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  1. How are things with you?

  2. HoosierAloha

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Let’s get a high end starting quality SG and get this thing rolling. I like the pieces put together but think we might struggle through early noncon schedule while learning system and tendencies.
  3. Great get! Welcome to Hoosier Nation Mgbako!
  4. HoosierAloha

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    Glad we're staying on topic here Josh, I hope your newest employee knows as much about leadership as you do. I'm pretty excited to see what Cupps brings from a leadership perspective but hope we have the personnel that allow him to lead even as a freshman.
  5. I like how we suddenly have all this "information" about the recruitment of MM when it was said early on there would be minimal information coming out. It's almost like we forget what has happened in the very recent past. It'll be fun to hear how things "truly" went down after he announces.
  6. I believe you missed the perspective that was written from when attempting to explain what I was doing. I believe I have a fairly accurate assessment of where IU stands in the pecking order or college basketball recruiting and not surprised at the recruiting win and many losses we've had thus far in 2023 free agency.
  7. HoosierAloha

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Not too difficult to track down CTA if you're following the knocked over trash cans
  8. A lot of this, it's almost like we're projecting onto the recruit. Odd
  9. What did I read into it?
  10. This seems to happen often. The recruit is looking for x, y, and z. IU definitely ahead of the competition when it comes to x, y, and z but then we don't "win" that recruitment. I wonder why that is and if the people saying what the recruit is looking for and how the programs stack up are bias. Odd
  11. HoosierAloha

    Big Ten Expansion

    Let's get 4/8 more schools and then go Big 1.o East/West or Big 1.o old/new with 10/12 in each division. Play everyone in your division twice and other division once (or half) then one preseason tourney.
  12. HoosierAloha

    Travel Thread

    Definitely thought you would have preferred the weather in the North. I'm more of a Jeju-do kind of dude.
  13. HoosierAloha

    Freshman expectations for Cupps and Newton

    I feel like this could be an entire thread about morphing two IU players into one and it would be a great time. I look forward to both getting their feet wet as freshmen. I hope we can get some experienced leaders to bring them along as they physically and mentally mature at the college level.
  14. HoosierAloha

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Quite silly but here we are, still. This silly string reminds me of this silly string
  15. HoosierAloha

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    And he can beat Tennessee. I like what I see and think he could contribute. Sign him up, make those big moves Woody!