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  1. ap2345

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    6’6 SG from IMG
  2. ap2345

    (2023) - PF JaQualon "JQ" Roberts

    Probably close to 6’0 he’s 6’7-6’8 she comes up to about his chin when he’s standing up straight. It’s the way the photo is tilted
  3. ap2345

    (2023) - PF JaQualon "JQ" Roberts

    Kids from Bloomington he knew what he might be walking into lol
  4. The reality is this. 1. Assistant coach shake up is coming AFTER THE SEASON not during 2. IU has a bad O-line which is causing most of the offensive problems but not all because play calling isn’t good but Sheridan is handcuffed to some extent 3. IU played its 4th and 5th string QB most of the game yesterday behind a terrible O-line against OSU. That’s not good for player development or good results. No team is going to succeed in that situation 4. Allen isn’t getting fired he has a massive buyout and doesn’t deserve to get fired. Especially with the recruiting class coming in with a chance to add more to it
  5. So many people aren’t looking at this situation realistically
  6. ap2345

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    They ranked him pretty hard on his bad AAU games and more on current standing than potential. Rivals ranked more based on his best games and his future potential. That’s why they are so different and he’s likely someplace in the middle of the 2
  7. ap2345

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    That’s likely to change Rabby said he thinks he’s a top 80 player at least
  8. ap2345

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    WOW I'm shocked lol
  9. ap2345

    (2023) - C Xavier Booker

    Lot's of good social media interaction after Booker posted his IU uniform picks from his visit. There was also a comment by Jakai Newton fwiw
  10. ap2345

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    It's about to be a good day for the Hoosiers!!!
  11. ap2345

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Who do you guys think Newton's player comp is for the people that like doing those? I've seen others mention it on other sites and I thought of it as soon as I watched some tape a couple days ago but I see Ayo. He's even 6'4 with a 6'10 wingspan just like Ayo too.
  12. ap2345

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    There’s no trying to change his mind. VT was in earlier this week so IU went to see him today. Even if you feel very good about a recruitment you still go and visit