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  1. Hahaha. Quoted so it's copied
  2. If we win out, we're in the Rose Bowl! ⚘⚘⚘
  3. Yuck. Terrible last play. But good game
  4. They're playing prevent defense...I like it
  5. Why did the clock run after Master ran out of bounds?
  6. There ain't no Purdoo coed singing yet!!!
  7. Josh

    2020-2021 IUBB Schedule

    Calm down little feller. Tickets are available! I just bought two, come tailgate on the 9th!!! I can't find a gametime yet, if somebody sees one will you please let me know?
  8. Josh

    Gregg Marshall resigns

    10-4! Treesh, I was just discussing. I gots no hate for you.
  9. Josh

    Gregg Marshall resigns

    I ain't got nothing against the dude. I was just responding to his posts. It's weird that mine were getting deleted but his weren't. Nothing but love.
  10. Josh

    Gregg Marshall resigns

    You are now, but you clearly weren't then. Why is why it's so weird you keep bringing this topic up. *why do my posts keep getting deleted?