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  1. 94Bulldog

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Am I the only one who sees his last name and automatically said NOOOO!?! Haven’t seen that there’s any connection or relation but don’t want to relive the Tijan hype nightmares. That said I’m sure he’s talented and if the staff is on him, he’s not a Crean type project.
  2. Having lived there and still visit family and friends, I can tell you most locals avoid LAX and fly in and out of Burbank or Santa Ana for less traffic. Depending on where he lives it may be far more efficient time wise to go to Santa Ana.
  3. So I guess that flight tracking to and from New York over the last 10 days was legit....
  4. Perhaps because there was a lot of smoke so he wanted to appear to put out the fire? Remember we were told to be prepared for denials. Most national media is a joke so I pay little attention to their input anyways.
  5. What if.... Dolson’s comment of you won’t hear from me again until the coach announcement was said because he already had Stevens but knew it was going to be a couple months before he could announce? I still contend that a donor doesn’t write a $10 million dollar check without knowing who the replacement is. The only part of this whole thing that makes me think it’s not him is the Stevens mass hole press conference comments.
  6. 94Bulldog

    General New Coach News

  7. 94Bulldog

    General New Coach News

    I unfollowed and muted him. Every IU fan should do the same, Doyle, Katz and Snow as well. The less replies and retweets we as a fan base give, the better it is imo.
  8. 94Bulldog

    General New Coach News

    So we just called him Fred
  9. Yea Brando was an absolute jerk. Essentially saying, who do you think you are to expect a winning program.
  10. Yea I don’t buy ISP’s post. Last night he said the offer was 5 million a year. I think we all agree to go there and offer that would be just to be able to say “we offered, he said no”. It’s gotta be 7-8-10 mill/year.
  11. 94Bulldog

    General New Coach News

    Maybe we should all pose as big Celtics fans, and email Ainge with our anger and demand a change!