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  1. Demo

    College Football Thread

    Can they buy it for him directly or would they have to just work it into however payments are made to the player? Seems silly not to be able to.
  2. Demo

    College Football Thread

    Yeah, I didn’t make that clear at all. Not insane for them to offer it. I’m sure they can. It’d be nuts for him to take it. Risking the possibility of making 9 figures over a career for a de facto guaranteed 1 year deal plus insurance should be a total non-starter for him.
  3. Demo

    College Football Thread

    That’s insane if true. As the 4th pick last year, which must be close to Harrison’s landing spot, Anthony Richardson got a signing bonus of 21 mil over the life of the deal. So, what, 6 mil a year or so with salary included? Better be a stronga$$ insurance policy involved as well.
  4. Demo

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    The comp that I’ve had for Queen for a while, though I don’t recall throwing it out there because it may not be universally viewed as a compliment, though it is to me, is a rich man’s Cam Krutwig, who was the center on Porter Moser’s Loyola team that went to the sweet 16 in ‘21. Strong, thick, super-skilled, below the rim 5 who doesn’t give you rim protection but has such great offensive value as a post scorer combined with a facilitation element that’s really rare. Could easily see him as a 5 asst/game guy playing in a system with a lot of motion. But he’d certainly be effective playing out of the post. His footwork will be so tough for a post defenders to deal with and he will punish doubles assuming he’s playing with shot makers.
  5. Demo

    Music Thread

    On no, I love me a good falsetto. Jeff Buckley’s version of “Corpus Christi Carol” is unbelievable.
  6. Demo

    Music Thread

    Ok, I need some feedback if anybody’s got it. After years of not doing it, I want to dive into Sparks a bit. Other than the FFS collaboration with Franz Ferdinand, which is terrific, I know next to nothing about them. I look at their discography and I’ve never seen so much music. They’ve got to have 40 or 50 albums over pushing 50 years. Unbelievable and overwhelming. Anyone with any thoughts on where to jump in with these guys? Saw that Edgar Wright did a doc on them. Will definitely check that out.
  7. Sure, it’s still too early in the season for KenPom to really kick in, but it still looks a little funny to see 4-5 Michigan coming off a home loss at #54 and 7-1 Indiana off a road win at #65.
  8. Even though you know the outcome, when you’re watching the 1st half with no X, Cupps struggling with McDaniel and Galloway playing his worst half in 3 years, you’re gonna think there is no way they actually won this.
  9. Love it. Ware is just pterodactyl and great switch by Woody.
  10. Easily. It was a team win but it doesn’t happen without Gunn and what Walker gave them in the first half.
  11. Best game since he’s been at IU.
  12. Demo

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    FYI: Mookie Dobbins is Queen’s travel ball coach. Queen’s only played for 1 travel program, Team Thrill on the UAA circuit. Also the travel program for Daquan Davis and Chance Mallory. So if that’s true, it’s definitely not nothin’.
  13. Demo

    NBA Thread

    Oh my God. This may be the most disrespectful dunk since Shaq stuck his crotch in Chris Dudley’s face.