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  1. HoosierReb01

    Dominique Booth's IU Career Is...Not? Done

    Ir's his wish to. Hard to think that any other school will medically clear him if IU won't.
  2. HoosierReb01

    Dominique Booth's IU Career Is...Not? Done

    I've seen student coach stated elsewhere.
  3. HoosierReb01

    Dominique Booth's IU Career Is...Not? Done

    Interesting. I'm guessing at this point that the above post is not a reference to future playing time. Pretty sure he has been told by IU medical staff that he will never play FB for IU again. However, I guess that could have changed.
  4. HoosierReb01

    FIU stat predictions

    Lagow TDs- 2 Lagow Yards- 214 Redding yards and TDs- 144 and 2 Next highest rusher- Clyde Newton Diamont > than 5 snaps? Less Leader in receptions? Paige Leader in receiving yards? Cobbs Leader in tackles? Big Ralph Offensive MVP Redding Defensive MVP? Crawford Points by Oakes? 9
  5. HoosierReb01

    For IUFB to go Bowling..

    That might be the hardest one to get. D-line looks to be a point of concern this year, and the pass rush a real concern. I think coverage sacks and blitzes are probably the key.
  6. HoosierReb01

    I'm ready for 2016 IU Football

    Be a nice problem to have.
  7. HoosierReb01

    Tim kimbrough

    I'm thinking he has one year to play and would have to sit a year. Probably not the best for us or him. I believe he's looking at dropping a division where he can play immediately.
  8. HoosierReb01

    The koolade is wearing off.

    I would guess that's how he'll be used. Wilson's offense tends to be a little fluid when it comes to adapting to personnel.
  9. HoosierReb01

    The koolade is wearing off.

    Actually he hasn't. He wasn't ready for it, that was no secret. He's not the second coming of Joe Montana, no doubt. He was always a project, and has always been a long shot to be the starter except as a matter of necessity. I don't know that I've seen very many freshmen QB's put into his spot who looked very good. Do I want to see him as the starter? No, not really. I remember when I watched Ben Chappell the first time. He was in the game for one down because the starting QB had been shaken up and had to leave the game for the down. 1 Down, 1 Interception. Played in eleven games as a sophomore, unimpressive. Even as a junior, while he had a lot of numbers, he manage to throw 15 INTs. Some of you guys need to learn that the staff works to develop players, and if the work at it too, what starts out pretty shaky can develop into a very solid player. Diamont may never start another game at IU, but the moaning and groaning about playing, or being the second stringer is ridiculous.
  10. HoosierReb01

    The koolade is wearing off.

    I think that's basically wrong, because that's pretty much not what he said. His statement was pretty simple, you seemed to have complicated it for the sake of argument. And your assertion that if what you said was correct, the he is a "pollyanna fan" is idiotic and unacceptable. Name calling is against board policy and leaving it as conditional as to whether someone agrees with you are not doesn't cut any mustard.
  11. HoosierReb01

    The koolade is wearing off.

    If I'm not mistaken, Cameron has been getting many of the second string snaps behind Lagow. It's camp, so how the board stacks up in the season may be different, but from what I've read it sounds like Diamont is third string at this point.
  12. HoosierReb01

    Rio Olympics 2016

    Katie Ledecky was absolutely awesome in the 800m Freestyle winning gold, breaking the world record by 2 seconds and the silver medalist by 11 seconds. Maya Dirado took gold by .06 seconds! Great job representing ladies!
  13. HoosierReb01

    I'm ready for 2016 IU Football

    Passion play – IU’s Greg Frey coaches tough love Good read!
  14. HoosierReb01

    The koolade is wearing off.

    Too a degree. But my point was, did Matt Weaver frame it as if there was no separation and they were not up to snuff? I agree though, I'd like to hear one guy was just head and shoulders above the rest.