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  1. rayl456

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Pretty easy for me. Out of all the great players to pass through IU, THE first player to capture my imagination as a kid was The Splendid Splinter...Jimmy Rayl. :)
  2. rayl456

    USC Stephen Carr to transfer to IU

    But if the O-Line stinks, which they did today, then you will see us struggle... like we did today. I believe a change in the O-line coach is likely to happen if this continues.
  3. IMG Academy destroyed G.Payne's LaSalle last night , 58-7. LaSalle had 65 yds of offense. IMG had over 480 yds of offense.
  4. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    LOL....tell me about it!!
  5. rayl456

    USC Stephen Carr to transfer to IU

    This young man needs a big year to make the NFL take notice. IU could REALLY use a big season out of the running back position. Michael Penix will have a big year if Carr does...and the team will too. I believe it will all happen as the IU football transformation continues. Go Hoosiers! :)
  6. rayl456

    (2022) DL/DE Joe Strickland

    HSN post says he's announcing this Thursday.
  7. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    Just curious... What does Coach Woodson have to accomplish in order to be successful in your eyes and how quickly? Or am I missing your point and you just feel he need to do a better job selling himself, the program and IU?
  8. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    Never said it was a rebuild. I was simply responding to what Texas/Beard has done per USPSHoosier in the recruiting area. Woodson has been fine, but some folks are nervous that recruits like Taylor, Filipowski and others aren't jumping at IU offers. I think once IU begins winning those recruits will consider us more seriously. And yes, I think getting that kind of serious consideration from recruits might take more than one winning season. JMHO....and I think Coach Woodson has plenty of time to achieve this.
  9. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    I agree. I believe that IU can/will be in that same position, especially regarding recruiting, by showing success on the court. That's the key...winning. It might take more than one year, IMHO.
  10. rayl456

    (2021) SG Colson Montgomery

    You forgot the drummer rim shot.
  11. rayl456

    (2021) SG Colson Montgomery

    This young man's future is MLB. JMHO.
  12. No no...I believe it's Eric Burdon and he's an animal.
  13. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    People seem to forget that BS graduated from DePauw with a degree in Economics...a three time Academic All-American candidate... worked for Eli Lilly before going to Butler to get into coaching. I can imagine that he always wanted to end up in the business side of the NBA...or that it became obvious to him that was more interesting than the coaching grind.