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  1. Definitely under appreciated comment on here!! This was great!
  2. NVFalcons1990

    College Bball Thread

  3. NVFalcons1990

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Yeah I think he is 6’0” but only like 165 lbs….. wouldn’t hold up in the Big Ten
  4. It is if you're only attempting 1-2 per game. Which Kopp and Stewart did a lot of.
  5. Yeah Kopp being left out was not intentional, I guess he should be ahead of Leal and Gunn, but don’t think he should be starting.
  6. You’re right, I did leave out Kopp and just now saw that…..lol It was not intentional, but basically I see him as a backup at the 3 because he’s not aggressive and showed no confidence at all, especially the last 10-15 games. He also never attacks the basket, how many layups did he hit this year on a back door screen or from a dribble drive? So yeah he is the ‘shooter’ I missed. Just not the high volume shooter that I was hoping we would get in the portal.
  7. I also think the 1’s, 2 and 3 positions are going to be pretty fluid and interchangable in certain parts of the game. Especially if all improve their ball handling, penetrating and shooting.
  8. Yeah Chris, wouldn’t be shocked if they start out early sorta rotating, then JHS locking it down as season goes on. I do however think Bates shows a big jump this year, which is good for us all the way around.
  9. All in on JG playing the 3 and he has shown he can knock down some 3's. Who's to say he doesn't grow another inch or two and puts on another 10-15 more pounds of muscle this offseason? He works on his 3 ball and Race improves on his 3-ball confidence (which he showed last year vs. the prior years), I think we could be ok: PF - TJD - 6'9" 245 / Duncomb 6'9" 235 PF - Race - 6'8" - 235 / Banks 6'8" 215 SF - Geronimo - 6'6" 225/ Schifino 6'5" 210 SG - Bates 6'5" 195 / Leal 6'5" 205 / Gunn 6'5" 180 PG - Xavier - 6'3" 200 / Galloway 6'4" 200 Looks like we need another big in the portal and as always a shooter.......
  10. NVFalcons1990

    Ranking: Best CBB Programs the last Decade

    Oh my bad, just saw this was only from power 6 conferences. My apologies!
  11. NVFalcons1990

    Ranking: Best CBB Programs the last Decade

    Gonzaga, Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, St. Mary’s, BYU, San Diego St Mid majors such as Davidson, Murray State, Loyola-Chicago, VCU, Dayton, Northern Iowa, Utah State, Belmont
  12. NVFalcons1990

    Ranking: Best CBB Programs the last Decade

    No Mountain West Schools such as San Diego State or Utah State. No St. Mary’s or BYU in there from the WCC, whom both have had a pretty good run as well.
  13. NVFalcons1990

    College Bball Thread

    Tom Crean to Butler, you heard it here first! April Fools! Lol
  14. NVFalcons1990

    College Bball Thread

    Well deserved for cheating!!