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  1. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    As an expert on everything Archie, May is worlds different. May has a much higher ceiling. Archie was poo. Cronin turned me off after the Crosstown Shootout Brawl. That was disgusting and his handling was equally disgusting. Pass.
  2. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Woody is progress over what lil Arch accomplished. One more year! One more year!
  3. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    They started it!
  4. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I don't just want him fired. I want him run out of town like Billy Gillispie. I never want to have to look at this dude again
  5. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    ******* embarrassing
  6. Did Cupps just look at that ball on the ground instead of going after it like Cam Newton in the Super Bowl?
  7. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Ugh...sunshine pumpers can't be trusted
  8. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Then take out a loan. Doing this would triple your money easy. Dammit, it's easy math
  9. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    False! I have nobody on mute. I enjoy reading the crazy
  10. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Oh yeah...remember that? I feel like Doninger started dogging on Coach Knight, then next thing you knew this "mandatory retirement age" thing came up and snatched him away. Coach really was like a Godfather sometimes lol
  11. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    You and me both brother. As they were telling us we were just being "negative" Now we know to to believe and who not to
  12. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    They have been, but they don't have to be
  13. Josh

    Fire Coach Woodson

    This thread is moving so fast, I love it! I certainly can't keep up, so sorry if it's been mentioned. Remember Mike Davis' final year at IU? The heat was on him for sucking so bad that he called in sick for our home game against Steve Alford's Hawkeyes. He said he was sick, but if your job is on the line are you calling in sick? He was let go soon after Now Woody's done the same thing on the coaches show? It's over!! Hooray