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  1. hoopsta007

    College Bball Thread

    I’m surprised with his bias he couldn’t figure a way to get Purdue in the field
  2. I’d say our linebackers with Scales and Covington were the best we’ve seen in a long time at IU
  3. hoopsta007

    Game Thread: 09/21 12:00PM ET Indiana vs UConn BTN

    Sorry if I missed it but any update on Coy Cronk yet?
  4. Way too early to make that determination. You seem angry. Did Penix steal Natalie Portman from you?
  5. Except for move the ball, control a bit of tempo, and score more points you are spot on
  6. Mike Hart coming through again!
  7. hoopsta007

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Is that even on the table?
  8. hoopsta007

    Indiana university alternative timeline

    Would Zeller have even played for Sampson? I thought the family didn’t care for him (maybe just the players he had)
  9. hoopsta007

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Appreciate your thoughts but we have suffered a decade of losing under Glass. We have been passed in football by our arch rival (evidence is head to head). We sit by and are supposed to be patient when a school like Ohio St can beat us like a drum in basketball with a new coach and seemingly less talent (we are told). Glass screwed up letting Lynch stay. He screwed up by giving Wilson an extension then firing him. He either didn’t know what was going on with Wilson or tried to ignore it and couldn’t. Whichever way that is spun is negligent. He let Crean stay on far too long and let the program become a joke with players getting arrested, suspended, and forced out. Ask yourself this: Would this failure be tolerated for as long as it has at any other blue blood or serious program?
  10. hoopsta007

    2019 NIT Tournament

    I’m being facetious. Sorry I didn’t clarify that better
  11. hoopsta007

    2019 NIT Tournament

    Pretty sure playing them at home next year is a lose lose for IU. The committee won’t value this win like they should and a home loss would really hurt. Go with more of a sure thing. Flip flop them with Arkansas St.
  12. hoopsta007

    You be the Committee

    We have a definite shot! It seems like upon scrutiny into the numbers we are trending up among a few credible (non ESPN) “bracketologists”
  13. Terrible 2 decades to be honest
  14. I believe there have been rumors about his prep school so nothing would be surprising
  15. About par for the course for IU basketball. Do just enough to get your hopes up.