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  1. Bankshot

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    My opinion...we need a Hornsby/Alford caliber shooter who can play significant minutes from day one. Where will that guy come from?
  2. Yes, this. Important context...this is a first year head coach and staff implementing a new system with new players. It's been terribly frustrating at times, but overall, not bad for a first year effort, IMO.
  3. Agree. We look very good statistically everywhere but 3Pt %. If we shoot just a bit better we win.
  4. My opinion...keep your eyes on the prize. It was fun and enjoyable to see this team wake up in this tournament and play so well, but the BTT is not the prize. I've long viewed the BTT as fool's gold...you expend precious resources against a less important goal. Focus maximum effort now on the NCAAs.
  5. Is there a law against playing Xavier and Rob at the same time? Wasn't that part of our success against Michigan?
  6. Bankshot

    WHAT A WIN!!

    Seems like we have transitioned from "lose close" to "win close" within a week.
  7. Bankshot

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    No sweat. But the main point I was offering is that there may be some pretty good reasons for some to think Michael Lewis could be a better coaching candidate than Dane Fife, and, I think highly of both of them.
  8. Bankshot

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    I'm definitely not an expert but according to Lewis's bio on the UCLA site, he was a graduate assistant under Knight for two years at Texas Tech so I misread that. It was a grad asst. position not an assistant coach position. He went to Butler as an assistant coach in 2011 and Stevens was there until 2013.
  9. Bankshot

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    He's probably ready to be a head coach somewhere and I think I may have preferred him over Fife as an assistant to Woodson.
  10. Bankshot

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Not directing this at IU Scott, just responding in general... Here are some reasons why some might consider Michael Lewis over Dane Fife: - Played a full 4 years for Bob Knight, at least three of those as point guard (I believe) - Was an assistant under Knight (unless I'm mistaken) at Texas Tech - Was an assistant under Stevens at Butler - Has more cumulative college coaching and recruiting experience than Fife, albeit not as a head coach - May (I say 'may' because I don't know) have contributed significantly to Butler's and UCLA's success So, in my personal opinion, I would tend to give an edge to Lewis over Fife, even without head coaching experience
  11. Bankshot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin - 02/15/22 @ 9:00 on ESPN2

    In terms of increasing mental toughness, fundamentals, and decision-making, at this point I’d be okay with recruiting Galloways and Leals, sprinkling in some athletic talent here and there and see what happens. That’s basically what Knight did I think. I’m not so sure that it isn’t what Wisconsin and Purdue have been doing too.
  12. Bankshot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin - 02/15/22 @ 9:00 on ESPN2

    Seems like it would be more accurate to say “we’ve got to learn how to play”. A common denominator, in my opinion, since 2003-ish is that we may have had higher starred or maybe more athletic players, but many of them just weren’t basketball smart and/or fundamentally sound. You’ve got to have talent, but when we were really good we had both talent and fundamentals (shooting, passing, decision making, drawing charges, valuing the ball, etc.) I don’t know that we’ve had both for a very long time. I realize Woodson hasn’t had much time yet to affect the culture or the roster, but I’m sure getting tired of stupid, weak play.
  13. NCAA Champion at IU too!
  14. Bankshot

    Player decisions

    I wonder how much 'shot-doctoring' this staff might be able to facilitate? I think Fife's shooting improved during his last couple of seasons, so it is possible. Mr. Woodson was a terrific shooter...he may know a thing or two.