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  1. Guess not. Seemed like a good idea though. I love Hoosier Hysteria. Bring back classless basketball.
  2. Anyone else reading this book? I find it very entertaining/intersting. Just read about Don Curnutt from Tipton which was excellent! Thought it would be good to start a discussion thread about the book and players that contributed to it if anyone is interested. Sure makes you long for the One Champion State High School Tournament again….
  3. Whoozhers

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    After doing extensive research I have found what Woodson was referring to as The True fan…. He is harkening back to when fans got in for free and didn’t say a word.
  4. Friday night MASSACRE! Perfect ending for “A Season Over the Cliff” Sad. Very sad state of affairs for IU Basketball.
  5. Even if we did make the NIT…. Would Ware and MM even play and risk getting hurt and losing big bucks? If I were them…. I wouldn’t play. What would be the benefit??
  6. X Euro step! Nice! LOL!
  7. Any chance Woodson can trick Hoiberg like he did Kenny Payne??
  8. I’ve had enough of the “Wild Thing” in the bottom right of the screen.
  9. Gallo not warming up. Dang. Really didn’t think he would play anyway.
  10. Woodson said he doesn’t know the status of Gallo. He’s funny….. call’s Nebraska guard “Tomanogee”…. LOL!
  11. Is it just me? I don’t think the”euro step” belongs in the college game. Seems a bit ridiculous to me.
  12. Play lock down D on Tominaga like we did on Ace… we WIN!
  13. What’s the latest on TG? Out again?
  14. Why can’t I get Fisch’s call to play? would love to hear it….
  15. I think MR was hammered on his last shot. No call. Turned out ok, though….. SCHUCK THE HUSKERS! GOOOOO HOOSIERS!