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  1. Joe_hoopsier

    (2018) G Chanel Wilson to Bethune Cookman

    Welcome @NatHillIV, long time no see brother. We know each other from your Grandpa and we talk "tipping" at your employer every once in a while! I think this will make sense to you. Joe. Now make some more post so that "Purdue Jockstrap" level gets upgraded. :)
  2. Joe_hoopsier

    Draft Combine 2022

    Part of what you say has been where my mind has been and probably totally over thinking it. In so many games, we were +/- 2,3,4 points of the opponent. With the game being that close, possibly TJD's mind was thinking, I KNOW I can go get 2 pts down low and help the team, or I MIGHT be able to get 2-3 points further out. "I" should go get a bucket down low. Like said, I'm probably over thinking it.
  3. Can you imagine the poor soul who would try to be his anger management coach? (or what ever you call them). 20 minutes he'd be under the desk in the fetal position. :)
  4. Joe_hoopsier

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Yep, Mike Woodson waved off the curve call from the catcher, then called off the change up and went straight for the heater !!! lol
  5. Joe_hoopsier

    Xavier Arrested...

    I think it would have been easier if I wasn't sober, but I decided not to try. lol
  6. Joe_hoopsier

    Xavier Arrested...

    I had to go to the big city yesterday. I tried recreating what X is accused of doing.. It's damn difficult in a jeep! Just FYI.
  7. Joe_hoopsier

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    Yea, I graduated from Edgewood in 86', so he was playing while I was next door, and my memory of those River Rats (hehe) are just coming back to me. I also have a couple acquaintances that are "Parrish's" and went to OV, so I was trying to dig up all the old memories. And I love that he went to VU! I'm also a VU grad.
  8. Joe_hoopsier

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    Who is her dad? I've been looking but can't seem to find it.
  9. Joe_hoopsier

    BTown Banners vs. IU team

    Finally I get to showcase my truest desire that previously in life I was to stupid to achieve........ Male Cheerleader! Although I am 100% sure, there still had better darn well be a defib there ! What a way to go out.
  10. Well here we have to opposite answers to what I have been told. I know you are saying anyone could be over 13 THIS year, but were there any teams that had more than 13 Scholly players this (last, 20-21) year? I would have thought that any of them would have been discussed. (Not asking for you to dig deep since I will not, just maybe you actually know of anyone who did).
  11. I asked this question about a year ago. They still count towards the scholarship #'s. 13 is still the max scholarships. This is why I was really worried that there would be a "Bubble" burst for recruiting high School seniors for 1,2,3 years until this all rolls through the already defined system. There are going to be several High School seniors get E'ffed from YET ANOTHER unintended consequence of a rule created out of feelings, not facts. But what do I know.
  12. I would be confident in saying that the staff, along with TJD *knew this the day after our last loss. The fact that it's release timing has been managed as it has, means TJD and the staff are orchestrating what is best for both parties. This is akin to Jobs leaving Apple. All pieces fall in a specific order. E Pluribus Woodsen.
  13. Joe_hoopsier

    Xavier Arrested...

    I had a cousin die specifically because she was wearing her seat belt. 5 in the car, 4 NOT wearing the belt, 1 did and died because of the seat belt injuries.
  14. Joe_hoopsier

    Xavier Arrested...

    Got myself into a pickle at good ole Vincennes University one night, after last call, in a Hardees parking lot (Mushroom and swiss was the best drunk burger EVER!), after doing some doughnuts. It was a normal January night, high winds, ice storm following the river and about 5 degrees. Cop rolls up - YOu boys been drinking? No way officer. .. Are you SURE you havn't been drinking. Not a drop sir. ... Ok boys I am going to have you blow in this tube right here and............ SIR, we are drunker than hell. He said he had suspected, and he would allows us to walk back to the dorm. umm sir that's like 10 blocks away... OK, I am going to have you blow in this tube ri........ no need sir, we are on our way NOW ! ! ! Dang that was a cold walk. (and great policing !)
  15. Joe_hoopsier

    Xavier Arrested...

    Do you, or anyone think that this incident has caused ANYONE on the team to lose respect for X? I'll vote H#$l no it hasn't. about two will say what the heck bro, the four will say....... OH NO YOU DIDN'T ! ! muahahaha.. the rest will say, oh snap!