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  1. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    It's weird how UK doesn't want to play here anymore when they didn't even play here this past season. Calipari was obviously unhappy that we ruined his shot at a perfect season, his poor wittle freshmen had to play in a tough environment and the winning shot still gets talked about over a decade later, but what's the baseball coach's excuse? Did that 20-7 beatdown we put on them last year really sting that much?
  2. TheWatShot

    IU Softball

    This is what the transfer portal and immediate eligibility will do to college athletics, unless you're considered one of the elites in a particular sport. Did you have an historically good year, with a player who had an historically good season? Say adios to that player, enjoy watching an already stacked program get even stronger and have fun rebuilding.
  3. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Kind of had a feeling we weren't winning this when we had a runner on first with no outs and two pitches later the inning was over. What's with this series ending because UK won't come to Bloomington anymore? I thought it was a joke when I saw it.
  4. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I've seen enough. Hope we bring our A game tomorrow.
  5. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Good teams make you pay for your mistakes. Our pitching has been terrible today and we're paying dearly for it.
  6. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Need to pull Seiler before this gets out of hand. I hope we don't concede this and leave him out there to eat innings.
  7. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I know geography plays a large role in determining these regions, but imagine winning the Big Ten regular season and tournament like Maryland did and being in the same region as the #1 overall seed.
  8. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I believe this is now our third-winningest season in program history and it would tie for second with one more win (2014 had 44 wins and 2013 had 48).
  9. TheWatShot

    2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Can't make a mistake like that in a tournament game. Just can't.
  10. TheWatShot

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Probably secretly glad to be done babysitting the Archie leftovers.
  11. TheWatShot

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - NBA Draft

    People who can't understand sarcasm in text always win in the end.
  12. TheWatShot

    College Bball Thread

    Trilly Donovan said he wanted a multi-year guarantee from someone. Probably a non-starter for just about every NBA team. Second rounders aren't guaranteed contracts at all, let alone multi-year deals.
  13. TheWatShot

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Still makes me laugh when I remember his comment about our fans having bad manners. Our crowd is going to have fun with him after his first mistake.
  14. TheWatShot

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I've seen a lot of Purdue fans gravitating toward this parallel, but there a couple things they don't seem to realize: 1) De'Andre Hunter was out for Virginia when they lost to UMBC. 2) Hunter, along with two others, were drafted after winning it all. Edey is the only one who has a prayer at getting drafted, and the chances of that might have diminished since he'll be a year older. I'm sure none of this will stop the Final Four talk from starting up after Edey dominates somebody in November.
  15. TheWatShot

    College Bball Thread

    The systems aren't the ones actually ranking the teams.