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  1. Josh

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    The first domino already fell as soon as we fired that bum Archie! It's been an upward trajectory since that glorious day
  2. Josh

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    You need help here in Florida Woody? Just call me.
  3. Josh

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    Hmmm...Boogie Fland lives in White Plains, NY. Isiah Thomas lives in White Plains, NY. Until he was hired at IU, Woody lived in White Plains, NY. The math is mathing here
  4. Josh

    IU vs UK back on

    A hefty contract buyout? Too soon I hate this arrangement. Absolutely hate it. Fellating Kentucky is never the right choice
  5. Josh

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    The NFL needs to swallow their pride and admit that their overtime rules are garbage compared to NCAA.
  6. Josh

    They Fired Walt Bell

    I got bad info. So IU football of me
  7. Josh

    They Fired Walt Bell

    Hiring a defensive guy to be offensive coordinator is so IU football
  8. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm sad I missed this game
  9. I have to miss this game. I'm not sure how to feel about it though. Good thing? I'm sure I'll be checking the score on my phone, I'm such a glutton for punishment
  10. This is not just a killer for this season, but recruiting moving forward. Other programs with stable NIL will certainly bring this up in recruiting. MSU won't be relevant for years
  11. Josh

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    It's so blurry, but I think it's Liam's red phone pic, a dude with a Mike Davis shirt, Jimmy Butler, and a Rocky Balboa pic?
  12. Josh

    (2024) PG - Aaliyah Guyton to Iowa

    Eww. Good for her, but eww
  13. Josh

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    You're missing a play here. The clock stopped at :14, they moved it back to :18. They moved the ball to the line of scrimmage, stood over it until everybody was set, then moved aside before they started the clock at :18. That's when Baltimore snapped the ball at :18. No time off the clock at all from the tackle to the long delay to Baltimore getting set and snapping the ball. You can see the following play on the highlights at :11, you'll notice it goes from 1st down to 3rd down on there. Egregious. But thankfully not game changing. Somewhere right now Bill Belichick is telling his qb room to always throw the ball out of bounds after getting sacked at the end of games.