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  1. NCAA Champion at IU too!
  2. Bankshot

    Player decisions

    I wonder how much 'shot-doctoring' this staff might be able to facilitate? I think Fife's shooting improved during his last couple of seasons, so it is possible. Mr. Woodson was a terrific shooter...he may know a thing or two.
  3. Bankshot

    Player decisions

    Potentially the best roster we've had in how long?
  4. Bankshot

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Race returning according to HSN...
  5. Bankshot

    Player decisions

    “I can increase our wins and make us more successful with my hands behind my back”.
  6. I remember when the IU fans started chanting and clapping players names like that. Wasn’t that during the ‘02 tourney run? In Lexington maybe?
  7. Unless I'm mistaken...all the coaching hires so far except Hunter have DIRECT ties to Knight and when INDIANA was achieving success at championship levels.
  8. The infusion of HOOSIER DNA into Bloomington is set to BUCKLE UP MAXIMUM. MAJOR culture shift in progress!
  9. Seems correct to me. Plus, Fife may have a better 'recruiting' resume, but I think Lewis has a better overall 'coaching' resume.
  10. Love this photo...I imagine CMW saying something like "I was here...we were elite...best of the best...let me tell you what it was like...let me tell you what this is REALLY all about! We won championships!"
  11. It seems, from the archives and elder lore, to be an indication of relative success, power, or quality as compared to other teams. I think they called it a "ranking".
  12. I'm thinking that this hire may do more than we think to mend a fan base that has been fractured for too long. I think it may have already started.
  13. I'll be happy to see a team that plays harder, smarter, and is more fundamentally sound. That will be a major improvement. Also, I think we need one or two of these guys.
  14. Incoming transfers could make all the difference for next year if we have roster departures. could we even get better possibly?