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  1. I also think it's pretty impressive to be able to say to a recruit, "I played 12 years in the NBA. I know what it takes to make it and I can show you." , before he even has to talk about his NBA coaching record.
  2. Sandman

    General New Coach News

    I keep seeing this "prints money" comment about Arkansas...why haven't they printed money for a football coach? They were a good football program in the SWC in the old days. You think they want to suck at the sport that makes the REAL money? They've been trash in the SEC, why not throw money at a big time football coach? For that matter, why were they wandering in the desert for so many years after Richardson was axed? They could've money-whipped a big name coach years ago, why didn't they?
  3. Sandman

    General New Coach News

    Like who? Which former players are actually good coaches that someone would want to hire? I don't want Alford. Woodson hasn't coached in college and isn't exactly young. Smart? Cal? I'm not seeing it.
  4. Sandman

    General New Coach News

    But could I have approached him at Ralph's T Mart? Them's my kind of people. /s
  5. Sandman

    General New Coach News

    It's pathetic. I go to the Nike website and can see all kinds of stuff for all of their sponsored schools. Sure, some big schools have more items than others but at least they all have something. I go to the Adidas site, there's almost nothing. One pair of shoes, 4 pairs of socks. Only the shoes have an IU logo on them, the socks are just red/white. The Adidas deal was a disaster from day 1. Never should've left Nike.
  6. Sandman

    Indiana university alternative timeline

    In March 2000, instead of giving Coach Knight a zero tolerance warning, he's fired and Bill Self takes the IU job instead of going to Illinois in June 2000. I've thought about that one for years.
  7. Sandman

    Welcome Coach Miller

    What's interesting to me is that I live in OKC and there is absolutely zero buzz about BD leaving. Not that I have any sources or anything but the media has ignored it for the most part. They asked him a question about it and he gave them some coach-speak answer and that was it. None of the journalists or sports radio guys are talking about this at all. I hope it's true though!