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  1. rayl456

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    The kid has played a grand total of 11 minutes and taken three shots. Are you attending practices??
  2. rayl456

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    Well, that's a shame. But this happens and all we can do is trust Coach Allen to find an excellent replacement. Go Hoosiers!!
  3. rayl456

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    To my knowledge, the answer to both questions is yes.
  4. Hoosier hookah high jinks IU - 79 Hashville - 63
  5. rayl456

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    Yeah, I agree. I read later that he tends to stay in the pocket and take hits. He does seem to throw the ball pretty easily. He played in the small school division of the GCL ( Greater Catholic League), while Ramsey played in the big school division. Kettering Archbishop Alter has strong athletics like most of the Catholic schools in SW Ohio.
  6. rayl456

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    Won the Ohio Division III State Championship as a junior at Kettering Archbishop Alter HS. Perhaps Peyton Ramsey 2.0 with better arm strength?? Tore his ACL during his freshman year at Mizzou.
  7. rayl456

    IUFB Offseason/Transfer Portal News

    I believe that Ole Miss has also shown interest, besides us. He took an official visit recently, so don't get your hopes up. Read that IU did offer him, as did Ole Miss, Florida and others. He's a hot item in the world of portalmania.
  8. Believe Carter Smith has signed now.
  9. Nope. Sorry, Scott, but you were wrong. :)
  10. Brody Foley...6'6"...230 lbs...Cincinnati Anderson HS
  11. rayl456

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    I was speaking about individual defensive assignments only. Should have been clearer about that. I agree that inside we should give them plenty of problems. Kopp seems like a liability on defense against their wing Davis. But my hope is that we are learning as we play each game and that defensively we improve. I also think IU might run a few different players at Davis to keep fresh bodies in front of him. I think we take this game.
  12. rayl456

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Wisconsin is just a bad matchup for IU on paper. We can all see that and we know our history in Madison post BK. I'm hoping that Coach Woodson begins working the officials early and often about Davison and company. And once he's warned... have Fife take over for him.