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  1. Joe_hoopsier

    College Bball Thread

    I had to go back and look, I'm getting old. I always respected Hightower too. It was Valentine that ... I "didn't think much of" ... lol
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvIiJqCqwG2jcezvn2VFevQ
  3. Joe_hoopsier

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Late to the party and he's not on ship, but may I suggest Kion if he JUST NOW wants to come?
  4. Breaking News, Woody took up bird hunting with Thomas Mikunda today. The circle is complete, the Island is unified. The theme, take one for the team! Hang #6 ! :)
  5. Joe_hoopsier

    PC Stellar basketball 2020-21 season

    I'm new around these parts, but just how high on "The Spectrum" are you anyway? This sounds intense as Habanero toilet paper.
  6. Joe_hoopsier

    Player decisions

    It's his final paper in his Sports Marketing/ Management/ promotion class. During this time period, he is working as an intern under Matta. :)
  7. And just like that, the refresh button use rate just went up 5000% over the next 4 hours from IU fan base..... TJD, you're cruel man!! lol
  8. Joe_hoopsier

    Player decisions

    There were 11 games last year, that we could have won if we hit 3 more 3 pts. 4 games with only 2 more. 12-15 could have very easily been much much different. There is a base here to start from, I'm confident. (yes I know if and buts... ) BUT.
  9. I'm not surprised actually. If "I" am a mentor/ Coach of a young man's future. I would make all decisions require a 3 day contemplation time. No rash spur of the moment decisions. There have been a lot of things happen in the last couple weeks for these kids and the program, so let everything digest and make damn sure the decision is one that everyone is 100% confident is correct. Just my opinion.
  10. Suppose Woody can get Spike lee to start setting court side? Since we are gonna go, go BIG !
  11. To me, his demeanor is like that Grandpa you shut, dig in, develop some introspective and list to every damn word he says. Then go do your best to impress him. I had my, WTH moments on this pick early on, but I am quickly coming around.
  12. This is my feel on this too. Going with all the flavor of the day regurgitated options would have been the SOP. CMW with one hell of a supporting staff, both above and below, has more of a truly cerebral thought process to it. I've often said that there were more causation of our failures due to IU Admin above the coach. I feel good about Matta (or someone like him) to address my concerns.