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  1. hoopsta007

    2024 (F) Kanon Catchings

    Yes, if I remember right he told Purdue he wasn’t coming last year and then his family promptly re committed for him.
  2. hoopsta007

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    I think the only thing I’d disagree with is that it will work great vs the cupcakes. They seemed to be pretty competitive against a Woodson system last season
  3. hoopsta007

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    I’m guessing 8 wins. We’ve had the talent to compete but have minimized their abilities and the players weren’t set up to succeed. With an experienced coach and staff I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. We haven’t had a coach with head coaching success since Hep and he was turning things around.
  4. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    Yes I agree with you that it shouldn’t have happened but it did. You could also make the argument that if the officiating had been equal we would have been in the bonus and would have shot free throws off of the rebound as opposed to in bounding the ball.
  5. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    Good comment and completely agree.
  6. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    I agree with you that we shot ourselves in the foot but it would be naive to think that game wasn’t significantly altered by the officials. Whether it is a few soft calls to give Boston free throws during a Pacer run, a few no calls allowing Boston to stop a Pacer scoring, the refs control everything that occurs on the court. And even after that bad inbounds play it doesn’t change the fact that Boston set an illegal screen to get open on the three to tie the game (which they called on Turner earlier in the night and all series against New York). Selective enforcement of the rules is another element of how they control the games. If you are going to watch the NBA you just have to understand that you are watching WWE in the 80s and approach it as such
  7. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    Except that officials are always relevant until the game ends. Lots of contact on the inbound play and a textbook illegal screen to get the tying 3 pt shot off. Can’t use the argument that they never call it because they nail Turner at least once a game. Kudos to Boston for hitting their free throws though
  8. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    Watching Purdue this year it would be
  9. hoopsta007

    NBA Thread

    And 40 years ago everyone believed Wrestling was real. NBA fans are just slower to catch up!
  10. hoopsta007

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Can we now stop the commercials featuring Mason Gillis, 6th man of the Purdue Boilermakers?
  11. hoopsta007

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I think (and am hoping) with Trey, Cupps, and X as the primary ball handlers last season, the shooters weren’t put in good spots and the passes were often at the feet or over the head. If we get a true point guard the numbers can improve across the board with better ball movement.
  12. hoopsta007

    College Bball Thread

  13. hoopsta007

    College Bball Thread

    Would guarantee Anthony’s NIL is bigger
  14. hoopsta007

    College Bball Thread

    And knowing they will never have this chance again
  15. hoopsta007

    College Bball Thread

    Pile it on! Not sure what the biggest loss in the final game is but I hope Purdue breaks it!