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  1. I'm just saying that the base expectation for a career 36% three point shooter should probably be 36%. If he gets better, awesome.
  2. Sure. That falls under "potential explanations." And I'm optimistic that it's the case and like the addition... but it's certainly not a guarantee.
  3. He was shooting 45% on Jan. 23 and then shot 20% over the last ten games. Don't know why we would exclude bad games just because they happened late. Or we could exclude his hot early-season games against bad teams and say: he shot 21% in his 16 games in 2021.
  4. Obviously the big question with Kopp is: for a guy with a reputation as a great shooter, why did he shoot so poorly last year? Definitely potential explanations, and his FT % evidences his raw shooting ability. But this is a nice addition if you’re getting a 40% 3-point shooter and not a particularly good one if you’re getting a 31% shooter.
  5. jimsorgi

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He took an official visit to Michigan St. Don’t think Fife was the lead recruiter but may at least have some knowledge of him.
  6. Same. The fact the it was such a minor extension for Cronin makes me wonder if the details included more money for things outside of his salary.
  7. Regarding Lewis: Cronin signed an extension and got a pay raise, so have to wonder if that came with increased assistant coach salary pool as well.
  8. Only $20k in moving expenses is shockingly low.
  9. Yeah, I agree. Also think that if you have interest in moving up, demonstrating a successful run at a second big school would be a huge resume enhancement (largely because of what you said).
  10. Hired by Larry Brown at SMU, so the connection makes sense.
  11. Then again, just five years ago he built a top 20 team at SMU (a program on a 20+ year streak without a tournament berth) at age 75. Wouldn't trust him to run a program for lots of reasons, but it is very likely he still has something to offer.
  12. Right. It's an apples-to-oranges, overly simplistic comparison. It's the equivalent of saying, "Mike Woodson is a surefire success because Juwan Howard has been great at Michigan." There's plenty of nuanced conversation to be had about Woodson's strengths and flaws, and no one is overlooking that. But "Sidney Lowe struggled" is not a relevant part of that conversation.
  13. If the difference between college Sidney Lowe and college Mike Woodson matches the difference between NBA Sidney Lowe and NBA Mike Woodson, I'll be thrilled for IU's future.