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  1. Hoosierfanyuh

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    It’s something Liam mcneely does when he hits shots
  2. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Yeah i wasn’t referring to martinsville lol
  3. Hoosierfanyuh

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    How about we just relax and be happy about a win and move on lol
  4. Hoosierfanyuh

    Big Ten Network

    Personally think Hummel is the best b1g announcer.
  5. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Small chatter about it on HSN too
  6. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    Do we even have a 5% chance with him?
  7. Hoosierfanyuh

    College Bball Thread

    Yeah that’s what i thought. Dude can score
  8. Hoosierfanyuh

    College Bball Thread

    And Markus Burton right
  9. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    Unfortunately kansas offered
  10. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2024) - SG Jaeden Mustaf

    Are we ever going to get him on campus
  11. Yall need some faith lmao 82-69 us
  12. Y’all are cold and cranky. Im just thankful to have iubb to watch tonight. :)
  13. Im just saying the 3 losses we have are 3 i expected us to have. Im getting at your point that the sky isn’t falling. I had us going .500 for b1g away games. Just feel like there’s a lot of overdramatized takes going on for mid December.
  14. Kansas and AZ are both top 5 teams. Rutgers has our number. Relax. If you thought this was a F4 team you were being unrealistic. We should be happy with being ranked and hopefully staying in the 25-15 ranks all year. That is a step forward. We barely made the tourney last season.
  15. Hoosierfanyuh

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Any idea who