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  1. hoosierfan6157

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    TJD doesn’t look ready to move on, as least from this game.
  2. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Praying for everyone!
  3. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

  4. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Praying Brass!
  5. hoosierfan6157

    milehiiu has passed away.

    So sad to hear this! Mile was a wonderful ambassador for HSN and so encouraging to so many of us. Praying for his family!
  6. hoosierfan6157

    On the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

    Thanks so much for sharing Stuhoo.
  7. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

  8. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Will keep praying Natural.
  9. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

  10. hoosierfan6157

    Positive news regarding coronavirus thread

    Praying for you woodenshoemanHoosierfan!
  11. hoosierfan6157

    College Bball Thread

    Loved the interview! Thanks for sharing!
  12. hoosierfan6157

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

  13. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Praying Brass!
  14. hoosierfan6157

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    I just read an article from Inside the Hall about how Logan is young for his class and will be just 18 his entire freshman year! A lot of time for physical and mental growth!
  15. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Praying 8bucks!