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  1. They call them "turtlenecks" Maybe
  2. jepwatso

    Exhibition Games

    Duh, that's why they're secret! Don't tell anyone....
  3. That looked perfect off his foot, there must be some strong solar winds there
  4. If I sign the card, that means it's from both of us
  5. They still serve gabagool there?
  6. jepwatso

    (2024) - G Rakease Passmore

    Rakease the kraken
  7. jepwatso

    (2024) - G Rakease Passmore

    Not sure I've ever seen a name start with 4 straight 4-letter words (well, you gotta borrow the "e" in the first name, but still) Rake Ease Pass More So I say, sign him!
  8. jepwatso

    2022-23 IUBB AP/Coaches Polls

    Is that all? :)
  9. jepwatso

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    But sadly, only our minds
  10. jepwatso

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Hopefully groin surgery doesn't taint his career
  11. jepwatso

    Hoosier Hysterics

  12. jepwatso

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    "It was like a no-brainer for me, it was just a complete no-brainer for me." Scream that quote from the mountain tops. That's some damn good PR right there, coming from a high-level recruit.
  13. jepwatso

    (2025) - PG Jalen Haralson

    And this: “Coach Mike Woodson wants me to become a knock-down shooter..." I bet he does!