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  1. KingPG21

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    They are 1-2 but a lot to be encouraged by with the Pacers. Domas has clearly worked on his three point shot andit looks pretty solid. Myles looks way more confident offensively. Brogdon looks like he has a bit more burst getting to the rim so far. Can't say enough about Durate. This dude is just a baller. I know it is a super small sample size but Jackson looked good when he got out there, it is super easu foryoung bigs to look completely lost on a NBA court. Also it is a huge deal both Malcolm and Myles have been super vocal so far. They are constantly talking to Durate and Jackson. I'm a homer, but really excited for this season and the future.
  2. KingPG21

    College Football Thread

    Don't knowif anyone else has been watching this UCLA-Oregon game. But UCLA's gameplan appears to have been to see how good the best player in the nation actually is. It has failed miserably, Oregon has been getting in his way more than UCLA
  3. KingPG21

    College Football Thread

    So we still praising Purdue and annoiting the football savant that is Jeff Brohm. No, cool got it
  4. KingPG21

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Wonder where Taylor ranks among all skill position players in the league. Could probably argue he is already in that 10-15 range.
  5. KingPG21

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Rock Ya Sin got hurt. What a shock
  6. KingPG21

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Our two wins are gonna be against teams with a combined record of 2-10. Both teams will have been playing thier back up QBs. One will be playing with a QB that wouldn't eveb be on the active roster most Sundays. Can't wait to hear the stupid praise. Also Reich is rejoicing to get more wins against bad competition, pad that resume
  7. I mean our RBs are bad too. There were two runs in the first that Howard or Coleman would have busted for touchdowns. Instead they ended up in chunk plays instead.
  8. Does anyone want Sheridan back as our OC? He is generally bad at play calling, and I'm not entirely sure he has a consistent system. It shouldn't change as wildly between QBs like it does with Penix and Tuttle. AAlso I really want us to change how we look at recruiting wide outs. We don't have any good route runners. Fryfogle barely runs routes at this point. Marshall is the same type of guy. Matthews was fine which made him our best by a mile before he got hurt. We don't even have another notable guy which is kind of sad, This all being said our route trees/combos suck which again ultimately comes back to Sheridan. They are overly simplistic and do little to get guys open. Having Tuttle out there being hesitant to try and throw guys open or give them a chance to make a play was eye opening. Our offense is so bad to the point were outside of Hendershot I don't think we have anyone on that side of the ball who is good consistently. '
  9. KingPG21

    College Football Thread

    Texas choked away another game. They've got two of the better skill position guys in the nation with Robinson and Worthy. But that defense is so bad.
  10. KingPG21

    College Football Thread

    If nothing else Brohm knows how to find wide outs. First they had Moore, now they have Bell
  11. KingPG21

    College Football Thread

    Eh, Brohm always does well against Iowa. Their system just seems to work against their defense. Also uts kind of been a Jeff Brohm thing to have his kids up for big games, then they play down to competition. They nearly lost to an awful Illinois team. Then lost to Minnesota who lost to Bowling Green. So yah
  12. Cause the guys we have out running routes aren't all that good at gettubg open/,ich separation. That coupled with Tuttle seemingly not trusting his ability to throw guys open or giving his guy a chance. Its part of the reason I think they never really consider benching Penix when healthy. Also I kind of disagree, Tuttle missed a number of throws that Penix makes look easy
  13. TWe could have really used DJ Matthews today. He would have been good in the bubble screen game.
  14. I mean its not a catch. But he was getting mugged so yah
  15. Yah our best route runner is probably our tight end. Our walk ons have looked just as good as our scholarship backs, and our o-line in general is bad. But its probably Penix's fault somehow