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  1. The publicly given reason was that due to COVID he was unable to visit the school before deciding. Since he's been there, he's found that it's not a good fit.
  2. go iu bb

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    I'm the same age as you and Graham was my favorite player. Those early '90s teams are my favorite IU teams, although the 92-93 team is probably my favorite of them. They were so good before Henderson's injury. I vaguely recall the run in '87. I don't remember any specifics, more just that I watched the tournament games and remember the excitement around the run.
  3. Johnson's numbers have been All-B1G caliber and borderline 1st team. And that was in the ACC so it's not as though he did it against weak competition. He definitely should've been in the top 25.
  4. go iu bb

    B1G Conference Predictions 2021-22

    I predict that each team will play 20 conference games instead of 18 this season. :) IU will finish above 0.500 in conference
  5. go iu bb

    Brian Walsh

    So more than my google search for the that position's salary turned up but still not a ton of money. It doesn't seem odd to me that someone who makes $77k/year would sell a bunch of school branded clothes he thinks he won't need anymore. And I also wouldn't say that someone making that salary is definitely not hurting for cash as the original poster I responded to said. Especially if a move to another city/state seemed imminent.
  6. go iu bb

    Brian Walsh

    He was Director of Basketball Operations. Unless IU was paying way more than other schools, it looks like he was making $40k-60k per year. Even at those levels it's not so much that a few extra bucks wouldn't hurt. He certainly wasn't getting rich on that salary. Just because the head coach makes millions and the assistant coaches make hundreds of thousands doesn't mean everyone that works in the program gets that kind of money.
  7. Wow, that's awesome.
  8. go iu bb

    College Bball Thread

    That was one guy I was really confused that IU didn't seem to be recruiting hard, if at all. I really wanted him at IU. Oh well, done is done and Guy earned a national championship with his choice.
  9. I read he's being more assertive/aggressive and just playing with more confidence.
  10. go iu bb

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    Unless they changed the rule, they're allowed to play in 30% of the season and must happen in the first 1/2 of the season. So with a 30 game schedule, they can play 9 of the first 15 games before getting a season ending injury. But that may have changed.
  11. go iu bb

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    I believe it only counts as 1 game towards the schedule limit but there are multiple games played.
  12. Another silver for the divers. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/olympics/capobianco-hixon-add-u-s-divers-synchro-success-take-olympic-n1275248
  13. go iu bb

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    At the time it was announced there were some posts saying that the team they are playing has a stream that can be watched but nothing from IU's side.
  14. Jessica Parratto wins a silver medal. It's the US's first medal in that event.