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  1. go iu bb

    College Bball Thread

    Maybe his shot was always jacked but maybe not. In HS he injured his shooting wrist 2 years in a row. It's possible that's when it became so bad. That's just me speculating and giving him and his dad the benefit of the doubt. I could be wrong.
  2. go iu bb

    Player decisions

    I imagine Woodson has started working a bit with them on what he wants to do offensively and defensively, as well. Or at least has pointed them to clips of teams doing it. So the players probably have a better feel now than then of how well they'd fit into such a system. Plus, Woodson has had a chance to evaluate the players so he may have told Brunk how much PT to expect. Maybe Brunk wanted more. So things have definitely changed since TJD said that and between all of those things Brunk thought it was best to leave. TBH, it doesn't break my heart that he's leaving. I'm only kind of disappointed since he wouldn't have counted as a scholarship so looking at it from that perspective he'd be a great player to have as a walk-on. (Before anyone tells me, yes, I know he wouldn't have had to pay for his schooling so not technically a walk-on.)
  3. So you think in the 10-15 years he'll be the coach (hopefully he's that successful) before retiring, Woodson will win only 1 NC?
  4. go iu bb

    Player decisions

    His injury certainly set him back. Another problem was he had Miller as his coach after that. Which one was the largest contributing factor will be seen after he plays for a different coach, be that Woodson or someone else. Actually, this pertains to almost all of the player's on last season's team. Are they just not that good or was it mainly just the coaching? If a bunch of them make big jumps that would point to coaching. If they remain pretty much the same then it would be talent and/or injuries.
  5. go iu bb

    Player decisions

    I'm not exactly blown away by the list of schools that have contacted him so they might be right. Indiana, Clemson, Grand Canyon, Boston College, Wichita State, Elon, Georgia State, Texas A&M, and UNCW Compare that with his recruitment list out of HS: North Carolina, NC State, Michigan, Xavier and UConn His stock has dropped a ton after some time in D1.
  6. go iu bb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I think we're bringing him and Keion Brooks in along with Brad Stevens as the 3rd assistant as a package deal.
  7. Iowa 50 and 100 free state champion commits to IU. 2022 class. https://swimswam.com/iowa-hs-state-champ-alex-stone-verbals-to-indiana-hoosiers-2022/
  8. go iu bb

    Next Year’s Roster

    PER (Player Efficiency Rating) for each. These are mostly based on offense with only a few defensive stats used to calculate. It works better for the NBA since the teams all play each other while in the NCAA there can be huge differences in the competition's talent level. Not perfect but gives a decent idea. These numbers can also vary by position (bigs tend to have much higher numbers) but overall 15 should be average. Around 20 will be all-B1G for guards. Guard play for IU has been a problem for the past few years and these numbers back that up. Franklin 19-20: 7.9 20-21: 14.4 Career: 11.8 Durham 17-18: 9.3 18-19: 9.7 19-20: 14.9 20-21: 13.3 Career: 11.9 Stewart 17-18: 13.7 19-20: 19.2 Career: 16.6 Johnson 18-19: 17.9 19-20: 14.8 20-21: 20.8 Career: 17.2 For the record Phinisee has had PER of 10.9, 12.8, and 9.3 with 10.9 for his career. That's bad. Really bad. For comparison Yogi had PER of 13.0, 18.9, 21.7, 22.9 and career 19.4. From this it appears there should be a significant improvement in guard play. We won't know fur sure until the games are played but this indicates we'll have a couple of pretty good guards.
  9. go iu bb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He's trying to obtain a very diverse playing experience.
  10. go iu bb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He'll be at his 4th university. I think he has issues.
  11. go iu bb

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If Miller had the managers and graduate assistants being primarily in charge of developing the players it would explain a lot of the last 4 years. It would also make me that much happier that he is no longer the coach.
  12. go iu bb

    Assistant Coach Thread

    The only uncommitted 5* I see is Efton Reid. If that isn't the player being referenced then there wouldn't be any issue if they had committed but hadn't yet signed. It could get tricky if the player has signed, like Jabari Smith mentioned above. Does the transfer waiver this year include incoming freshmen if the school refuses to give the player a release? Assuming, of course, this scenario comes to pass, which I'm not sold on.
  13. go iu bb

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Hopefully, 2 more transfers.
  14. go iu bb

    Player decisions

    You might be in to something about him not liking criticism. The Daily Hoosier had a story about his development over the summer. In it, someone, I think his brother, said how sometimes Franklin would get very upset and yell then hang up the phone because he didn't like what he was being told. It sounded like he still took the criticism and used it to improve but definitely didn't like hearing it.
  15. go iu bb

    Player decisions

    I really wanted him to stay but now that he's gone I'm kind of indifferent about it. It don't wish him ill but I also don't really care if he does well or not. That's pretty much how I look at everyone who transfers out, when they're gone I don't care one way or another how well they do.