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  1. AZ Hoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Freddy isn’t there to protect him any more.
  2. AZ Hoosier

    Happy July 4th!

    One of the most beautiful sights (and sites) on the planet...
  3. I was listening to an IU podcast (Assembly Call) and one of the guest hosts was Galen Clavio from the CrimsonCast… they mention Galen’s YouTube channel that contains video of old Hoosier basketball games, Hoosier football, and some IUBB Senior Night speeches (and a bit of non-IU content) … definitely worth your time to dig through his video library... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwyoEBP715uxHe2tYn9GioA/videos
  4. AZ Hoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Davis got to the Finals with inferior talent (compared to Crean). Crean had superior talent (2 of top 4 lottery picks) and burned out at the Sweet 16. Davis > Crean
  5. AZ Hoosier

    Knight In Declining Health

    Both the university and athletic department have tried to bury the hatchet for years... but Knight has always rebuffed the attempts at reconciliation by being an @$$. I hate what dementia and Alzheimer's disease do to a person, but all of the hate has been on Knight's side. He has been invited back multiple times for a chance for the university and athletic department to honor him and bestow love/praise/honor on him, but he's carried too large of a grudge to allow that to happen. Glad to see that, for whatever reason, he is showing signs of being willing... but don't attempt to spin this any way except that it's been on him.
  6. AZ Hoosier


    Which one?
  7. AZ Hoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I am surprised that Sean has lasted as long as he has, but Walton won’t be here I the foreseeable future. Much of that buzz is coming from Walton’s camp to try to make it so. He was abominable in LA with the Lakers. No way the U of A walks into that quagmire.
  8. AZ Hoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Rut-roh... getting a bit too close to home with Sean Miller https://solecollector.com/news/2019/03/michael-avenatti-arrested-for-attempting-to-extort-nike-for-20-million-dollars or, it's made up... or it's "business as usual".
  9. AZ Hoosier

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Well. THAT was brutal. They don't deserve a slot at the dance... and it would probably just provide IU with another opportunity to embarrass themselves... Hated for J-Mo's career to end that way, but it is what it is.
  10. AZ Hoosier

    IU basketball becoming irrelevant

    IMO, Indiana basketball has become irrelevant because the administration wants it to be irrelevant. After RMK, the powers that be have chosen to never put the university in the position of being a basketball program with a university. RMK and the program in the '70s and '80s was just that... and some argue that Knight's success allowed his boorish behavior to rule the day. When John Ryan left IU, so did any aspiration for a successful blue blood basketball program. The ADs since that time have also been content with making money and being "decent". Clearly they have the ability to focus on the program, and simply have chosen not to, again, IMO.
  11. AZ Hoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Can you elaborate? What was the context?
  12. and it only took TWO of the TOP FOUR NBA lottery picks for him to do it here.
  13. AZ Hoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    I'm not ready to fire Archie at this point... but with that said, I don't have the stomach for this crap. Crean left the cupboard pretty bare. He recruited kids like Green and Priller and Jobe. He caught lighting in a bottle with guys like Cody... and got lucky with guys like Sheehey and Vic... but there were 10 misses for every time he got lucky... and he left us with only Morgan who would be a vital piece on any team in the country, but we're leaning on him like he's the savior of the program because there's no one else... Yeah, Archie got us Romeo, and next year we'll have TJD... and I get it that kids get hurt, but what about the strength and conditioning? Isn't that supposed to help against injuries? I'm tired of the Michigan guys I know laughing at our crappy 0-17 start AT HOME. And losing to Nebraska, and Rutgers and Northwestern. And losing four in a row in our house. Bottom line: this crap has to end. Show some damned pride.
  14. AZ Hoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Life is too short to watch bad basketball.Gonna go organize my sock drawer.
  15. AZ Hoosier

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread