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  1. And MSU is looking pretty good right now. They recruit athletes and it is often men against boys, their players are just more mature! Recruiting is a big issue, we are soft and not very athletic....but very likable!
  2. How long do you think Woody will coach...does he really want to be here 5 years from now?
  3. Let's offer.Tobin Anderson a suitcase of money!
  4. We have football to look forward to......
  5. Time to put Geronimo in the game and tell him to rebound rebound and rebound!
  6. If they only got one or two shots each time....we would win!
  7. Wong is killing us....wasn't that a line from a Kung Fu movie?
  8. Miami has one foul...you have got to be kidding!
  9. This team is really getting some fortunate bounces...bordering on the ridiculous!
  10. Looks like FDU is going down!
  11. Trey needs to settle down, trying to play too quick!
  12. I get it, but the guy is a pogo stick, he could really help us rebound and play some D, but forget offense for right now!