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  1. He's already my favorite player on the team next year. I love that he's actively trying to help recruiting before even stepping on campus. I know it's not uncommon for recruits try to help recruit one or two of their buddies, but he seems to be working really hard at it, above and beyond the norm. I hope it helps land players like Bidunga.
  2. go iu bb


    I can believe it.
  3. Mike Davis got to the championship game. Just sayin'.
  4. Carson Tyler is the National Champion for platform diving. Quentin Henninger got 3rd. Burns finished 2nd in the 200 fly. It was a close fight between 3rd and 6th place. IU finished only 5 points behind Texas and 5.5 points ahead of NC State. Florida was only 6 points behind them. NC State was on fire today, starting by going 1-2 in the mile and their swimmer just beat Burns in the 200 fly. The difference was the diving. https://swimswam.com/2023-division-i-mens-ncaa-championships-day-4-finals-live-recap/ Here's hos close it was: between 3rd or 4th in the team standings came down to less than 0.1 seconds in the final relay. If Texas had gone 0.05 seconds slower or IU had gone 0.09 seconds faster, then IU and Texas would've swapped spots in the final standings.
  5. Matt Roth just won a state championship as a head coach. Why is he not in this premature conversation as a possible Woodson replacement?
  6. go iu bb

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    Or they're still processing the feedback from the meeting and are weighing their options.
  7. go iu bb

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    D1 is not the same as high major.
  8. They get 4 swimmers into the A finals: 100 free - Mathias (7) 200 breast - Matheny (6) 200 fly - Burns (4), Frankel (7) - there is also a swim off for the 8th spot so unlikely Frankel finishes worse than that The divers will likely come through with some points. Hafnaoui certainly would've helped. IU isn't going to score any points in the 1650 this year and didn't score in the 500. Edit: Hoosiers are in a good position to hold on to 4th place, especially when taking diving into account. https://swimswam.com/2023-mens-ncaas-day-4-ups-downs-cal-puts-it-foot-down/
  9. go iu bb

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    We sucked in the years he was at IU too.
  10. go iu bb

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    Whaaaat? Didn't get enough chances? He played in 82 games under 2 coaching staffs. Under Woodson, he played in 61 games for ~12.5 minutes per. That's just chances in games. He's had countless chances in practice to gain the confidence of the coaches. You really don't think that's giving him enough chances?
  11. An article before tonight's finals about Van Mathias changing up his events this year. It's paid off for him and IU. https://swimswam.com/fifth-year-van-mathias-makes-most-of-lineup-change-qualifies-2nd-overall-in-100-breast/ IU "won" day, scoring 160 points. https://swimswam.com/2023-mens-ncaa-championships-day-3-scoring-analysis/ Article on Burns' win. It has a video of the race and he had a great 3rd turn/underwater. Hit the wall 4th and was 1st when he came up. https://swimswam.com/brendan-burns-rockets-to-3-all-time-in-100-back-with-upset-ncaa-title-in-43-61/
  12. The Hoosiers had a GREAT day 3 and jumped up to 4th place. 2 Hoosiers won their events and 3 other individuals and the 400 medley relay medaled. It all started in the morning by placing 6 in the A finals and 3 in the B finals. Most of them then improved on their prelims seeding. Frankel finished 3rd in the 100 fly (Burns was 9th) - PR Mathias was 2nd in the 100 breast (Matheny was 9th) Burns is the National Champion in the 100 back - PR, pool record, 3rd all time Capobianco is the National Champion on the 3m with Henninger 3rd and Tyler 4th - that's 51 points right there 400 medley relay was 2nd - faster than previous NCAA record https://swimswam.com/2023-division-i-mens-ncaa-championships-day-3-finals-live-recap/ Non-IU: Marchand broke his own NCAA record in the 400 IM by 3 seconds. 3:28.82 and won by almost 6 seconds. He's insanely good.
  13. go iu bb

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I had similar thoughts when I read that comment. Part of the reason Miller missed on TKR was because he tried to recruit him as the next TJD but TKR thought of himself as a college 3/stretch 4. So instead of going to IU where he probably would've played, he went to PU where he redshirted, then rode the pine (~11 mpg), and now might have to play center. Ironic.
  14. go iu bb

    College Bball Thread

    And then there were none. B1G is out of the tournament. 8 teams in. 1 team in S16. 0 in E8. Embarrassing. Of course, most were not seeded to go far but I think they underperformed expectations as a whole, mostly thanks to PU losing in round 1.
  15. IU in 6th after day 2. Capo finished 2nd in the 1m, only 4.5 points behind 1st. The 200 free relay finished 9th after coming in seeded 12th. Van Mathias was the only individual swimmer to score points, finishing 11th in the 50 free. Not IU but there were a few records broken. Marchand of ASU swam an insane 1:36.34 in the 200 IM, breaking his own record by over 1 second. https://swimswam.com/2023-division-i-mens-ncaa-championships-day-2-finals-live-recap/