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  1. No I don't think they have any amazing insider info either. There were 2 that acted like MM is a lock but I haven't seen either of the 2 post for hours.
  2. 247sports ku sports board. As said above it isn't anything too terrible, they were just so sure of themselves earlier and the tone changed slightly. I don't think they know anything any more than this board does at this point. It was just fun reading
  3. I don't know what it is but I do know that the smug posts from the KU board changing to confusion and sadness is spectacular lol
  4. Hell yes. If it is even close to as good as BOTW it will be an absolute classic.
  5. If I remember correctly the ESPN article mentioned Tom crean being really happy when finding out Adidas was going to start helping. I'm sure it was at the end of his tenure. If that is the case, was it that crean only wanted to play the game when he knew he was gonna be fired for non performance, or was it that Indiana tried to play the game only to be knocked down by their own shoe company? With friends like that, who needs enemas?
  6. Seems like Adidas in general favors Louisville and Kansas over teams like IU. I'm not sure that is how it is but the impression that I have. It kinda begs the question of why IU still has an Adidas contract if players are going to be steered away. Not complaining, just an observation
  7. wirenuts

    Baseball and basketball cards

    Very nice. The mays and Aaron's look to be in pretty good shape too
  8. wirenuts

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    I moved from edgewood to tbird County when I was 12 or 13. I was about 3 years younger than Dusty but he was always really nice to me in the basketball camps or when I was playing ball. I'm really happy for him that he is having so much success as a coach. He is a basketball junkie for sure and always has been
  9. wirenuts

    Coaching Changes Nationally

    I went to the same high school as Dusty. He was a little older but he has always been a winner, and a pretty good guy to boot
  10. wirenuts

    Baseball and basketball cards

    Other than the high taxes, it sounds pretty perfect
  11. wirenuts

    Baseball and basketball cards

    They were on a definite downward trend...but then the pandemic happened. Since then values have skyrocketed. It has dropped back down a little since but it is still very popular
  12. wirenuts

    Baseball and basketball cards

    Yes. I had a few of them growing up but never the magic/bird combo.