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  1. rayl456

    Fire Tom Allen

    Yeah, I always found it interesting how quickly the Suckeyes hired Wilson and have had no problems with his coaching style. That says something about both IU and OSU, I think.
  2. Who works for a fairly dumb AD.
  3. Just shows that the number of stars behind a name doesn't necessarily mean squat. Who's doing the rating? Who's doing the hyping?
  4. I don't see much size on that roster. Could be a long night for St. Frannie. But maybe they shoot 3's like nobody's business. Who knows??
  5. rayl456

    22-23 BIG TEN Projections

    Man, I thought Kaufman was supposed to be special? He doesn't start over Morton!?!? Interesting.
  6. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    I'm hoping to split them...2-2. I believe we can beat Xavier on the road and Arizona in Vegas. North Carolina and Kansas will be tough. Not impossible, but unlikely.
  7. rayl456

    (2024) PF - William Jobe

    I will be interested to see how he does at a larger school. He's thin, but he seems to have a decent jump/set shot. Can he add some weight/muscle?
  8. rayl456

    2024 PF Asa Newell

    Being 72...5'8"...and bald...I'm jealous of this young man's entire package...but mostly that hair. Oh yeah. :D
  9. rayl456

    IU/Kentucky Series to Resume

    Speed of lightning, roar of thunder
  10. rayl456

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    My guess is that if left alone those brows would connect with his beard.
  11. rayl456

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    I remember watching him in the state tournament... and thinking "This guy is the greatest high school player that I've personally seen play." He was a man among boys, as they say.
  12. rayl456

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Love to see that video sent to those dumbass Rupps Rafters assholes.
  13. rayl456

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page to USC

    So, let them figure it out. Have some faith. You've stated your opinion. Time to enjoy this season. Go Hoosiers! I'm older...72. I'm not going to hyperventilate over 18 year old kids. It's entertainment. Nothing more.
  14. rayl456

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page to USC

    So what's your point?? You want Woodson to fire his assistants? If you're so sure that IU's recruiting is horrible, then what do you suggest?
  15. rayl456

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    My point being...this is a high school kid who is still learning the game. Yes, he is athletic. Yes, he has potential. But let's not get all outraged that it looks like he might go to UC. He ain't the next LeBron. That title goes to the 7'4" 18 yr old French kid...Victor Wembanyama.