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  1. Can someone translate this to English?
  2. Quoting his announcement “The environment at Indiana is unmatched.”. love it!
  3. Excellent! For this and other reasons, I’m saying IUBB is coming…we’re coming.
  4. Just for fun...bold and unfounded prediction (no insider info, just guessing)...we will get Mgbako and we will beat Kansas in the Fall.
  5. Mildly related...if its the "University of Kansas", why do they use "KU"? Don't want the Kentucky confusion or what? Seems like a fairly glaring inconsistency.
  6. Bankshot

    Tony Petitti named new Big 10 Commissioner

    Seems like you'd need to be careful how you say this guy's last name.
  7. Bankshot

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Yes. The right 'leftovers' are just fine. We won the '87 title with a couple of them.
  8. Bankshot

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    If this is accurate, we may be better off NOT getting him.
  9. Bankshot

    2023-24 IUBB ROSTER

    Slightly different take than “which portal players to take”…execution oriented goals for next year (some of this is coaching and style of play): - shoot above 75% as a team from the stripe - make more FTs than opponents make, or even take - shoot an improved team % from the three, to xx% - increase 3pt FGs attempted to 15-18 per game (or more?) - always out rebound your opponent, on both ends - limit turnovers to 10 or less per game (season avg) - be in top 15 to 25 on offense and defense Now, what players/roster would get that done?
  10. Final thoughts: tomorrow is the first day of spring. We’re headed in the right direction, we’re just not there yet. I think we have the coaching and leadership that can get us there. Let’s go get the players and do it again next year. Peace. Go IU.
  11. I’m actually quite a bit more ticked about what has happened to the Big Ten conference than I am Indiana’s 2023 season (because I think we’re headed in the right direction). It just seems to me that Big Ten conference leadership has taken a conference that was well constructed, balanced, respected, and very competitive nationally, and has turned it into slogging, slap and hack, “football on the hardwood”, that brings in Big Ten Network and Big Ten Tournament revenue, but is worse in virtually every other way.
  12. Bates is 0 for March. Just not sure about his future.
  13. Yes, I agree with and am focused on that last statement…”Indiana is coming back”. We’re not there yet, but we’re coming.
  14. “Good IU” vs Kent State, “Bad IU” vs Miami. Story of the season, unfortunately. Just horribly inconsistent. Better than last year, some positive improvement, injuries definitely a factor. Significant talent infusion needed. Need noticeably better outside shooting and grittier competitors.
  15. We’ve improved our shooting from last year, but we need to improve it again, and then improve it again to really be as competitive as we’d like to be, especially from the three.