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  1. Lebowski

    How long a leash on Penix?

    In my opinion the biggest issue is the front 5. I don't think it really matters who's the QB at this point.
  2. Lebowski

    College Football Thread

    Don't joke about that, man. ;-)
  3. Lebowski

    (2022) DL/DE Caden Curry

    OV this weekend. He was at OSU's loss against the Ducks this past Saturday. Both schools are on his short list.
  4. TOP 20 EDGE/DE out of Pittsburgh, PA. 247 Rivals
  5. Lebowski

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    My biggest worry is that Iowa just gave the country a blueprint on handling IUFBs blitz packages.
  6. Lebowski

    College Football Thread

    A lot of credit has to be given to Urban Meyer for leaving such a silver platter (aka Fields). After watching last night's game, OSU is in big trouble this year. They may lose multiple games in the conference. And I really really like IUFBs chances now, especially being a home game. CTA had to be giddy watching that game last night. Now that all may change if Stroud can somehow turn into the QB prior to him but I just don't see that happening. I've been wrong more times than not so I fully understand I might be eating crow with this post. But I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  7. Lebowski

    College Football Thread

    Maybe. OSU will have their hands full against the Ducks next week.
  8. Lebowski

    College Football Thread

    By rule it was indeed targeting. But I understand why it wasn't called. Keep in mind folks, IUFBs defense ain't no slouch and will be subject to these types of hits as well. Targeting is kind of a double edged sword for me. On one hand the laws of physics just doesn't allow a defender to prevent it. On the other hand CTE is a real thing and acknowledging it and trying to address it via rules like targeting is a good thing for humanity in general. I think the biggest beef I have with targeting is the rule is such a stiff penalty. I wish the punishment would change to something like a flagrant 1 vs 2 in basketball or a yellow vs red card in soccer. In regards to the game I don't think it would have made a difference in the outcome because they were down 14. They may have cut it to a 7 point difference but then they'd have to get the ball back with not a lot of time left. They'd have had a chance to tie the game, but not likely.
  9. Hudl Account Also keep in mind his brother and 2023 commit is on the team. Here's Daeh's Hudl Account
  10. I'm not seeing anything on his social media accounts saying this. Not saying you're wrong, just curious what's your source here? Because he played last week and that makes me wonder why he'd jump ship on his current team with the season already started.
  11. Yeah this transfer was personal. Best of luck to him.
  12. Lebowski

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    Rumors of USC to B1G.
  13. Lebowski

    2022 IUFB Class Ranking

    Updated Class Rankings 23/6 - Rivals 23/6 - 247 LB Kaiden Turner - Fayetteville, AR (3/8/2021) LB Dasan McCullough - Bloomington, IN (04/25/2021) DE Richard Thomas - Plantation, FL (5/14/2021) LB Isaiah Jones - London, OH (6/20/2021) DB Trevell Mullen - Coconut Creek, FL (6/20/2021) QB Josh Hoover - Rockwall, TX (6/22/2021) OL Carter Smith - Powell, OH (6/23/2021) TE Ryan Miller - Chagrin Falls, OH (6/29/2021) DB James Monds III - Fort Pierce, FL (7/4/2021) WR Omar Cooper Jr. - Indianapolis, IN (7/7/2021) OL Bray Lynch - Austin, TX (7/9/2021) OL DJ Moore - Fort Wayne, IN (7/12/2021) ATH Phillip Dunnam - Miami, FL (7/20/21) RB Gi'Bran Payne - Cincinnati, OH (7/26/2021)
  14. Top 100 S out of Miami, FL Rivals 247
  15. Top 15 DL/DE EPSN300 (91st) out of Center Grove, IN Rivals ESPN 247