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  1. mamasa

    2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament

    Wheels just came off, 5-4 Iowa T7
  2. mamasa

    Movie Thread

    Such a great movie, and a lot of depth for a Marvel movie. I really did tear up tho..
  3. mamasa

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    It’s a special time, where basketball is finalizing its roster, baseball is in the hunt for B1G title, softball has their best season since ‘11, water polo is top 20 and football recruiting is critical! I’m an eternal optimist, feel like we take a huge self-sustaining step forward this season!
  4. mamasa

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Don’t be such a tool, seriously. I freaking love USFL and watched all XFL. Just find something else to watch, don’t denigrate things others like. Your shtick wears thin quickly.
  5. Jerry Meyer puts a CB to IU
  6. Getting ready to drive home- can you guys get this confirmed and finalized in an hour so I can see it when I get home?
  7. Good to know- I haven't ordered anything else, so I'll stick w my tenderloin and rings!
  8. I'll vouch for Hoosier Bar & Grill (and Wee Willie's for their turkey Manhatten) as being the best, haven't done Chicago here (I work 2 minutes from Ellettsville). But, Jiffy Treet West is also here, so Ellettsville has it going on!! Lol
  9. Apple pie w/ a slice of Gouda! Hell yes. I buy the frozen apple pie "fritters", then top w/ thinly sliced Gouda or cheddar after frying
  10. I haven't tried the new Toppers that just opened, but will soon. Best tenderloin is Hoosier Bar & Grill in Ellettsville, followed by Office Lounge, then Wee Willies (IMHO)
  11. I'm a ketchup lover, on eggs, hot dogs, fries, etc., but I'm a mustard purist on breaded tenderloins and sausages (Coleman's horseradish mustard is freaking awesome)
  12. Give the Red Gold a try, Indiana product!
  13. mamasa

    2023-24 IUBB ROSTER

    Nice! I always root for the walk-ons!
  14. mamasa

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Has there been any news on Dexter Williams ? Really intrigues me with the QB position