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  1. Blackmon_for_3

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    He may not have a TJD type athleticism but man is he loooooonnnng. Coordination is excellent. Footwork is excellent. Has good handles for a big and a nice motor. Gonna love watching this kid play.
  2. Blackmon_for_3

    Xavier Arrested...

    One thing to consider about law enforcement nowadays and letting people off easy. An officer/trooper’s hands are tied with the dash/body cams used today. The commander can look at a live feed of each officer at any given time so they are under a microscope 24/7. Just 10 years ago an officer would have more discretion in letting someone off the hook if they so desired. Those days are gone now for reasons I won’t get into. Just trying to addd a little perspective. End of the day keep the discipline in house and move on.
  3. Blackmon_for_3

    Xavier Arrested...

    Wreckless driving could simply mean speeding. Say 55 in a 25 would be considered 30 mph over and reckless driving. Devil is in the details, the resisting arrest could mean a whole lot of things. I’ll wait until more information is available.
  4. Blackmon_for_3

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    8 pts, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 turnovers and 2 steals for Shafino while playing 32 minutes. Only 3-10 on 2s end 0-2 on 3s so not a very good scoring effort but I really like him though. Has the body of a college player.
  5. Blackmon_for_3

    College Bball Thread

    First time in History a 15 seed makes it to the Elite 8 and they beat PU to do it. Oh how glorious.
  6. I’m sure some Kentucky fans already got a national championship tattoo. Lol
  7. I mean what’s the bigger story. An IU team that wasn’t going to make the tourney 2 weeks ago and getting beat by a veteran and very good St. Mary’s team or Kentucky losing to freaking St. Peter’s. I mean wow.
  8. Well if Woodson wants run an NBA type system he better get shooters 1 through 5 or at least 1 through four. That type of offense doesn’t work in brick city where this team lived.
  9. We have no idea yet what Duncomb will turn into. Losing Trey Kaufman to Purdue really hurts even more now. No idea what will be available in the portal but a big is a necessity. JHS, Geronimo, Bates are great young players and something to build off of.
  10. Bring in the transfer portal. Calling all shooters to IU.
  11. Give some of the younger guys some run at this point.
  12. There is a real chance they don’t score 40 points
  13. It was a good season. Woodson has his work cut out for him. We need some stone cold killers from the perimeter.
  14. Yep. Not sure what this is called right now, it certainly isn’t basketball. Embarrassment, gross, I don’t know. Don’t have the words.