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  1. That can't do anything but help with recruiting- one of your staff still knows the fundamentals to be in an elite tournament!
  2. mamasa

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    That's not very sunshiny.... Lol, just giving you crap!
  3. mamasa

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    I see why Sharnecce Currie Jelks didn’t play….
  4. mamasa

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    That's fantastic, but I don't have to like them lol. I find it abrasive and annoying, but I have no problem putting a team over individual players or coaches. They're not here for a popularity contest, and I don't have to watch interviews or pressers w/ them.
  5. mamasa

    IU Women's Tennis

    Seems like a good get!! (Truth- I have zero idea about any men's or women's tennis coaches, or tennis for that matter lol).
  6. mamasa

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I am somewhat indifferent to Cig (I don't like arrogance or cockiness in general), but I'm absolutely putting all of my fandom, faith and hope into him! I was talking with a Purdue grad (well, it had to be more like grunting and using hand motions so they'd understand me with their limited IQ) and they were just so obnoxious about the past football (and basketball) results. I just hope that we ride into a new era of respectableness
  7. mamasa

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    I think I might know what the problem is w the Fever- I posted on the official Fever Facebook about firing Sides, Aliyah Boston liked my post. Oooof!
  8. mamasa

    Travel Thread

    You, my friend, are spot on here! Warren Taven was absolutely outstanding! We did a taste test of Modern Bakery, Mike’s, and Bova- Bova was our favorite!!! We were whale watching and one of the crew came up and saw my IU hat. Turns out, he played ball w Marshall Strickland! We’ve had several Hoosier encounters
  9. mamasa

    General WBB Thread

    Flying to Boston this morning- first person in line is Jeff Walz, Louisville’s WBB head coach. Nice to see he flies Southwest too lol
  10. I appreciate the updates guys! I’m driving and can’t really check the scores so I’m having my wife do it for me lol
  11. mamasa

    Travel Thread

    THANK YOU!!! That's exactly what I was hoping for! I've been to Boston, but it was pretty much doing touristy stuff (but still enjoyed it immensely!!!). I found the people of Boston to be among my favorite city people :) Our house is about 5 walking minutes from Tides Restaurant, I imagine I'll find a bourbon I like lol
  12. mamasa

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    Since I always do so well in the Prediction League (sarcasm), I'll go w/ 7 wins
  13. mamasa

    Travel Thread

    Any Bostonians? Headed to Nahant, MA tomorrow (about 12 miles outside of Boston) for 8 days. Anyone have any under the radar restaurants or sights? No problem to travel about 2 hours for it!
  14. mamasa

    IU Wrestling

    Cayden Rooks comes home!