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  1. nerdvana

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    To play for the notorious Kevin Wilson nonetheless.
  2. nerdvana

    IU Autographs

    Not sure if anybody is interested, but I was going through some of my old stuff and ran across this program that I got from the IU basketball banquet back in 1984. There are still grease stains from the fried chicken we had for dinner. As much of a thrill as that was for a chubby eleven year old Nerdvana, the real highlight was that players and coaches stuck around for autographs afterwards. I wish I could've got the whole team, but we had a pretty limited amount of time before everyone had to leave. As I remember, the wait for Steve Alford's autograph was way longer than everyone else. IU Banquet Program Front Cover.pdf Inside banquet program.pdf
  3. nerdvana

    Baseball and basketball cards

    This is a timely thread for me because I very recently started to go through all the cards I inherited to see what I have that's worth anything. Like many of you, I got into card collecting in the 1980s when it was huge. I have tons of relatively worthless cards from the junk wax era, but I was gifted quite a few vintage cards as well. None of it is remotely close to mint condition, but I have some interesting stuff.
  4. nerdvana

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Looks like Deion is headed to Colorado.
  5. nerdvana

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    This represents every IU coach I remember and the only person on this list that left for another head coaching job is Sam Wyche. IU is the Siberia of college football coaching jobs.
  6. Report_425938_2022-11-03_190211.pdf
  7. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2022-06-30/usc-ucla-are-negotiating-to-leave-the-pac-12-for-the-big-ten "The schools are aiming to leave as early as 2024 and the migration is expected to include all sports except beach volleyball"
  8. The transfer portal giveth and the transfer portal taketh away.
  9. nerdvana

    IU Trustee Election

    I just don't understand the extreme goofiness. For those of you not in Bloomington, he put up a ridiculous billboard on the 45/46 bypass here in town. Obviously, that cost some real money. If he just ran as a serious candidate with a focus on athletics, I think that might resonate with a lot of alumni. This whole thing reeks of nothing more than a publicity stunt to drawn attention to his podcast (or whatever he does).
  10. Exactly. This is the prototypical Indiana kid that IU has ignored over the past two decades, Then they end up going to Butler and putting up 25 points against us.
  11. Just watched the video... How can you not like Mike Woodson? I fully admit that I was initially underwhelmed with the hire, but I've quickly been won over by his genuineness.
  12. nerdvana

    General Coach Candidate News

    FWIW....Here's the official job description for an Assistant Coach position at IU.
  13. nerdvana

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    We just paid $10 million to get rid of bust.
  14. nerdvana

    General Coach Candidate News

    Can confirm