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  1. Now this is awesome news!!!!!!!!
  2. TadQueasy

    Assistant Coach Thread

    That would be great news and I would be way more excited about this hire immediately
  3. TadQueasy

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I did not get to see the press conference, was anything said about assistant coaches?
  4. Ah my apologizes. Carry on then good sir.
  5. My gosh man he has not even had a press conference yet.
  6. This is a site that has been tracking flights and talking about stalking airports and such ad this is what get labeled as weird? LOL
  7. Has there been any word on a press conference?
  8. No room for a fire thread. A lot of us may not actually be excited about this hire, but we should all be wiling to support him and see what happens. There will be plenty of time down the road to criticize the man if things go bad. In the meantime lets support him and hope he is the greatest hire ever in the history of the school.
  9. Alan Henderson has chimed in that he is excited as well.
  10. Who really knows the order Dolson had in mind. But whatever it was there is one thing for sure, it will be spun as Woodson was the guy from the start.
  11. I would say there is a better chance of it being Lewis. But either would make this a way better situation, so let's hope so!
  12. I am sure that will be the next rumor. He agreed to take over until Brad is done with the NBA. Then Woodson will have some mysterious reason to step down and enter Brad to save the day!!!
  13. Someone that has been successful in coaching and recruiting in college. All 3 of them bring that to a degree. I would rather it be Fife or Lewis.
  14. I still do not want Woodson. But if he were with a Matta or Fife that would make it a lot more tolerable.
  15. You are going to do it again and you are going to like it!