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  1. rayl456

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Your thoughts about Matta's position may have just slipped into the "gray area" some have spoken of. Not sure working with the players is part of his job description or even allowed. But I truly am only passing along what others have said.
  2. rayl456

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Expect it to be the same. I'm 71 and fully vaccinated with Moderna 1 & 2. My experience was soreness at the injection site and nothing else.
  3. rayl456

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    I'm hoping we're all going to be pleasantly surprised by this young man's work ethic, motor, knowledge of the game, willingness to be coached. He's a four year guy, who I believe will be a terrific team player.
  4. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    Rumor is that she's pregnant.
  5. rayl456

    Player decisions

    Yeah...maybe at another program! Yikes! Oh well.
  6. Who's next? Boeheim? Krzyzewski? Izzo is 66....hmmm?
  7. rayl456

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Is that a portal gray area??
  8. rayl456

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Jared has always been an avid fishing guy.
  9. rayl456

    General New Coach News

    My guess is Moser, being from Naperville, is happy coaching at Loyola and just stays there, especially if S Smart takes the Marquette position. He may realize that IU is a no win situation for him. Then again...if asked, he could easily jump, but it would be a mistake, I believe. JMHO
  10. rayl456

    2021 Transfer Portal

    In some ways, this is what Kentucky has seen happening the last few years. Players unhappy about playing time and exposure leave. But I can imagine we will see more of this from college players for similar reasons. Obviously, Franklin's case is different than the Kentucky example. I doubt there's unhappiness about playing time.
  11. rayl456

    2021 Transfer Portal

    This is going to be the new normal, I'm guessing. Kids with professional aspirations will be continually evaluating their personal situation from year to year. Transferring is easy...and a new piece to play in the recruiting game.
  12. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    And he's a freshman! His brother is a sophomore. Now how long they stay at USC is the real question.
  13. rayl456

    General New Coach News

    Drop foot syndrome.
  14. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    Oh, for sure, they can be beaten. I would love to see them play Michigan, especially if Livers was playing. Even without Livers, could be a good game.
  15. rayl456

    College Bball Thread

    What I really like about Gonzaga is you seldom see players not moving or just standing while dribbling like they don't know what to do next. This team has great awareness and vision... and game management/understanding.