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  1. Uspshoosier

    2024 - SG Jonathan Powell to Xavier

    Committed to Xavier
  2. Don’t know whether they go after Love again or not either way I’m fine with it. No matter what NC problems were last year he played hard and never quit. Was he inefficient at times? Yep but he played hard every game I watched and that was a lot. He was one of the few players that wanted to play in the NIT. Change of scenery does wonders for certain kids. Love in my opinion fits that description. Woody is the type of coach I would guess would take a gamble on a kid if it gave him a better chance succeed in March. Woody gets paid a bunch to make sure he is a plus instead of a negative.
  3. Michigan has a strict transfer policy where they have to be above a certain mark before all their credits transfer from the other school. He didn’t meet that high mark. It cost them Terrance Shannon last year and Love this year.
  4. You want to say they underachieved for not winning the B1G that’s fine but not acknowledging that they lost their starting point guard for the B1G season is a choice
  5. He went on assembly call back in the day and said Archie wouldn’t fail at IU or something along those lines. IU fans gave him the business on that and he didn’t like it. Anytime IU was doing bad he would say the internet must be out in Indiana because no one is saying anything. Then they fired Archie and he wrote some article about IU wasting money hiring Woodson. Lots of back and forth between him and IU fans. Usually I’m fine with the shade he throws from time to time but yesterday it seemed like he got a lot off his chest snd had some anger built up from all the stuff. I will still listen it’s a good show but he he goes down a bashing IU rabbit hole I will shut it down.
  6. Parrish is still throwing IU fans under the bus because they called him out on the article. I usually like listening to his and Norlanders podcast but yesterday was a tough listen because of his shots at IU. I still listened but almost comical he kept the bit going for as long as he did
  7. Uspshoosier

    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    I’m guessing this will be sent to recruits
  8. Once the assistant coach left (all 3 left for head coaching coaching jobs so I’m not sure which one) things opened back up a little
  9. I would say yes. X made a comment on HH Twitter space that suggested he was in the team group text before the announcement before he corrected himself
  10. Uspshoosier

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    not yet according to Rothstein
  11. Yep it’s been mentioned after that pro day staff knew they better start planning for 1 year for JHS