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  1. wirenuts

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I could see brooks wanting to get away from Kentucky and that train wreck, but how feasible is it to get either one of them next year?
  2. wirenuts

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    maybe crean told him that he had been thinking about him a lot...that might have sealed it
  3. wirenuts

    Are We Better Than Last Year?

    didn't indiana start the student bill of rights last year or the year before? I dont know much about it, could it possibly be a reason why they didnt/couldnt get rid of Smith? I don't know the answer, just wondering if anyone else did
  4. wirenuts


    I was torn between those exact two colors. Daphne blue and the sienna burst. I ended up with the burst but such a hard decision
  5. wirenuts


    Thought it would be a good idea to keep this thread rolling ....just bought a 2019 American strat. Love it!
  6. No offense taken. I just think the blame should be on players a lot more on the coach but that's just my opinion. There is a lot that archie miller can do a lot better. The quad wins were brought up to say that the players can win games if they try harder, which in my mind is much more an issue than the offensive system. Again, just an opinion. This team doesn't have a good track record of responding to adversity
  7. That's pretty ironic, considering that embarrassing offensive system and no bucket getters have those 6 quad 1 wins, also combined with the fact that if they shoot well enough, they will win those games or at least be in the mix to win games. Maybe that is a testament to their defense being better than the crean years, I dont know. If they beat minnesota, I think they go dancing. I will just have to agree to disagree with you on this one. Yes you need bucket getters. Obviously. But the losses I saw, especially the blowout losses, was a team that had given up, put their heads down, and stopped playing hard. There are also the games where they shot so poorly, they never gave themselves a chance. Looked pretty similar to the offense that got them wins when they did play hard
  8. So if we hypothetically had that player would you believe that Archie ran a capable offensive system?
  9. IU shuts down ayo and the rest of the Illinois team looks like us IU 72 Illinois 64
  10. I'm hoping race Thompson becomes that sheehey type thorn in purdues side
  11. wirenuts

    Top College Basketball Programs the Last 20 Years

    Pretty interesting stuff....i enjoyed it overall and I was really surprised by some, especially Illinois. Maybe do one that shows top 30 regular season with a separate top 30 for the tournament. That would be really interesting to see as well. Good work man
  12. Reverse psych seems to be working. Purdue 75 IU 67