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  1. TheWatShot

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    1) Have Scott Dolson call him into his office. 2) Tell he's fired. 3) Consult BtownBanners for ideas on next coach.
  2. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    If Archie Miller is back next year, it's only because our administration doesn't want to pay his buyout.
  3. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    Can someone just test positive for Covid and make the whole team a close contact? Two weeks would almost end our season...
  4. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    I'm already making plans for next winter to find other things to do, just in case. No way am I following another year of this.
  5. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    I seriously can't envision working in the athletic department and thinking this is ok.
  6. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    We gave up a 31-10 run in the second half last game and now a 32-10 run in this game.
  7. TheWatShot

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    Quoted for truth.
  8. TheWatShot

    Twitter Rumor

    It's crazy how we went from a coach who always had too many players to a coach who never seems to have enough.
  9. TheWatShot

    Twitter Rumor

    Did Michael Lewis stop by for a visit and throw a pass off his face?
  10. To me, it sounds more like "he's just not good enough." I thought he seemed like a reach to begin with.
  11. TheWatShot

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    If we're serious about trying to win and be the best, we can't use money as an excuse. Kentucky sure as sh*t wouldn't.
  12. TheWatShot

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    What if there's no grand slam next year, either? Then we've wasted another year, driven more fans away and possibly given the "supportive" fans more reasons to keep him around.
  13. TheWatShot

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    NO. We need to just cut bait and move on. You don't keep a failing coach around just to see if better ones become available. When your coach has failed and is only going to continue to fail, fire him and hire the best you can get. People need to realize our next coach may not be a grand slam, but that doesn't mean it won't work out for us.
  14. TheWatShot

    IU Baseball

    The MAC started playing this weekend and is planning on a full season, with non-conference games. This is everyone's daily reminder that Big Ten leadership is a joke.