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  1. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    I won’t get greedy lol
  2. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Getting the trio would be amazing.
  3. Hoosierfanyuh

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Both of our bigs are foul prone, itll work itself out, woody rarely plays people with 2 fouls in the first half as well
  4. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025) - (C) Malachi Moreno

    We do
  5. Hoosierfanyuh

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    https://x.com/crimsonquarry/status/1808288719977259243?s=46&t=k9RySXcQ0g_vze1d48xuww this + the replies ect ect
  6. Hoosierfanyuh

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    You all cannot be that naive lol it’s literally just accounts having fun with it lmao
  7. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Rabby has said development purposes
  8. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    Just posted on his own account he’s going to montverde :O
  9. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025) - C Layla Hays

    She screams Moren recruit
  10. Hoosierfanyuh

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    can you name one other nil collective in the country that would go on a podcast to criticize the head coach over hurt feelings? that’s just now how this works. just think it’s not the right way to do it via podcast
  11. Hoosierfanyuh

    B10 Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Booty ball guard is what he saw and he was average at best
  12. Hoosierfanyuh

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Hysterics got their feelings hurt and aired out woodsons attitude that he has. Theyre clowns but everything they mentioned is all things the average person could piece together. personally glad they seem to be cut off
  13. Hoosierfanyuh

    fiRE coach woodson thREAD

    Adam Howard?
  14. Hoosierfanyuh

    College Bball Thread

    There been rumors about us and TN having an exhibition game.
  15. Hoosierfanyuh

    (2025) CB Chris McCorkle III

    Matt weaver said it wasn’t well liked that he was flirting with other schools while committed to us. Insinuated it may not of really been a choice.