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  1. jepwatso

    NBA Thread

    Like most non-IU sports these days, if the Pacers are making threes, they’re tough to beat because, like you say, they’re so fast and also great passers. Very unselfish. I feel like Myles is the canary in the coal mine: if he’s making threes, we’re good.
  2. jepwatso

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    You serious, Clarksville?
  3. jepwatso

    NBA Thread

    Yeah. Hali just hasn’t been the same since his injury, or at least that’s what it’s seemed like to me. He started the season on fire, and hasn’t had many similar games lately. Really wish Mathurin was healthy.
  4. jepwatso

    NBA Thread

    Can the Pacers beat them? That’s really all I want to know.
  5. jepwatso

    College Bball Thread

    I mean WTF
  6. jepwatso

    Music Thread

    I can’t play either of those instruments, yet can still appreciate the interesting notes being played. I also can’t sing, but might be better than that lead singer.
  7. jepwatso

    Music Thread

    Haha oh my. That made my dog leave the room.
  8. jepwatso

    Music Thread

    Love this The Verve - Urban Hymns So many others
  9. jepwatso

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    So he’s Day?
  10. jepwatso

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    So bottom line, when it comes to IU basketball, people nowadays are changing the channel
  11. jepwatso

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    I don't know. I'm not a sith but I had a lot of absolutes in college. Usually with orange juice.
  12. jepwatso

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    “You know, morons”
  13. Well you can tell by the way I Mgbako I’m in county jail, no time to talk