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  1. They were toast after the first quarter v Iowa. IU Football will never run with the big dogs. They don't even belong on the front porch.
  2. IU Football is a train wreck. It's absolutely unwatchable.
  3. Sorry... late to this party... WHO tweeted the info about Lewis?
  4. Congrats... as a 17 time veteran, I can tell you there is something incredible about grandkids... family makes everything in life better.
  5. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Indeed. Welcome to LaughingStock U.
  6. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Did you read the part about NO recruiting experience? You think Lewis couldn't recruit to IU? Have you EVER heard him talk? Dude is on fire about IU and what it ought to be. I am not a "sky is falling" kind of guy, but the freaking sky is falling in Bloomington.
  7. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Of course he has "clean hands"... he's never been in or around a college program since 1980. Zero relevant experience and zero confidence in him.
  8. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    A guy with NO NCAA coaching or recruiting history and a mediocre NBA coaching record that would not get ANY look if he wasn't an "IU guy" is not a better choice than the field. Period. Gimme Lewis. Gimme that D-2 guy... No freaking way.
  9. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Brad. Ain't. Coming.
  10. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Does anyone really care what he says or how he gets his team ready? Clearly he gets them ready and fired up to play... nothing illegal, immoral or reprehensible, so WHO CARES what kind of schtick he uses in his pre-game rah-rah?
  11. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Didn't hear about it? Are you suggesting a cover up? There were several public reports ... Great Alaska Shootout if I remember right... RMK suspended them or kicked them off the team... Sampson looked the other way...
  12. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    The texts and calls were wrong (e.g., rules violations)... but can you seriously tell me that you're ok with the rest of it? If I have a vote, Sampson will NEVER be welcome at IU again. But, alas, I don't really have a voice in the matter...
  13. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    I have no idea... I didn't follow him at Oklahoma (or before) either... I know he took his team to the FF in 2002.. we beat them to get a shot at Maryland...
  14. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    He's not? Texter. Phone caller. Drug dealer enabler. Pimp enabler. Some of his players were THUGS in the true sense of the word, and the kids did not attend class... what a great guy to be charged with developing young men to be productive members of society.
  15. AZ Hoosier

    General New Coach News

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. We're schizophrenic. And we are, too. No one knows anything... and all of these "lock"s, "sure thing"s and "done deal"s are nothing more that speculation and click bait. We will know when Dolson tells us. Yeah, it makes us anxious, and it makes us crazy... but all we can do is trust Dolson to not screw it up.