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  1. KYHoosier

    IUBB @ O$U - 2/21/22 @ 7:00 on FS1-TV

    IU hasn't had a legit PG since Yogi.. coincidence they've struggled since then? Bball is a guards game now and we haven't had good ones for awhile. Hopefully Hood-Schifino is as good as they say he is.
  2. KYHoosier

    IUBB @ O$U - 2/21/22 @ 7:00 on FS1-TV

    Woody consistently makes bone head decisions in crunch time. He isn't the guy and we all know it but they'll give him 3 years. Sad thing is we will just go hire Fife and the cycle will repeat. 10 million dollar buyout for this... Pathetic Pretty sad Trayce in year 3 still cant use his right hand or hit an 18 footer.
  3. KYHoosier

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    I get that. But we swung and missed 2 times in a row trying to hire the next up and coming guy. We cant afford to take that risk again. I'd rather bet on a guy who is a proven winner in our conference, who already has an established name. We can pretend and toss out many names of who our next coach might be, but lets be realistic, Alford will likely be near the top of Dolson's list. So take your pick, who would you rather have, Alford or Matta. I would be 100% be ok with Thad Matta being the face of our program
  4. KYHoosier

    Archie. Miller. Fired.

    While I agree, I also think with the right guy we could have this thing turned around in 2 years (I get this is a big if). The biggest problem with the roster, isn't that these guys are awful, it just that these players have not been developed at all by the coaching staff outside a few exceptions. Hell majority of our roster was ranked from 70-130 coming out of high school. It's not like Archie has been bringing in a bunch of Gelon's every year. He is just awful at player development. Imagine how much better of a team we'd be if Phinisee would have been developed. He is the same player he was as a freshman. Cupboard is not as bare as it seems. We have some pieces that could build a great foundation. We need to find a coach that can develop them, while also bringing in some difference makers to push us over the top. Problem is who is that guy? Im not sold on a guy like Oats yet. To me, a guy like Thad Matta would be a great hire. I get the concern about his back but he'd check a ton of boxes. Very respected in college bball, won at a high level in the BIG, and has recruited the midwest and Indiana well. If he were hired he'd immediately be a top 3-4 coach in the conference. When's the last time IU has been able to say that? Im open to other options, but never understood the Matta hate on this board. All he has ever done is win, which is something we haven't been able to do in a long time.
  5. KYHoosier

    POTFB 1/14 @ 7 PM FS1

    Never would happen, but as long as we are throwing names out there... Jay Wright would be very near the top of my wishlist. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  6. KYHoosier

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    I try to stay as realistic as possible about my expectations for IU basketball. I really thought when Archie was hired, we found our guy that would bring success for the next 30 years. I get bad games happen, but after watching 4 years of this I’m not sure he is the answer. I’m torn on what we should do with him. Part of me thinks he can still turn this around as he is a young coach (only 42) and is still learning how to compete in a tough conference. The other part of me trusts what I see game in and game out. A team that is plagued with awful guard play, a team that can’t shoot 3s, hit free throws or even employ a semi respectable offense. A program that doesn’t seem to develop players. The big problem with Archie, is that I believe he is to stubborn to adapt. So what does IU do? All the fans calling for his head, who is your replacement? I would love for IU to act like a blue blood and go out and make a proven coach like Jay Wright the highest paid coach in CBB and pay him 10 mill/year. Problem is that’s not realistic, IU does not make those kind of moves. If Archies fired we will try and go out and hire another up and comer. We have seen how that story plays out. Unless we are replacing Archie with a guy who has won big or has been to multiple final fours, then for me personally, I’d rather continue to roll the dice with Archie and hope he can turn it around. Either way, times ticking, UNC, UK, and Duke are not far off from having to look for new coaches, so we better make sure we get our guy before they go looking. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  7. KYHoosier

    IUBB vs Northwestern - 12/23/20 @ 8:30 ET on BTN

    I’ve been in Archie’s corner for a while and truly wanted him to succeed here. Losing to Northwestern at home in year 4 should tell us all we need to know about what he’s capable of. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  8. Let's go!! Hats off to Anthony Leal and Trey Galloway for all of the behind the scenes recruiting I'm sure they did on Lander Can't wait to see him in Candies!
  9. KYHoosier

    (2021) SG - Blake Wesley to Notre Dame

    Wesley is one of favorite, if not my favorite, prospect in 2021 class. He has the size (6'5"), athleticism to play our style of D, and the scoring ability from all 3 levels that we desperately need. When you watch his highlights you can see his potential. I believe he has the game to develop into a stud for us and would be a player we'd look back and be upset we didn't get. Really hope CAM is doing everything he can to land him.
  10. I believe the criticism of De'ron is justified, but I also think it's understandable to an extent as to why he does what he does. He has had one of the most unfortunate careers for an IU player in recent memory. High 4 star player coming out of high school, committed to a coach who was fired, enrolled late his freshman year, was hyped to be the man going into Archie's first year only to lose that role to Juwan, as well as tear his achilles, on top of numerous seasons not making the NCAA tournament. Despite the lack of production on the court, I believe he still has a large voice in the locker room. He has 2 options in my eyes: 1) Accept the role he has on the team, play smart, fundamental bball when he gets in, and help be a voice of leadership for the remainder of the season to help the team maximize its potential. OR option 2) Continue to be mad at his role on the team, play hero ball when he gets out on the floor causing him to pick up 2 quick fouls and provide no leadership. Colin Hartman faced a similar situation and we saw how he handled it. I went to my first game ever at Assembly Hall when they played Arkansas. I got their early to watch warm ups. I sat and watched De'ron shoot corner 3's for 10 minutes straight (a 50% free throw shooter) cracking jokes with teammates, while Joey and Trayce practiced free throws and post moves. This as well as other stories mentioned shows me his commitment level to the team and winning. Hope he is able to turn the corner because I think his leadership, or lack there of, could be very integral to IU's success for the remainder of the season.
  11. KYHoosier

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Great addition and one that IU really needed. Love his game. Will be a key player on a lot of good IU teams in his career. Has a little Will Sheehey to him
  12. KYHoosier

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    I love physical basketball but these past two games have been ridiculous. Big 10 has to make some changes after the season. It’s ruining the quality of the game imo Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  13. Personally, I am more excited to see how the end of this season shakes out than the Keion Brooks decision. I think Keion is a great player, with a great attitude, but his recruitment has lost some luster to me as he has been in "decision mode" for the past 3 months. Do I really want Keion to be a Hoosier, yes. Do I think he'd be a big miss if we didn't get him, yes, but if he chooses to be a player coming off the bench for UK next year, over a guaranteed starter for IU, then so be it. We will move forward, so no need to get worked up over something that hasn't even happened yet.
  14. I think some people’s opinion that Archie has hurt or not helped Romeo’s stock since he’s been at IU are dumbfounded. Romeo was projected as a top 5-10 pick before he even stepped foot on campus, and guess what... he’s still projected as a top 5-10 pick now. And let’s be honest he wasn’t going to jump any of the players projected to go in the top 3-5 so that’s a moot point. So to say Archie has hurt or hasn’t developed Romeo just isn’t accurate. I promise you if Keion doesn’t come to IU, Romeo’s development or lack there of (in some people’s opinion) will not be the reason why. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  15. Juwan Morgan has been awful today. His effort and energy level has been putrid. Doesn’t even look like he wants to play. If he’s not going to demand the ball on offense or play hard on defense take him out. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners