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  1. Lebowski

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    I think this might be the direction it's heading. But who knows. I believe the pair they just picked up from the PAC 12 is probably best that conference had to offer. I mean Oregon and maybe Stanford could really add muscle but overall it makes way more sense to pick up UCLA/USC over any other PAC 12 school. Personally, I would pick up a pair from the Big 12 and a pair from the ACC. This would probably help with regional coverages across the nation. My picks would be either Duke/UNC or FSU/Miami from the ACC and Baylor/Kansas or Baylor/Texas Tech from the Big 12. These schools (minus Kansas) compete in football but most importantly completely destroy the SEC in basketball. I really like the idea of picking up FSU/Miami because that puts the Big Ten Conference right in SEC land. The SEC is probably scrambling today to try to pick up more schools as well. And I wouldn't be surprised if the schools on the list are schools you and I have mentioned here. So it's gonna be a race to pick them up. Because yesterday the B1G just shot a across the SEC bow.
  2. Lebowski

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    My only complaint with this move is any IU road game in Los Angeles is gonna suck for Eastern and Central time zone folk like myself. But overall, this is a really good move for the conference.
  3. Top 50 DL out of Fort Pierce, FL 247 Rivals Twitter
  4. Safety out of Lake Minneola, FL 247 Rivals
  5. Top 50 DL out of Shreveport, LA 247 Rivals
  6. ATH out of Clewiston, FL 247 Rivals
  7. S out of Manvel, TX 247 Rivals
  8. OT out of Hollywood, FL 247 Rivals
  9. CB/S out of Piedmont, SC 247 Rivals
  10. Top 50 Safety out of Lake City, FL 247 Rivals
  11. Lebowski

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    Just spit ballin' here, but wondering if NIL and getting closer to home also played roles?
  12. You never know. If I had to guess Coach Bell is just trying to fill the depth chart, especially if the rumors are correct about McCulley moving to WR.
  13. QB out of Canfield, OH 247 Rivals
  14. Lebowski

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    If the front five plays like last year then only one game is winnable.