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  1. Demo

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    If you haven’t already done it, google their facilities. They’re the stone nuts. Not bad for the state school of the state ranked 43rd in the country in household income.
  2. Demo

    College Football Thread

    I did not put 2 and 2 together on the last name at all.
  3. Demo

    College Football Thread

    I know nothing about this dude. But on the strength of this answer alone I’m rooting for him to succeed.
  4. Demo

    (2022) - Masai Troutman to Northeastern

    I think he’s better than that. Certainly more projectable. COVID lack of exposure did him no favors.
  5. Demo

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Would think the presence of a traditional 5 in his class would be a net positive, to the extent that it matters, though I doubt Wessler would be nearly as ready to play as a senior Durr or a sophomore Duncomb. And they’ve got a couple of developmental bigs, but they also have a couple of kids who are more Kaleb Banks long wing types. The future of Aluma is probably more pertinent. He’s not Trayce, but he’s a very good player and has some similarities to him. Whereas Trayce is certainly going, Aluma would be a 6th yr Sr if he stayed. Clowney is versatile enough to play with Aluma for sure, and there are a lot of favorable matchups that Young could exploit. But, if Aluma goes, it seems to me like they would need Clowney to be a high usage guy from the jump. As much as I love the kid, not sure that’s the best path for an 18yr old who’s probably gonna play next year at 220. Long way of saying IU provides a better developmental situation, even if it’s 18 mins a night instead of the 28 he could probably get at Va Tech.
  6. Demo

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Va Tech just took a commitment from Patrick Wessler, a 7ft ‘22 kid from NC with a nice offer list. If Clowney committed there and Keve Aluma doesn’t go pro after next year they would probably have 1 of the tallest rosters in the country. Possibly as many as 8 kids 6’8” or bigger.
  7. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    I’m sure after 1 practice with his team he looked around and busted out the immortal words of Flight and Willie from White Men, “This s**t is TOO easy!”
  8. Demo

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Didn’t watch the game, but 24 completions for 169 yds by Jacoby Brissett is so…..Jacoby Brissett.
  9. 1st time I saw Graham was at the Marion County tournament at Southport his Sr yr. He makes a steal at half court and goes in alone. I’m expecting a conventional dunk. He goes off 2 feet, tomahawks it back with both hands until it’s touching his neck, gets his head within a couple of inches of the rim and freaking flushes it. No one had ever told me he was that explosive. It was shocking.
  10. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    I’ve been laughing all morning at the idea that, a) someone would ask this, and b) people would feel compelled to answer it.
  11. Demo

    College Football Thread

    Watching the Bama-UF game. UF RB that the announcers call, “1 of the fastest Gators,” breaks out and then gets run down by no fewer than 3 Bama DB’s . God, the athletes they have.
  12. Wow, you should buy a lottery ticket.
  13. Can’t figure out any way to make it happen, but, man, those are strong.
  14. Demo

    (2023) - SF Kaleb Glenn

    Glenn is a 3 level power wing who can play at any pace and in any lineup. He is exactly the player Justin Smith, and, apparently his dad, thought he was.