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  1. TadQueasy

    IUBB 2023 B1G Tournament March 8-12, 2023

    JHS defense on Young is the difference in this game.
  2. No way MSU was losing this game. Emotion from the student body at a high rate. Hot shooting. Terrible turnovers by TJD and crew. Move on to the next one.
  3. TadQueasy

    IUBB vs Illinois - Saturday, 2/18/23 @ Noon on ESPN

    The big 10 tournament and the big dance are going to be wild. I would say there are a huge group of teams right now that could find their way to the final four and who could lose in the first round.
  4. TadQueasy

    IUBB vs Illinois - Saturday, 2/18/23 @ Noon on ESPN

    That was an ugly win, but a win that I will gladly take. I am not sure Indiana deserved to win it. Missed FTs. Bad turnovers. Looked like our feet were in concrete for a good part of the game. But they found a way to win. I think Woodson has done a good job these last few games of getting the most out of them.
  5. TadQueasy

    Michael Lewis to Ball State

    I love this idea and really hope that IU goes that route. I can't see Woodson being interested in staying many more years. I would think he would consider it important to being able to help stabilize things and then be able to pass the torch to the next guy. Michigan? Did someone say Michigan. Shut your mouth!!
  6. TadQueasy

    IUBB @ Minnesota - Wednesday, 1/25/23 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    I was screaming all 2nd half where in the hell is Malik. He played really well in the 1st half. High/low with malik and TJD should have been a big part of the 2nd half offense. yet he was no where to be found. Just does not make sense. I like Race and he has his moments, but Malik needs to play more
  7. Well obviously, we all hope this is true. But I have my doubts about the trend line changing today. But an Indiana win is always good, especially over a team we have struggled to beat for so long.
  8. TadQueasy


    Woodson seems like a guy that would not allow such things. And we all know that his mentor Coach Knight would not have even come close to tolerating that.
  9. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Tenn Football is a pretty good comp. It was not that long ago that people had completely wrote them off as a top tier program. Let's hope something similar happens here.
  10. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Ahh I gotcha and yes I agree. Pretty sad state of affairs.
  11. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    GOAT tier coach? Is this serious?
  12. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Maybe Chicago will be tired of the Billy D show when the IU job opens up again
  13. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Looking at the upcoming schedule this thing could get really bad really quick. Maybe they get a win against Minnesota, but those road games have always been a problem.
  14. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Oh my apologies, I did not smell what he was cooking... carry on
  15. TadQueasy

    Mike Woodson

    Current HC at Mizzou. Was HC at Clev St and an Assistant at Florida St.