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  1. Hoosierfan2017

    Fire Tom Allen

    So, didn’t we give him a big buyout to prevent another school from poaching him? In the event Liberty decided to tear out the hearts of IUFB fans and hire Allen, could we theoretically let them have him without paying us anything? (Not that we’d ever want that to happen because he’s a great coach, oh please Liberty, if you’re reading, he’s outstanding, please don’t do it!)
  2. Hoosierfan2017

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    I forgot Sorsby in between them, but I was going off this tweet. Maybe that was a one time thing, idk. Looking back I don’t think Gremel ever played in that game so it probably was off.
  3. Hoosierfan2017

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    The top 3 QBs on the depth chart are transferring out, and a fourth QB suffered a horrible leg injury. Not great. None of them were particularly good, but now we need bodies to fill the QB room. Dexter Williams had the most success, but he can’t throw. Completed 34% of his passes this season. Having him run for his life isn’t a sustainable game plan going into next season, if he’s even ready at the start of the season. This offseason could get ugly.
  4. Hoosierfan2017

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Wasn’t he out of eligibility anyway?
  5. Hoosierfan2017

    Fire Tom Allen

    The only real IUFB game day tradition is tailgating beforehand and never actually making it inside the football stadium.
  6. Hoosierfan2017

    College Football Thread

    I think it’s debatable whether he should take the Wisky job or hold out for a better one, but I think it’s definitely a better job than Cincy. Wisky is in the PSU/MSU tier of job, imo. The Big 10 and the SEC are going to be the two premier conferences and everyone else will be a step or two down. I’d rather coach a top half of the Big 10 job than a top 3-4 job in the Big 12.
  7. Hoosierfan2017

    Fire Tom Allen

    We won’t be able to land a big name but we can land someone better than Tom Allen (which wouldn’t be very hard). The rest of the league is loading up. Nebraska a couple days ago. Wisconsin now. We’re going to cement our spot at the bottom of the conference if we don’t make a move. Dolson needs to do something.
  8. Hoosierfan2017

    Michael Penix is Very Good At Washington

    Penix has 381 yards tonight. We didn’t throw for 381 yards over the last 3 games of the season :(
  9. Hoosierfan2017

    Game Thread: POTFB | 11/26 @ 3:30 on BTN

    Crazy that Allen had him at 4th string. He can’t really throw, but the team did better with him than anyone else by far.
  10. Hoosierfan2017

    Game Thread: POTFB | 11/26 @ 3:30 on BTN

    Six years of Tom Allen down, two more to go.
  11. Hoosierfan2017

    IUWBB vs Auburn in Las Vegas - Friday, 11/25/22 @ 8:45 ET

    Okay, but the lack of stands doesn’t have anything to do with Berger’s injury and whether playing in a ballroom caused it. And the complaints I’ve seen on Twitter were all about the fact they were playing in a ballroom, until it was pointed out that it’s not uncommon. Then the complaints shifted to the atmosphere/lack of stands.
  12. Hoosierfan2017

    IUWBB vs Auburn in Las Vegas - Friday, 11/25/22 @ 8:45 ET

    No. They play plenty of basketball games in ballrooms but everything has to be an outrage these days.
  13. Hoosierfan2017

    Game Thread: @Michigan State | Noon on BTN

    Michigan State stinks this year. If Tom Allen is still here after this season it’ll be a big failure by the IU administration. He’s done.
  14. Hoosierfan2017

    Game Thread: @Michigan State | Noon on BTN

    Such an iufb play.
  15. Hoosierfan2017

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    I want our players talking ****, staring guys down, etc. Sometimes you’ll get T’d up for it but that’s ok. The advantages of having that mentality outweigh a few techs here and there.