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  1. Chris007

    Fire Tom Allen

    From what I understand the decision makers don’t think Allen is the guy but don’t want to pay the buyout. But have some money set aside or have a donor ready to donate so the new coach starts off with a bang. I’m not sure I fully understand it myself.
  2. What's the over/under on the game actually starting at 9:15?
  3. I always think you need to make close to 10 or more 3's in a big game. Also hit your free throws.
  4. Chris007

    Fire Tom Allen

    But for how much longer? 2 years at most. He could go there and sign a 6-8 year contract making 4-5 million.
  5. Chris007

    Fire Tom Allen

    Yes you are correct. Thank you. I read somewhere that some of those people that Allen worked with at Ole Miss are on the staff at Liberty right now. So maybe a small connection there.
  6. Chris007

    Fire Tom Allen

    I think there are a few things in play here. I do think there is smoke in the air about Liberty's interest in Allen. He was an assistant there, they can offer more money and more guaranteed years. He has to know the writing is on the wall here. I think IU is not going to do anything to Allen because of the buyout right now. I think the MSU win helped, I think how we were playing early against Purdue helped and no one is donating 25 million. But I do think the administration has some things to announce as far as facility upgrades and things like that whenever Allen is gone and the new coach arrives. Just my two cents
  7. Just drove by at lunch and it's a long line waiting. Looked like the woman's team was out handing out pizza to the students reminding them they play tomorrow night. You can feel the energy on campus today. Let's GO
  8. Chris007

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    Anything going on tonight? I was thinking about watching some Golden Girls reruns.
  9. Chris007

    College Bball Thread

    He's not moving very well. Looks like he has to drag one leg and takes a full timeout for him to stand up
  10. Chris007

    Fire Tom Allen

    I have not. I'll let you know if I do.
  11. I'm not sure but I've heard he has let people know if the job would come open he is interested.
  12. I didn't say anything about 10-foot rims. I'm pretty sure you can't slide a credit card under my feet when I jump.
  13. I will say I noticed Gallo & a couple of players asking Leal questions when they came out. They know he knows his stuff and can answer all questions.