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  1. southsidehoosier

    Player decisions

    With a foreword by Goodman
  2. southsidehoosier

    Player decisions

    Mike Woodson: “Mike Woodson agrees”
  3. southsidehoosier

    Player decisions

    Didn’t your wife say you had to start yard work this evening? Im predicting you’ll be in the doghouse soon lol
  4. southsidehoosier

    Player decisions

    Lander Fife Geronimo It’s a good day
  5. southsidehoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    6 more months of this
  6. southsidehoosier

    Player decisions

    Becoming a vocal leader
  7. southsidehoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Giving Baylor no shot Monday?
  8. Yeah he develops TJD personally and that’ll recruit itself
  9. southsidehoosier

    Pro Day

    I think it’s on the NFL network
  10. southsidehoosier

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Where did you see that quote?
  11. southsidehoosier

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    Miss the piping on the top uni’s
  12. From re-watching the 30 for 30 “Miller time” it appears he did
  13. CTA looks like he road in on a chopper to meet Woody. CTA is so freakin cool!
  14. Rick Bozich couldn’t put the dog outside during his questioning?