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    I'm an alcoholic redneck that fly's airplanes. Oh and I have a 2" vertical leap.

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  1. Joe_hoopsier

    College Bball Thread

    I mean, you can't let a relationship with a soccer player get out. That could ruin any good man.
  2. Joe_hoopsier


    I like to readjust my side mirrors to shine his brights right back into his eyes. It usually sends the message.
  3. Totally agree. That was a great interview.
  4. When asked about 2nd unit practicing against the 1st unit…. He allllmost cracked a grin. lol Ya gotta watch those quiet guys. They’ll steal yo jock strap without moving the elastic on your waste band. Leaving you watching them jam it in the other basket!
  5. Joe_hoopsier

    Maryland vs Indiana - Game Thread, Fri., 12/1 @ 7 BTN

    Asking for a raise, only a few days after having your pay reduced isn't a good look. :)