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  1. mamasa

    Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022

    Has anyone heard of a start time?
  2. mamasa

    Movie Thread

    I saw Bullet Train last night, one of my new favorites!! Over the top action and violence/blood (if you liked the first Kingsmen, you’d like this). Did not take itself seriously despite an all star cast, very fun. Great soundtrack as well
  3. mamasa

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    I love her
  4. mamasa

    Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022

    That's also my biggest gripe!!!
  5. mamasa

    Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022

    I've been checking out G Herbo the last couple of days. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it.
  6. mamasa

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Are you implying Demo could be your dad? Lol
  7. mamasa

    Game Thread: Indiana Vs Idaho 8PM BTN

    So, we should leapfrog Norte Dame in the rankings, right?
  8. mamasa

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    I checked the east side Columbus, no stromboli but I did find (and buy a couple) Lil’ Yatchty’s frozen pizzas!!!! Lol (I bought the veggie for my daughter and the hot honey for me):
  9. mamasa

    IU Field Hockey

    https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2022/9/9/indiana-field-hockey-blanks-ball-state-for-fourth-straight-win First 4 win streak since ‘17!
  10. Happy anniversary- congrats on a huge accomplishment!!
  11. mamasa

    Music Thread

    Went to the Jim Irsay Collection last night, simply mind blowing. The exhibit was too much to take in- vintage Colts stuff, Beatles, Elton John, Grateful Dead, Prince, James Brown, historical documents and displays. Then the concert- Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mike Mills, Mike Wanchic, Tom Bukovac (look him up!), Carmella Ramsey, and Michael Ramos were the main band. Buddy Guy w Billy Branch, John Hiatt, Ann Wilson all did at least 4 songs each w the band (Buddy Guy is simply the best guitarist I’ve seen, and to see him w Kenny Wayne Shepherd!!! Ann Wilson did 3 Led Zeppelin songs and just killed them). KWS played David Gilmour’s guitar he used to record The Wall during Comfortably Numb- honestly could have been the greatest 2 solos I’ve ever seen live. Mellencamp wrapped up the show w a couple of songs. I’ve seen well over 300 artists and bands, and this was something special!!