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  1. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    If Essegian is waiting to be offered a starting position at a high major school, he'll be waiting a loooong time. He'll need to move down to get that.
  2. A delusional AD is a terrible AD. I'd want him fired even more.
  3. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I think that's giving him too much credit. He was here over a year ago and all his predictions then were based on social media follows and likes. Because of that, he missed on a lot of calls. If it was Ya or someone directly connected to Woodson, he would've had better info. Yeah, it's weird.
  4. go iu bb

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Yes. Unless the NCAA gets an anti-trust exemption it'll continue to lose power by losing court cases. I think the only way that exemption happens is if it and the schools agree for the the players to become contract employees, unionize, and reach a collective bargaining agreement with the NCAA. Like professional sports.
  5. go iu bb

    Extend Coach Woodson + Assessment of Former Posters

    You misspelled "fire"
  6. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    So 4 more points per game between Johnson and Rice is worth noting that Rice scores more but 3 more points per game for Ware is about the same as Ballo? I'm confused by that take. The boards are pretty much the same but the points definitely aren't.
  7. Landing Ballo gets us 1 step closer to replicating that incredible 2nd round run a couple of seasons ago. Mike Woodson is #winning.
  8. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Need 1 more player before Woodson can go back to that platoon substitution style he loves. Even though he learns every year that it doesn't work, I expect we'll see it again next year.
  9. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    There are work arounds. Edey still got paid and so will Ballo.
  10. go iu bb

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Remember that this was before Woodson had coached a college game. So he was sold the same bill of goods as the fans were, that it would be a 4 out, 1 in offense. Also, Johnson's stats coming to IU were pretty good.
  11. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Sparks was probably pushed out. I very much doubt he thought he'd be a starter at IU when he came in last year. With the number of transfers each year, there is no way every player thinks they'll be a starter at their new school, especially if moving up. Some may be ok with that. Different people having different expectations/goals/priorities and all that.
  12. go iu bb

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Sparks and Walker just last year.
  13. I'm not sure I understand why that would bother you if he's successful and wins a national championship (you did say no amount of success). I look at it as it makes his chance of success unlikely to achieve that level of success and unlikely to achieve a level of success that is good enough to keep his job. So if he doesn't put in the effort he won't be around much longer. I'd be ok with low effort if it does actually work out with him being successful.
  14. go iu bb

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    Make sure you take Few's keys first.
  15. /points at thread title If you think I'm seriously posting in For Wisdom thread about being excited about a 2nd round blowout, I have this wonderful bridge I'd like to sell you at a bargain price.