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  1. BigJoe

    Lineup Changes?

    I say really shake up the starting 5. Lander Bates Geronimo Race n Trayce give them at least 8 minutes before sub We are likely to lose against OSU highest ranked team we have seen-and MN favored so youth movement!
  2. BigJoe

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    With new energetic faster pro style on offense. With hustling aggressive D lots of opportunities for mins No more plodding listless play
  3. BigJoe

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    Bates will start at SG out one,done first round pick Xavier great upgrade @ PG. Out Trayce out PF his next level position why he stayed will create matchup probs for competition Kopp SF out proven outside shooter strongly needed Now Durr true center SIZE rebounder protector ready now IN
  4. BigJoe

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    The best I have seen him move since ankle injury. IMO still get out of defensive position jumping out on D getting too far away from basket, 9 for 9 fantastic Also made big boys work
  5. BigJoe

    Negativity Thread

    UK and U of L are good academic schools UK has a great basketball tradition -RUPP-p[us and U of L CRUM, Unseld etcplus IU tradition is history, the other 2 schools are adding to their Tradition NOW Hoosiers will likely finish BT with a less than .500 , maybe win 3 of last 8, NCAA tourney bubble team or close miss/NIT, Archie gets another year with results likely similar to this year. Upside if Jackson-Davis )and others)shows strong growth and 2020 class outperforms
  6. BigJoe

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    Peyton should be starter-he has earned the position If you look at top programs the have players on the bench ready to step up They have DEPTH Peyton may stay--
  7. Derrik Smits...can play face up or back to..rebounds and has mid-range shot may go pro but he says he prefers to transfer 7' 2" With DD, forces in the middle
  8. As for grad transfers..hold out for DERRIK SMITS
  9. Good..very good prediction..with off season progress maybe better
  10. Juwan Morgan was a great power forward forced to play 5..that was the fault of the coach, recruiting, and injuries Juwan played hard, played his guts out for 4 years...he did not have enough help..many times he was our main offense. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered, sincerely thanked.
  11. Seems Sean a good catch gone..and Derrick (sp) Smits interesting Langford unlikely to return, G League and huge bucks beckon
  12. BigJoe

    2019 NIT Tournament

    We are playing where we deserve to be playing. Being the Blue Blood snob is bad karma esp when we are NOT Blue Blood 1987 a long time gone PLAY and PLAY hard and well
  13. Makes more sense to make minutes for those that will be here next year
  14. He will not be sitting..He will be playing...in the G League..just like Noah and Bryant etc