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  1. ebridges24

    Next Year’s Roster

    I really like the look of that roster. We won't have to play Jordan at the 5, unless Woody wants to.
  2. ebridges24

    Player decisions

    Al was the one that struggled with that, mightily.
  3. ebridges24

    Player decisions

    So, did Race say he's coming back.
  4. ebridges24

    2021 Transfer Portal

    We were on Tre back in the recruiting process. He is a very good player and you're right, he can do a lot of things very good.
  5. ebridges24

    Player decisions

    Sorry if I missed it, were they given a deadline?
  6. ebridges24

    College Bball Thread

    3 Big10 teams in the top 6 in this way to early rankings for next year and PU 3rd. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/page/earlytop25040521/gonzaga-ucla-1-2-way-too-early-top-25-college-basketball-rankings-2021-22
  7. People need to realize this may have been the best we could get. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  8. ebridges24

    General New Coach News

  9. ebridges24

    Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA

    i have a feeling the upcoming season is gonna be one big huge turd!
  10. yup, and Holtman doesn't need to worry about Archie taking his job.
  11. I so hope this comes to fruition, otherwise we may have mass suicide among IU fans.
  12. Please and thank you.
  13. ebridges24

    General New Coach News

    Definitely not as good with personnel decisions as he was as a player.
  14. ebridges24

    General New Coach News

    I'm with you on Drew and he's not sorta sleazy, he's alotta sleazy. I really like Beilein as a coach. I do wonder how his age would affect his recruiting.