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  1. Bobman1

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    1:26 mark in the Reneau clip for a glimpse at how fast breaks will look for the next 2+ seasons.
  2. What a ******* game. The board has been depressing lately, understandable feelings and opinions flying around, overreactions aplenty and brave optimism from some as well. Today was a great win for the program and an exclamation point of an answer for some questions we were all having. They played confident today, hustled like crazy, and would not be denied of a win, something we haven't seen in awhile. They actually played like the season was on the line, even though the past several opportunities in this position IU team's have squandered it. I have no idea what will happen in tomorrow's game, but I think we can all finally agree this team is damn good enough to get the win and close it out when necessary. Hopefully the committe recognizes that IU is going to be a very dangerous 12 seed and gives all of us a march madness experience that we've been robbed of for so long. Now let's beat the **** out of Illinois.
  3. Bobman1

    Charlton Warren hired at UNC

    Would love to have Wommack back, but can't see him returning a year after leaving the same post.
  4. Bobman1

    IUBB vs #13/12 Ohio State - 01/06/22 @ 7:00 on FS1

    SIAP but IU up to #24 on KenPom with the defense at #7 in AdjD.
  5. **peeks head in Bardo's not that bad. **slams door
  6. My god this is uglyyy basketball. Why am I watching this over CFB?
  7. Bobman1

    IUBB @ Syracuse - 11/30/21 @ 7:00 on ESPN2

    Not a huge fan of moral victories, but it was hard not to be optimistic about this squad's future after last night's game. Shooting is vastly improved, FT's don't look like an enormous problem like they had been in years past, hustle and effort were there from everybody, and some serious half-time adjustments were seen. Don't come out of the gate that poorly and we don't have to spend the rest of the game clawing back from an 18 point deficit. Sure, Cuse may not look great this year. But it was still a true road game against a difficult defense to prepare for. The Orange were a preseason borderline top 25 team, and I'm confident they will play their way into the tournament and probably win a few games as well given the Orange's history. The next month or so of basketball will be very interesting to see how this team responds, but I see no reason why this team can't compete for a top 5 finish in the B1G.
  8. Bobman1

    IUBB vs Louisiana - 11/21/21 @ 7:30 on BTN

    If this is the case, we may see some Woodson'ing happen with three schollys coming in.
  9. Bobman1

    IUBB vs Louisiana - 11/21/21 @ 7:30 on BTN

    The OSU-Xavier game was at the Cintas Center and a home win for X. I think the Hoosiers sneak in, in the 23-25 range. If 'Zona beats UM tonight they may join the rankings as well. VT hasn't played anyone so I'm guessing UNC, OSU, and Maryland drop out while IU, Seton Hall, and BYU move in.
  10. Bobman1

    IUBB vs Louisiana - 11/21/21 @ 7:30 on BTN

    Has the game started and they're showing this over it? Or is game being delayed?
  11. Haven't checked up on the board much over the past few months, but find it hilarious and all-too-classic of our fanbase to already commence the arguing over Woody V Archie. Good to see though that most on here are pleased w/ how the squad has looked through three games and are hopeful for the future. I've found it very difficult not to be excited about this team. The talent is clearly there; enough to compete with the other elite B1G teams and I have a ton of faith in the coaching staff to deliver a product on the floor that properly represents the talent-level. Don't look now, but only Purdue and Ohio State are undefeated, along with us, among the projected top half of the B1G by the 'experts.'
  12. 3 star DB James Monds announcing on the 4th. Looks like Nebraska is the leader with IU and Wisco on outside looking in. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  13. Hoosiers also now up to 34th in country and 8th in the B1G for Class of ‘22. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  14. Interesting article from Wiltfong about Smith’s decision. Can’t say enough how awesome this coaching staff is and how excited I am about IUFB. https://247sports.com/Article/Indiana-recruiting-Tom-Allen-Carter-Smith-commits-166896966/ Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners