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  1. JaybobHoosier


    Got in a workout this morning. Did some lifting, but my main focus was cardio as I have a 5K run this weekend. Hope for a little bit better pace than my last race!
  2. JaybobHoosier


    We are there :) Unfortunately that name doesn’t ring a bell, but there’s a chance I may know who they are. We love it here, very good small town outside of St. Louis.
  3. JaybobHoosier


    Ran a 5K race a on the 5th, and was pleasantly surprised with my time. I have another 5K race upcoming here on Sunday morning. Very sore today, ran a total of 5.41 miles yesterday. My pastor and I ran 2 miles to church for band practice, then ran home. I went a little extra once we got to his house (we live in the same subdivision).
  4. JaybobHoosier

    Movie Thread

    Just finished Black Panther, was very good! Spider-Man Homecoming is up next on the timeline order.
  5. JaybobHoosier

    Movie Thread

    Trying to get caught up on all the Marvel movies. Going through the timeline order on Disney+, and just finished watching Civil War and Black Widow. Thought those were really good. I’m halfway through Black Panther, which I also really like as well.
  6. JaybobHoosier

    2023 SF/PF Mackenzie Mgbako to INDI-F’N-ANA

    I have no clue if we will get him, I’m just glad we are getting in better with the better players in the class. Eventually, it will start to fall our way. Hope we get him, but the staff is working hard to get this team better. While it may not help with next years success, Gunn, Banks, Newton, and Cupps May get a lot of run that will really help this team the following year to go along with what looks like a strong recruiting class.
  7. JaybobHoosier

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I totally get people being bummed we didn’t get Ledlum, even when it seemed like he was a lock. Stuff happens and it seems like he changed his mind from everything that was shared. However, while he would have been a very good get, he wasn’t a great shooter, which we sorely need more of. Hopefully the staff can get in good with some guards who can light it up. However, I’m also excited to see what Gunn and Banks bring this year. I think Woodson and staff have proven enough to warrant some patience from the fan base. I’m not the biggest Woodson supporter but he has done a very nice job up to this point.
  8. JaybobHoosier

    Movie Thread

    Family and I went and watched the new Super Mario movie at the theatre. Good family movie. My youngest at one point decided to stand in his seat and say, “YES!!” when Mario did something good in the movie lol. Recommend if you have kids.
  9. JaybobHoosier


    Got in the gym today. Chest, triceps, and shoulders day with some good HIIT style cardio. Took over for the wife when I got home so trying to get the young one down.
  10. JaybobHoosier


    Absolutely. I would like to start going more often, but our two boys sleep completely different. Ones a night owl that we can never get to sleep (3 1/2), and my oldest (6) wakes up between 6-6:30 every morning. Don’t want to put both burdens on my wife where she is up late and waking up early. I want to at least take one of the shifts, and she prefers the night one lol.
  11. JaybobHoosier

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Someone on Twitter retweeted Adam Howard’s post about all roads lead to Bloomington saying it’s about Knect. No idea if this person knows anything, but wanted to pass it along.
  12. JaybobHoosier


    Dog woke me up extra early today at 5. After taking him out, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went to the gym. Got a good workout in and back before the kids or wife were up. I don’t like waking up that early to go, but it’s nice getting there before most. Only 2 other people there when I arrived, and a total of 7 when I left. Nice getting in and out quickly.
  13. JaybobHoosier

    TV Series Thread

    I’ve almost finished The Book of Bobba Fett on Disney+. Been pleasantly surprised so far. Trying to finish it up before starting the new season of the Mandalorian.
  14. JaybobHoosier


    When you say significant loss I hope everything is okay!! The mental part of it is the biggest hurdle I feel like when you start having a family and busy work life. I’ve always enjoyed running and been good at it, but laziness and the mental aspect of having less time to do it got me way out of fitness.
  15. JaybobHoosier


    If I remember right we follow each other on FB, and you have done an incredible job! My goal is to get my weight to right under 200lbs, and then keep the weight in check except for muscle growth. My biggest revelation this year has been incorporating some sort of HIIT/Walk-Run-Walk into my long distance. Doing the high intensity with short rest has greatly increased my long distance and times.