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  1. JaybobHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I’m a Leal fan and I don’t think he gets enough credit. I felt he should have played more in Stewart’s spot, and helped out when playing. He’s not a starter by any means, but I always go back to the Nebraska game at home (I was there). We were struggling as a team, but once he came in and made a few hustle plays, the team turned it around. Kid deserves some more credit than he gets, and felt he was a better option that Stewart IMO.
  2. JaybobHoosier

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    Heck Yeah!!!! Love it and keep it up Coach Woodson and staff! $10mil to get worse for sure.
  3. Wish people would quit giving Dakich so much attention (this isn’t directed at this). He does so much just for ratings and attention with the profession he is in. I do like his game commentary when he was broadcasting, just not so much his twitter/radio show. Anyway, back to the topic, love seeing Race back, and I don’t mind playing small ball with the Race at the 5 (if TJD doesn’t come back). Just wish Kofi would leave lol.
  4. JaybobHoosier

    Xavier Arrested...

    I’ve been quiet on this subject, as I think both sides of the aisle have valid points. I get it if he’s kicked off the team, but I also get it if he’s just punished/suspended games. He made a stupid mistake, and was made worse by evading the police. Dude needs to get his act together, and I think Woody can really help him. I do believe in the 3 strike rule so anymore issues he has to be gone imo. If he is retained, hope he keeps his nose clean and will really step into a leadership role. Talent and capability is there, just hope he realizes it.
  5. And some good ole’ Governmentcheese drunken rants. Some fun stuff from the old message board days lol.
  6. Also, when Leal came into games this year he instantly provided energy, hustle, and heart that made the team play better. I was at the Big10 home opener against Nebraska, and as soon as Leal got in the team played way better. He may not be a starter, but he’s better than what people are given him credit for. Secondly, Hulls was on a much worse team so he got to play more. He deserves to be on this team and will help!
  7. Wish Rob the absolute best. Represented the program very well and hope he finds great success wherever he decides to play. Really hoped things would have worked out better for him.
  8. JaybobHoosier

    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    One of the reasons I don’t listen to him or tweet at him is because it helps him. I think he said one time the more interaction he gets the more money he makes? Couldn’t have been lying, but I refuse to give any media heads who pull this sort of crap any publicity. Ignore DD and let him just fade away.
  9. JaybobHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    If they stay, I wouldn’t mind seeing TJD in more driving situations. He did well with that because most of the 5’s are slower than he is. TJD did well on the move, and would like to see him with more movement.
  10. Rabjohns just tweeted that he’s not returning. Best of luck Parker, you deserve nothing but the best!
  11. I was wondering if it meant long live. Whatever he decides (seems like he’s done at IU) I will support his decision. Went through something so difficult that all of HoosierNation should be behind him.
  12. He can play right away as he will be classified as a grad transfer.
  13. Not surprised by this and I think overall is best for both. Best of luck wherever he goes.
  14. JaybobHoosier

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I don’t think your wrong at all, but I like JG at the 4 way better than the 3, that’s all. Hope things are going well for you :)