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Hollywood Mike Miranda

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  1. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    Justin Smith Declares

    In order to get a chase-down block from behind, you actually have to run and chase the guy down, lol :)
  2. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    College Bball Thread

    Multi-Team Events
  3. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA (IN 2020!)

    I have no clue about the timing on this, but it's like 99.9% happening, right?? The SAT and ACT exam requirements were waived due to the pandemic and he only had a 2-3 classes to complete before he was good to go (if I remember correctly). With the classes being online and everyone in quarantine (for the most part), he should plow right through them ("should" being the key word there). Has anyone heard anything that would suggest this isn't pretty much a lock??
  4. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    College Bball Thread

    Man, still haven't decided if these simulated tournaments are a fun thing to pass the time or just make me even more sad that the real thing got cancelled right when IU finally got in? Guess I shouldn't complain... but also, f*ck you, corona!! :(
  5. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    College Bball Thread

    This is the old Hoosier Guy content I come here for! Yes, man.... YES! lol
  6. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    OG Goes Shopping

    Serge: What are you going to wear on a date? OG: A shirt. And a sweater. But I'm gonna take the sweater off when I get there. Cuz it's going to get hot. LOL
  7. Didn't Juwan say something similar last year? About how Justin would dumk everything in practice but not in games for some reason.
  8. Anybody notice TJD telling Smith to dunk it on that fast break feed from Rob and Justin telling him to shut up, lol?
  9. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Just. Win. Baby.
  10. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    IUBB vs Northwestern Game Thread: 1/8/20 @7:00 BTN

    That was fu*k!ng excruciating. Just win, baby.
  11. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    IUBB vs Northwestern Game Thread: 1/8/20 @7:00 BTN

    Didn't someone say on here that he had a really good back to the basket, post up game in high school? Why is it he seems to only shoot 3s? (and very poorly)
  12. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana :)
  13. Hollywood Mike Miranda

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN