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  1. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    If Woodson is retained may want pull a Penn State and have games in an old Rec Hall somewhere for optics
  2. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

  3. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Can we get Butler Winery and Oliver Winery to throw in lifetime free wine to bring down the buyout for Woody
  4. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Nebraskas 51 pts was the most scored in a 1st half since they joined the B1G. Just saw that stat today lol
  5. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Women’s team might outpace the guys for home attendance if we have Woodson next year.
  6. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

  7. southsidehoosier

    IUBB vs Northwestern - Sun 2-18-24 3pm FS1

    This is night time for the elderly.
  8. southsidehoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

  9. southsidehoosier

    College Bball Thread

  10. southsidehoosier

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    David had a killer game plan to neutralize the Philistines starting center. Maybe study that for Saturday
  11. southsidehoosier

    Indiana @ tOSU Tonight @ 7 ET Peacock Game Day!

    Or does he hang 37 on us like we did against him with Zeller
  12. southsidehoosier

    A Case for Dusty May

    I’ve heard he ventures over to Brazil when he wants a more exotic location
  13. southsidehoosier

    IU Wrestling

    They do. My brother-in-law used to be an asst. coach a few years ago there. Crown Point and Brownsburg are 2 other programs IU need to tap into. Angel being a region rat from that area will hopefully pay dividends.
  14. southsidehoosier

    IU Wrestling

    Watched it on BTN. The pin by Rooks was nasty
  15. southsidehoosier

    General Coach Candidate News

    What about Thad Matta