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  1. cybergates

    Bobby Slick Leonard Dead At Age 88

    Have one on the other side. RIP Hoosier and Pacer champion and legend.
  2. cybergates

    2021 AAU Season

    Thanks for this. I live in Westfield a mile or 2 away. Went to EYBL twice but not been to UAA.
  3. cybergates

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Smith for one year. I think it buys Rosemond a few. Cunningham's brother got 2 and it doesn't appear he brought much other than Cade to the team. Rosemond seems more legit as a coach
  4. cybergates

    Assistant Coach Thread

    If he brings Jabari with him hell be worth it for that alone for at least a few years
  5. cybergates

    College Bball Thread

    Where did you see this?
  6. cybergates

    Assistant Coach Thread

    That would be ideal. This would be amazing if he brought in Jabari Smith. Wow! https://247sports.com/Player/Jabari-Smith-46058607/ Don't know the answer about commits/letter of intent, and I didn't have time to read the whole thing (yet), but it sounds like the transfer portal was designed to remove the school release (that you reference). It refers to that in the past tense... Previously in Division I, when student-athletes wanted to transfer, they had to ask their coach for permission to contact other schools. If the coach denied the request, student-athletes could make their case to the athletics director. If permission was still denied, student-athletes could make the request to a designated campus administrator, such as a dean of students. If the request still wasn’t approved, the final step would be to appeal to a committee that consists of professionals on campus and other students. Those who didn’t receive permission still could transfer but couldn’t be offered athletics aid at the new school. https://www.ncaa.org/static/champion/what-the-ncaa-transfer-portal-is/
  7. cybergates

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    3 of the top 10 2021 recruits are still available...
  8. Impressive indeed. I also liked this part... QUESTION: Woodson played on the 1976 Indiana high all-stars and wasn’t named Mr. Basketball. A player who went to your school, North Carolina, Dave Colescott, was. BROWN: “Yeah, I remember. And Mike is still pissed off about it.”
  9. cybergates

    Player decisions

    Reading this made me think Scott Drew will be the next UK coach.
  10. cybergates

    2021 Transfer Portal

  11. cybergates

    2021 Transfer Portal

    With 4 spots... Keion + X. Johnson & Race and Armaan > Keion + X. Johnson > Race and Armaan
  12. cybergates

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Agreed 100%. I'm guessing it was discussed that if things work out, "Dane, you could be on-track to be the next HC". I'm skeptical of any promises or contracts, and that would be a mistake IMO.
  13. cybergates

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Will be interesting to see who they get to replace him. It always should be easier to replace a retiring coach than a fired one.