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  1. Demo

    (2021) - PF James Graham III

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f_YtT6vbs6k This is the only full game of Graham’s I’ve been able to find. State tournament game from March against, swear to God, Beaver Dam HS. Tallest kid on Beaver Dam is 6’1”. Between Graham and Jalen Johnson(6’9” kid going to Duke) it’s every bit the beating you’d expect. So not super instructive, but there are a couple of things: 1) was 4-5 from 3. Kid has a great stroke. So clean and simple I doubt he ever slumps. If you’re gonna have an elite skill, he’s got the best one. 2) His athleticism has a long way to go. He doesn’t run that well. He really has to gather to elevate. And the one that really bothers me is that he doesn’t change directions smoothly. At all. 3) I’m extrapolating too much from 1 viewing against a bad team, but he strikes me as a combo forward, but not in the best way. Not big or strong enough to play on the interior and maybe not athletic enough to defend on the perimeter. But, hey, shooters are shooters. Definitely going to try to find more game video.
  2. Demo

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    Really long way. Will be very, very surprised if he doesn’t take all of his visits.
  3. Demo

    (2022) - CG Skyy Clark

    Didn’t get this offer from the jump. Everything about this kid, and I don’t mean this critically of Clark, screams anti-Archie.
  4. Demo

    (2022) - CG Skyy Clark

    https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/North-Carolina-Kentucky-Arizona-DePaul-Florida-State-Georgetown-Gonzaga-Michigan-Minnesota-basketball-recruiting-2022-five-star-Skyy-Clark-148854692/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true No mention of Indiana. My favorite part is Clark extolling the virtues of how Patrick Ewing uses his guards at Georgetown and does it by pointing to James Akinjo and Mac McClung, who’ve left the program.
  5. Per Mike Schumann, CAM spoke today with North Central PG Leland Walker. First I remember hearing of contact between the program and Walker.
  6. Demo

    Justin Smith Declares

    https://arkansas.rivals.com/news/smith-brings-versatility-to-arkansas-as-a-grad-transfer Love this article. Musselman is a smart, smart guy. Puts out in the public arena exactly what Justin and his family want to hear(playing some 2, increased 3pt looks, creating his own offense off the bounce) when in reality he’s gonna do none of those things.
  7. Demo

    (2022) - CG Skyy Clark

    UK apparently offered today, per Corey Evans. Seems too symmetrical not to happen.
  8. Demo

    (2021) SG - Blake Wesley

    Given that Wesley isn’t a very physical kid that actually strikes me as a really good pure basketball fit with all 5 out they run and all of the 3’s they generate. I like it.
  9. Demo

    (2022) PG Bruce Thornton

    In the games I’ve able to find he reminds of a more offensively talented Hassan Diarra. Just a really tough, competitive, high effort kid. And I’ve always had a weakness for kids who also play football.
  10. See, being able to parse a subtle, non statement like that one is EXACTLY what we’ve missed in your absence.
  11. Underwood ran a lot less spread last year than he had in the past because Cockburn’s skillset really doesn’t work as a pinch post. But after a RS year this kid seems to be a great fit.
  12. Demo

    (2022) - PF A. J. Casey

    West side of St Louis, so a couple of hours. The last couple of years haven’t gotten to see nearly as many events as I used to. So, depending on conditions, would like to do Marshall County, Bass T of C and Quincy Shootout this year. Quincy and Bass have really good fields. We’ll see.
  13. Gabe Wiznitzer to Louisville. Know CAM barely kicked the tires here, but I’ll always remember this kid for his awesome “highlight” reel that consisted of 5 minutes of other guys making plays.
  14. Demo

    Big Ten All Decade Team

    If this sound hot takish, oh well, but to me Cassius Winston might be the best pure PG to play in the Big Ten since Isiah. Love him. 2nd team is just deeply stupid.
  15. Demo

    (2022) - PF A. J. Casey

    Casey and Mohammed are playing at the Quincy Shootout, which is a nice little 2 day event at the end of January. Really looking forward to watching Casey live, assuming we’re able to congregate by then.