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    I'm an alcoholic redneck that fly's airplanes. Oh and I have a 2" vertical leap.

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  1. Meatchicken 58 Hoosiers struggle Bus - 16
  2. Midgets, with a football, after a pound of coke.
  3. I predict transfer portal at half. The top 6 programs have already texted his phone.
  4. Joe_hoopsier

    Summer 2022 IU Basketball News and Notes

    IMHO. Parker with X… bad bad bad combo. Paper and fire.
  5. Joe_hoopsier

    9/24 Game Thread: IU at Cincy @ 3:30 pm ET on ESPN2

    My god, how long of a delay does my TV have this time.. arggh
  6. I was thinking a little differently than that. Most of the conversation I see has us losing sure, but not a blow out. I consider +17.5 a blow out and Vegas knowing something that we don't.... Like the entire Defense has crabs or something and we are starting the marching 100 over center.
  7. Draft Kings has us as 17.5 dogs, O/U @ 64 Are we missing something?
  8. Its 3 min in the 3rd qrt
  9. Exactly what I was thinking !
  10. I figure it's about time for the B1G front office to phone in a game ending penalty on Cam Jones.
  11. At half time or after the 1st qrtr?