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  1. HoosierX

    Jay Edwards

    Ha, I watched this game for the first time today due to a slow work day. Yeah I don't think RMK hated it too much that game. Alford missed his first couple and then basically couldn't miss again until the end of the game. One of them he practically faked a pass and shot it in the same motion, it was amazing. Also, how the hell did Derrick Coleman end up playing college basketball for four years?
  2. HoosierX

    Jay Edwards

    That is a crazy high percentage, hard to even imagine nowadays. Although I guess the three point line is over 2 feet further back these days. He also shot 38% from 2 that year haha.
  3. Also, is DeBoer going to be at UW for more than a season?
  4. HoosierX

    Jay Edwards

    Was this best 3 point shooting at the time?
  5. His injury during the Covid year happened when we ran a designed run for him which worked beautifully because we almost never had him run (due to injury issues). He easily picked up the first down and was going to try for the end zone, but then he saw that there were two defenders that were likely going to stop him from getting there and he pivoted to go out of bounds. As he was running out of bounds he hurt himself...so unfortunate as he was trying to avoid contact. I think he can stay healthy if he nevers runs the ball. But in the end, that's going to limit Washington a bit offensively.
  6. HoosierX

    Hoosier Hysterics

    Do I love absolutely everything these guys do? No. But you know what, I like and respect these guys. They are out there living their lives and having fun. And they are being their genuine selves while they do it, whether you like those people or not. It seems like a lot of people have no concept of how to do that anymore because they are too busy bitching and moaning about everything that is wrong with the world and the people in it.
  7. Did they change it? He’s a part of the “other freshmen to watch” when I click on the link.
  8. HoosierX

    Random IU Power - Random Alum Encounters

    Reminds of the time I was at the airport in Christchurch, New Zealand and walked by another guy also wearing an IU sweatshirt and we warmly gave a smile, wave and "Go Hoosiers" to each other. Then a few minutes later, I got on my plane and a woman saw my sweatshirt and told me she went to IU, and we chatted for a few minutes.
  9. HoosierX

    Bill Russell passes at 88...RIP

    I'm sure I'll get roasted for this, but if you're going to call out his wife then take the time to get it right. He's two full letters off with the spelling.
  10. HoosierX

    (2023) - PF Arrinten Page

    Below that is a story about a recruit named Jizzle James...lol.
  11. Are we talking freshman year OG? I would expect Race/JG to equal that level of production or more, while maybe not quite having the same ceiling defensively.
  12. HoosierX

    College Bball Thread

    Stefanovich had his role, but he killed Purdue on defense last year.
  13. HoosierX

    College Bball Thread

    To be fair, I went to grad school from '13 to '15, maybe it's improved. One game I distinctly remember was against UT Arlington and I swear the stands were ~15% full.
  14. HoosierX

    College Bball Thread

    I don't know, I went to UT for grad school and went to a few basketball games. If they weren't playing a big-name team, the stands were laughably empty.
  15. HoosierX

    B1G expansion

    Because amazing weather and beautiful landscapes are so terrible.