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  1. Top 25 K out of Bloomington, IN Kohls https://x.com/BTaylor1529/status/1800996233969803285
  2. WR out of Jacksonville, FL 247 Rivals On3 https://x.com/mkendrick2025/status/1800647625701572632
  3. DL/Edge out of Groveport, OH 247 Rivals On3 https://x.com/KeishaunCalhoun/status/1800609254023254094
  4. Top 100 LB out of Madison, AL 247 Rivals On3 https://x.com/AjRice3/status/1765507633115509228 Committed to Mississippi State September 2023. However, he scheduled OV June 21
  5. Top 60 ATH out of Cincinnati, OH 247 Rivals On3 https://x.com/SeaontaStewart3/status/1747325581006368977 Scheduled OV June 21
  6. Lebowski

    (2025) CB Antonio Harris

    Committed to UofL June 9. Unknown if he's still officially visiting on June 21.
  7. Top 100 WR out of Upper Marlboro, MD 247 Rivals On3 https://x.com/GiyahniK/status/1794002565220171971 Made an OV June 9.
  8. Lebowski

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    "I define success by winning, and that's what we're aiming to do this fall." - Coach Cig
  9. Lebowski

    2025 IUFB Class Ranking

    Add administrative support from the top as well.
  10. Lebowski

    (2025) QB - Julian Lewis

    “Ju had a great time,” the elder Lewis said. “He really did. “He really likes the town and family atmosphere among the team. He had a chance to spend a lot of time with the o-line. Obviously he sees what they’re trying to do and sees a real opportunity to do something different. “From a dad’s perspective, one thing I can say, being around them and talking to the coaches there is no reason not to believe they don’t have a chance to win. Based on track record and the amount of support they have from the administration, they have a favorable schedule the next two seasons. They can be in the mix pretty quick.” - TC Lewis, father of JuJu
  11. Lebowski

    2025 IUFB Class Ranking

    Just for comparison. Month of June CTA first year rank: 73, 6 total commits one of them being his son. Coach Cig rank: 25, 11 total commits
  12. http://www.scoreatl.com/stories/four-star-db-jaylen-bell-commits-to-indiana-why-he-could-be-a-program-changer-for-the-hoosiers/
  13. https://x.com/seancuono/status/1797792775963808129?t=XbHecL8F615hc3-TjkCAcw&s=19
  14. Lebowski

    Official Visits

    Sean Cuono committed.
  15. Lebowski

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    "Hickory's first road game of the season, a tough, physical battle where emotions are running high. Classic Norm. Instead of being the calming influence his team needs, he instigates a brawl by dressing down the referee, taunting the opposing coach and slapping -- yes, slapping -- the hand of a kid on the other team. Remember, this is a coach with a history of assault, having punched one of his own players at Ithaca College and receiving a lifetime ban for it. Luckily for Dale, the Internet didn't exist in 1951, and only one person in town -- Myra Fleener -- knows how to look up information in a library." If it wasn't for Chipwood coming in to save the day, Coach Dale ain't doin' poop. Just sayin.