I'm not understanding you here.