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  1. No, these fouls are fouls. This team needs to calm the F down. They are way too manic on D.
  2. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    First time I’ve watched ISU. They always play defense this good?
  3. Demo

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    What horrendous luck for that kid. Non-contact, unbelievable.
  4. Demo

    (2024) - SG Jaeden Mustaf

    Yeah, he had about 2 mins when he really went on tilt. That was odd and unlike the control he usually plays with. Coaching fail not addressing it. Saw the same thing with Gabe Cupps last year and his dad pulled him immediately for about a minute to let him just breathe.
  5. Demo

    NBA Thread

    40/0 assist to TO. That’s just incredible.
  6. Demo

    College Football Thread

    Couple of minor quibbles, but seems about right.
  7. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    I don’t know how you call that.
  8. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    How does Nance pass up the 15 footer on the baseline with a 6” height advantage? You can’t get a better look.
  9. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    Now it’s 35 and I’m sure it’s about to be 36. Can’t remember the last time I saw a kid at this level shoot that much.
  10. Demo

    High School Basketball Thread

    Question for anyone who might know: Is this an event with the potential to sell out? Really trying to get over for it, but won’t know until late in the week if I can pull it off.