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  1. Chris007

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    We will probably get Villanova who we haven't played since 81-82 I believe.
  2. Chris007

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    Yeah, can we get like Butler at Hinkle? Give us an easy win.
  3. Chris007

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    UNC, Kansas, and Arizona in the preseason. Will we be favored in any of those games? Might as well give us Villanova in the Big Ten/Big East game.
  4. I'm not sure, to be honest, just going off what Leal said of him and 4 freshmen. I'm guessing and it's a guess X, Bates, JG, Race, and TJD. Kopp has mentioned that he is trying to get a foot healthy so maybe he isn't playing yet. But honestly not sure.
  5. Chris007

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    I think it has been communicated to him that we are wanting a big guy (Booker, Page type) and a shooter (Kaiser, Stojakovic) first if we miss out on those, he would be next. It's just tough since he's an athlete that doesn't shoot. I don't know if that is right or wrong, just know that's what the staff thinks this roster needs
  6. I like how it is Leal plus the 4 freshmen against the starting 5. That helps Leal with ballhandling and leadership. Plus it gets JHS used to playing off the ball. Do I ever think Leal will play PG? No. If he does we're in some trouble. But I have no problem with him getting a rebound and bringing the ball up the floor.
  7. Chris007

    (2023) - SG Jamie Kaiser Jr.

    Sounds like Kaiser is blowing up. IU, UCLA, Oregon, and UNC all want him to visit. I'm sure Maryland is getting worried.
  8. Chris007

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    I'm not even sure IU is even recruiting him anymore. He's really far down the list of recruits we want right now.
  9. Chris007

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    It sounds like reclassifying to 2023 might be an option for him. If so it sounds like IU would really like that.
  10. Chris007

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    DeAndre Thomas or Jermarcus Ellis, it was in a pickup game on his visit. He got his lip busted pretty good. He knew after the visit he wasn't coming to IU
  11. We've never lost a tailgate or an offseason.
  12. I'm pretty sure I read where he will be able to resume shooting drills in 2-3 weeks
  13. Chris007

    (2023) - SG Jamie Kaiser Jr.

    Or Maryland.
  14. Chris007

    (2023) - SG Jamie Kaiser Jr.

    I'm afraid he's going to make his decision before visiting IU
  15. Chris007

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    We’re still in it. I don’t think Woody thought Booker was going to blow up like he did. He watched one of his HS games last season in person & Booker had like 4 pts. Fast forward 6 months and people are talking 1 and done