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  1. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    It's kind of amazing to see people living in a fantasy land divorced from reality. These message boards are fun but do people really get that upset over something that far out of your control? We have a bottom half, at best, coach in the Big Ten conference. I can't change that and it doesn't affect my life. I do enjoy laughing at our decades of incompetence and watching the mental gymnastics attempting to make our program (administration/coaches) more than what they are.
  2. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Are we now saying there wasn’t social media accounts that popped up defending Woody? That’s a conspiracy theory? Some really odd behavior in the “Fire Mike Woodson” thread.
  3. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I tend to agree with the NCAA tourney being a crap shoot. However, there is a massive difference in getting to the sweet 16 and competing and getting to the sweet 16 and looking like you have a **** coach. The same could be said for winning the regular season title. There is a wide range of possibilities. You could have an extremely favorable schedule with zero wins over teams competing for the championship and still win or could lose the title with an extremely difficult schedule and the winner having the previous scenario. We’re going into year four where we should have teams regularly competing for the top of the conference and NCAA tourney runs.
  4. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Not sure you can define a good vs bad season before the season plays out. We could have a decent record but get blown out against any legit competition again. We could finish second in the Big Ten but not really be close to competing for a conference championship again. The talent seems to be there for a high level and deep team to compete for championships. However, this wouldn’t be the first team that was supposed to be talented and deep but failed.
  5. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Let’s get that off-season second 5 banner ready to hoist up in the rafters at AH
  6. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    We’re paying top 15-20 coaching money while getting top 40-50 results the last 3 years. Underperform and get overpaid, seems like the IU way
  7. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Glad to know my understanding of the word was close. I believe it’d be just after the all-star and solid role player category for me if I’m grouping NBA players.
  8. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I thought we were stating facts. The last 60 years included a hall of famer for about 30 years, another hall of famer who won a few nattys, a great coach who broke rules, and then a bunch of mediocre coaches with a few good seasons over two+ decades. Woody is the best mediocre coach we’ve had? He doesn’t have it. He’s a mediocre coach who can have a solid season but not a coach who is going to overachieve with the talent he has. (This has been shown) I’d expect better than mediocre from IU basketball but if others think he’s doing his job that’s fine by me. I understand trying to be optimistic because we really haven’t had much to cheer about for a hot minute. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  9. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Is journeyman considered a derogatory term in sports? Always understood it as a role player that was traded/moved a lot. Weird to be offended by such a term given to someone who played in the NBA 30+ years ago. I now realize why his playing career matters because his offense is stuck there.
  10. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Had a chance to look it up. Didn’t think it was correct. .741 - Kelvin Sampson .735 - Bob Knight .677 - Branch McCracken .612 - Mike Woodson .592 - Mike Davis .552 - Tom Crean .536 - Archie Miller .520 - Lou Watson .190 - Jerry Oliver Fourth best win % out of nine coaches without a conference title like the two coaches immediately after him in win % who were fired for not winning enough. Seems like a solid argument from those who quickly forgot he’s not a good coach. He’s been a mediocre coach who is getting mediocre results. He hasn’t met or exceeded expectations as an IU coach. That might be good enough for some but I’d like to see IU have a little higher expectations.
  11. HoosierAloha

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Third best win % doesn’t seem accurate but it wouldn’t surprise me we have some stoked about that while we’ve been dogshit for the better part of two decades and had one coach for nearly three decades of that. We’re attempting to polish that turd as best we can. Along with that outstanding winning % he’s tied for last in Big Ten regular season championships and national titles.
  12. HoosierAloha

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    I type corrected. Never felt anywhere close to that long having driven down through that way probably close to one hundred times. I know a few of those folks that make the event worth it. That’s not to say we shouldn’t have similar events other places in the state.
  13. HoosierAloha

    Movie Thread

    Say it louder for those in the back I did love the movie though
  14. HoosierAloha

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Huber’s isn’t 77 miles from Btown. I’d guess it’s around 60, if that. Donations are the reason for that event not for a recruiting advantage. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  15. HoosierAloha

    College Bball Thread

    I believe foreign "professionals" were approved by the NCAA because it was more of a club system than them truly being professional athletes. Their club systems are similar to how we do some club soccer systems we do in the US now.