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  1. If IU would have been 40 miles further west we might actually win a Big Tern division one day....we will never sniff winning the East!
  2. We good a good coach, coach dies! We get a QB, they are constantly injured! Get a great WR, they are injured more than healthy! Get a great defensive player, can't stay healthy! Let's face it, this football program is cursed!
  3. Purdue coach has herpes on his lip, not a good look!
  4. So how did Dexter break his leg? I missed the play but it sounded like nobody even hit him!
  5. I really hate Purdue fans!
  6. Campbell for another miss?
  7. Bazelak, quit doing that!
  8. Shivers would probably be 100 yard a game back with almost any other team in the Big Ten!
  9. Is it just me or does this team suck?
  10. So all of a sudden Campbell sucks too!
  11. I shouldn't laugh....Grant is a great kid, he just isn't ready yet.
  12. As long as our QB is not Henderson next season! Yikes!
  13. Let's hope Dexter comes back!
  14. Well, it was fun while it lasted! This team needs an exorcism in order to get out of this curse!