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  1. Chris007

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    Sometimes when I say I'm 75% sure, what I really mean is the 25% is probably right. Seems like all the talk was IU-UNC and Syracuse was leading the whole time. Well on to the next one.
  2. Chris007

    (2022) PF Jalen Washington

    I don’t think Washington is an any hurry with his recruitment or visiting schools.
  3. Chris007

    (2022) - PG Seth Trimble

    Didn’t someone in his family play there.
  4. Chris007

    (2022) OT Carter Smith to Indiana

    Hiller needs to pick it up this year. The running game seemed to be better under Frey. Hopefully with Deland back we will have a better running game.
  5. Great pickup. So cool seeing that he is a great volleyball player also. Going to add some weight after volleyball and be ready to contribute early
  6. Chris007

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    I think in this first year Coach Ya might have the most recruiting success since he has had prior relationships with some of these kids
  7. Chris007

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    That's hilarious.
  8. Chris007

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

    We got the last visit which is usually a good thing, IU did the follow-up last weekend to watch him play, which is a good sign. To me it sounded like IU-UNC after the IU visit, so now it's IU-Syracuse. I'm going with IU with a 75% chance of landing him.
  9. Hoover and Cooper maybe?
  10. Chris007

    (2023) - SF Myles Colvin

    I think some kids take offense that someone lesser they feel gets an offer before they do. Especially when they were told they have to visit to get an offer. In the grand scheme of things, it's minor. But some egos were probably hurt.
  11. Chris007

    (2023) - SF Myles Colvin

    I agree it will be an easy fix but it could have been avoided. I'm guessing phone calls are taking place this week.
  12. Chris007

    (2023) - SF Myles Colvin

    But this was not a good look telling Booker and Hooks they have to visit campus like all 2023 recruits to get an offer, then go out and offer Colvin. Nothing major but not a good look. I have no problem with the offer, I think the kid is going to be very good.
  13. No Steve we don’t need a free throw shooting coach. Yet.
  14. Chris007

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    I think Hood is a real possibility now after he canceled his Pitt visit.
  15. Chris007

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    My in-laws are OSU people. It's so dang dumb. All of their friends come to the game too. I can't stand hearing. We all know you can spell. It's one game that I always drink too much and get in trouble with my wife. I might just make my bed on the couch before we leave for the game.