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  1. Didn't take a shot at Luke Brown either. I meant what I said, nothing more nothing less. I'll spell it out for you. I found it interesting that a different in state kid that wasn't recruited by the big boys ended up top 3 freshman scorer there. I liked the post where you brought it to the boards attention. It is even more interesting when a hs scoring legend is also a freshman there. As you pointed out, Luke had no chance given he sat out half the season, and only averaged 12mpg.
  2. Impressive. Certain people might have guessed a different freshman to do that
  3. cybergates

    Prediction League (Game 18 - Purdue 1/20/22)

    IU 71 Turdue 70
  4. IU 76 Asheville (has better beer than basketball) 53
  5. cybergates

    Prediction League (Game 9 - Wisconsin 12/8/21)

    Hope I'm wrong but just don't see IU overcoming the Foul Center and/or our TO issues.... Wisky 63 IU 53