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  1. Scotty R

    Fire Tom Allen

    I care about IU in bowl games but will not watch any of the other 20+ meaningless bowl games.
  2. Scotty R

    Fire Tom Allen

    I have watched IU football bror over 50 years and they have had 12 winning season and a couple .500 season. In basketball I have seen 3 national championships and basketball is my passion. I have went to both basketball and football games at IU and there is no comparison on who has the better atmosphere. If they told me that IU could only have football or basketball and not both it is an easy choice for me and that is basketball. I know this isn't probably the popular choice for college fans but you can tell where the big donors at IU prefer to spend their money. Sometimes I think it would be best for IU football that the top 30 football programs separate and leave the rest to play college football.
  3. Scotty R

    Fire Tom Allen

    I just he different because I pay attention to college basketball from Nov thru April and watch it every night. As for College football I can take it or leave it. This past Saturday I watched old TV shows the I haven't seen for a long time over watching college football except for the IU game. I couldn't care less about the bowl games because there are about 20 to many bowl games.
  4. Scotty R

    2023-2024 IUBB Schedule

    I bet Purdue will hate playing on Peacock. The last time they dealt with Peacock they to St. Peters Peacocks
  5. Scotty R

    IU vs UK back on

    Bet Cal won't be at UK for that game at AH
  6. Scotty R

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    Woodson didn't go last week but Ya did. Fland said it is important for the HC to show how interested they are in him. Also I think last Alabama only sent an assistant coach as well.
  7. Scotty R

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    That was before his time
  8. Scotty R

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland

    It is your turn Coach Woodson
  9. Scotty R

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    All the Colts needed to do is stop the Rams and not allowed a TD and the would have gotten the ball. They had a chance to win in regulation and didn't do anything with that possession
  10. Scotty R

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    In my opinion the college OT is horrible. You need to keep playing football and not some gemic. It is like having a 3 point contest in basketball for OT
  11. Scotty R

    They Fired Walt Bell

    He isn't a defensive coach.
  12. Scotty R

    Fire Tom Allen

    Eventually the top 30 programs will leave college football and will form their own league
  13. I Had Maryland winning 37-16 and that last TD by Maryland killed me
  14. The big donors won't want to waste their money on football because they don't care enough about it
  15. Scotty R

    College Bball Thread

    I use to buy 2-3 pre season magazines year until they started to cost $10