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  1. Josh

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    The Eagles have two former Colts and the 49ers have a Josh. No wonder these were the two best teams in the NFC
  2. Josh

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    This league was so easy to win when Archie was coach. His teams were so predictable. At least I'm still beating @Hovadipo and @HoosierAloha. I havent lost to them since the Mike Davis years
  3. Please stop passing the ball to Malik Reneau
  4. But does their CEO make a lot of money? Priorities.
  5. They look just like the current ones to me. Our jerseys have only barely changed in 60 years
  6. Instead of home whites we're wearing knockoff reds?
  7. I appreciate sparky, I'm usually living there myself. I'm just not used to hearing it from you lol.
  8. Oh...You're the one which knows everything and I'm the one who knows nothing about what's going on. Got it, thanks!
  9. Accountability is calling out what went poorly to the individual so that they correct their actions in order to achieve team success. I can tell you're confused
  10. Your response is pretty sparky but I'll allow it lol. You watch more teams play basketball than I do, is this common practice? To let assistants decide substitutions?
  11. There are three of them sharing 1st!
  12. I believe that a team's successes happen when individuals are held accountable. Don't you?
  13. Perhaps so, that's why I wondered aloud if I was reading it wrong. How do you interpret it differently?