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  1. Josh

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Socks with sandals is cool again? My 100 year old grandfather is back in style?
  2. Omg, I'm watching baseball. First time in...who knows. And this commentator just said University of Indiana
  3. Will somebody please tell me what happened with a suspension? Break it down for a guy who doesn't follow baseball and didn't watch the game? Also, I ain't scared of no Kensucky.
  4. So what's next? Did we win this region or is it double elimination?
  5. Is it over? (Sorry, watching hockey)
  6. Josh

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    There was one or two loud posters who thankfully don't post anymore screaming about how much we'd love Phinisee. It was the usual rhetoric, he's a home state kid, that means he's so much better than his ranking, so much better than kids from other zip codes, etc. He "gets it" and kids from other states don't...I'm glad that's over. Come to IU Boogie
  7. Josh

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    I tell you what, I love how our logo pops here. Oklahoma is red on red, Alabama is red on red, Texas is whatever the hell that is on whatever the hell that is, Michigan is mustard on mustard, Kansas is a lot of blue with some weird @$$ walking bird thing...Ours just pops. Classy as hell. Do the right thing Liam
  8. Josh

    Let's Talk Hockey

    Stanley Cup Final starts tonight
  9. I don't know, that last Dayton guy we got kinda sucked.
  10. Josh

    IUBB Recruit Rankings

    His older brother Dugan Fife was highly regarded and team captain at Michigan so some of his high ranking was based upon name association as well
  11. Josh

    Let's Talk Hockey

    The Stanley Cup Final is set to begin Saturday 6/3 at 8:00 between the Florida Panthers and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. A few notes: Las Vegas was the 1 seed in the West this year. They are in only their 6th year of existence as a team and are in the Final for the 2nd time, losing in 2018 to the Washington Capitals Florida was the last team in the playoffs this year, only making it in on the last day as the Pittsburgh Penguins lost to put the Panthers in Florida has been the most impressive team in these playoffs so far, proving that getting hot at the right time means more than playoff seeding. Vegas will have home ice advantage in this best of 7 series. For the first time in 4 years the Tampa Bay Lightning will not be in the Stanley Cup Final but Sunshine Staters will still obviously be represented by the Florida Panthers A Canadian team has not won the Stanley Cup in 30 years, dating back to the Montreal Canadiens in 1993
  12. Josh

    Gardening Thread

    Yes, I see a black racer in my yard about every other week
  13. Josh

    IndyCar thread

    Yeah, they didn't like finishes without racing so they changed the rule a few years back
  14. Josh

    IndyCar thread

    It's "caption this" time as Josef Newgarden wins the Indy 500 after three red flags in the last 14 laps
  15. Josh

    The Golf Thread

    Yo @HoosierAloha you jelly?