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  1. S out of East St. Louis, IL 247 Rivals On3 Twitter/X
  2. DL out of Nashville, TN 247 Rivals On3
  3. Lebowski

    (2025) S Travares Daniels II

    Who knows, maybe IU will turn into a football school and we're all focused on CFP banners! Lol!
  4. Top 50 DL out of Columbia, TN 247 Rivals On3
  5. S out of Fort Lauderdale, FL 247 On3
  6. Top 50 CB out of Sarasota, FL 247 Rivals On3
  7. Edge out of Muncie, IN 247 Rivals On3
  8. Top 100 WR out of Miami, FL 247 Rivals On3 Son of Cecil Sapp. Making a visit March 21st for the opening practice of spring football.
  9. Lebowski

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Yeah, I don't think you and I are on the same page regarding IUBB. I've already posted here where I stand on letting CMW go.
  10. Lebowski

    Fire Coach Woodson

    And while being banished to DII for his shade at Iowa he ended up having Person/Pearl like shade with Rick Herdes at USI. This article does a decent job giving his coaching shade career timeline. https://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2019/4/4/18295241/bruce-pearl-final-four-timeline-infractions-auburn-lowa-deon-thomas-wire-milwaukee-violations Pearl will indeed put his shade fingerprint on any program he coaches, that's just who he is. It's just a matter if you care or not that IUBB get's the Pearl tarnish. To each his own.
  11. Lebowski

    Fire Coach Woodson

    If you're cool with controversy and shade being tied to IUBB then there isn't any risk, because it will happen with Pearl. IUBB really has been a clean sheet or prides itself on that. Historically, it wins/won the right way. Landing the right coach is just a matter of time.
  12. Lebowski

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Just my opinion but Bruce Pearl is not IUBB. His entire coaching history is shade. I have no problem saying this having experienced him walking around campus during the golden years at USI. Dolson would be taking the biggest risk for the program should he decide to him.
  13. Lebowski

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I'm not a betting man but if I did, I'd smash that over button! From the article: In ESPN's Bill Connelly SP+ rankings – which accounts for returning production, recent recruiting success, recent history, and is a predictive measure of the most sustainable and predictable aspects of football, not a résumé ranking – ranks Indiana 90th in the nation with a -8.3 SP+ rating. More specifically, Indiana has a 20.8 offensive SP+ rating (102nd), a 29.1 defensive SP+ rating (66th) and a special 0.1 special teams SP+ rating (63rd). 90. Indiana -8.3 20.8 (102) 29.1 (66) 0.1 (63) 2023 Ranking 92. Indiana (3-9) -7.4 19.6 (105) 27.2 (73) 0.3 (63) IUFB's offense will be ranked in the top 50 or close to it this year. And if the defense can even stay at 66th or just the same as last year they're winning a lot of games. For example all one score games will fall in our favor more times than not. Why do you ask I'm saying top 50 offense? JMU. Here are last year's JMU's SP+ Rankings 20. JMU (11-2) 11.8 34.6 (19) 23.7 (43) 1.0 (40) I can't repeat enough of how good this coach is. We're in for a treat folks.
  14. Lebowski

    College Football Thread

    We're going to the Rose Bowl this year!!!!