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  1. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    I like TJM. But he gets over hyped by some. Honestly Spicy P has been just as important
  2. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Their defense was good in March, like the whole month
  3. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Ty got selected to the Olympic team!!
  4. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Pacers-Bucks is gonna be an entertaining series. Just glad Ty is getting actual playoff experience, play in game/s don't count
  5. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Pacers in 6. Dame time don't exist anymore
  6. KingPG21

    College Bball Thread

    Lol Purdue spends so much time complaining about calls and Edey gets away with that
  7. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Pacers back inn control of their fate. Please don't screw away these last two games by not being up for a Toronto team who is trying to lose
  8. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Pacers might actually miss the playoffs because of how bad they have played against bad teams this year. Should be at 47-48 wins already
  9. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Obi seemed legit confused as to what the scenario was on the last rebound of regulation. Like he had to get told to get up there for the rebound, Not having Myles and Siakim down by the baseline is just another head scratcher. Rick was awful down the stretch.
  10. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Carlisle was pretty atrocious in this game. Actively cost them the game. 1. Took way too long to get Myles in at the end of the game. 2. WHy in the world is Ben Sheppard getting the call over TJM in OT, Shep is bad and was bad all night 3. Why did it take so long to figure out to put Siakim on DeRozan in OT. 4. Pretty horrendous not calling a timeout again. Myles being caught with no where to go until Ty comes to get the ball was a nightmare.
  11. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Technically not NBA news Clsrk officially said it was her last season in college. Which wooooooooooo Fever gonna be good
  12. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    All star weekend was a pretty big success. Pacers and Indy got repped really well. Worst part was Draymond Green was given a platform to voice his dumb opinion all weekend
  13. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Suns fans are on social meedia shouting that Nesmith shoved Booker to the groynd, thats why he slipped, then traveled, before a postential foul on the game winning three. We live in the time where, just say stuff. Stuff.
  14. KingPG21

    NBA Thread

    Ty got officially announced as an ASG starter!! Huge accomplishment
  15. KingPG21

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    I’ve been listening to the locked on pod cast series recently. Kevin’s Corner is great for Colts stuff. Twitter, or X; if you really want highlights