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  1. Rico

    College Bball Thread

    Bingo. Definitely something that needs to be addressed or at least mentioned.
  2. Rico

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    I would agree with the 3-4. The Pacers need to position themselves to get one of them.
  3. Rico

    2020-2021 NBA Thread

    The Pacers need a "franchise" player. Is there one in the draft?
  4. Rico

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    And the Titans land him...BUMMER
  5. Rico

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Quick question @ALASKA HOOSIER, Do you ever fish for halibut? I got a cousin that is trying to talk me into taking a trip up there to fish for them.
  6. Rico

    2021 Cincinnat Reds

    Reds sweep a 4 game series in St. Louis for the first time since 1990.
  7. Rico

    Fishing chat and pics..

    What are the dimensions on that bucketmouth? Nice fish btw.
  8. Rico

    IU Trustee Election

    Played against Steve in HS. He was a member of the '84 state champion Warsaw Tigers. And a teammate of '85 Mr. Basketball Jeff Grose as well as playing with Rick Fox. Just had to get that in there.
  9. Rico

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Carson performed under Reich with the Eagles, he will perform under Reich with the Colts.
  10. Knight-----Steve Alford, an arrogant pompous arsz just like Bobby. Davis---Tom Coverdale, kid played with a chip on his shoulder and Davis sure as heck had one on his. Sampson---Eric Gordon, multi talented that could play anywhere much like Kelvin could coach anywhere. Crean---Troy Williams, just couldn't harness his talent like his coach. Miller---Phinisee, always leaves me scratching my head like the coach. Woodson---TBD...je parle Francais un petite peu
  11. Rico

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Well it appears the weather has finally broke(fingers crossed). I will give the morels a try a time or two this week but I am getting the boat ready for the week-end. Fish on!
  12. Rico

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Was there ever any doubt? LOL Super Bowl or bust!
  13. Thought this was informative. https://www.wane.com/sports/local-sports/35-former-tincaps-wizards-make-2021-mlb-opening-day-rosters/
  14. Rico

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Snow on the ground here this morning...might have to get the ice gear back out.
  15. Rico

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Yeah, it is just hopeless for Colts fans...