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  1. COLTS1IU1

    No Holt?

    We did win the game but I think everyone is just trying to look forward to future games. HMP will improve or hopefully will improve. If he plays like last night we aren't going to be any of the really good teams but he should improve. We just need him to rebound and play good defense. He didn't do much of either last night, except some deflections and whatnot. We don't need him to put up 15-10 like Noah or Cody as we have tons of guys that can put the ball in the hoop. We just need to keep improving as this is a better team than I thought. I was thinking a 6-7 point lost last night. I am ready for the Pitts game in about 2 weeks
  2. COLTS1IU1

    post game IU/MissValleyState...

    We will have to shoot close to if not 50% to win most games. It is hard to tell where this team goes from just one game but when we get the 3 suspended players back, especially Williams and Robinson we should be much better inside. Honestly, I like the mix this team had. We don't have a dominate center but in college basketball you don't need one. We need to be able to play better team defense. That is the biggest weakness I saw. Team defense. 
  3. COLTS1IU1

    Haunted Hall of Hoops - November 1st

    Cute picture. The players probably were thinking of Devin and they minds were a mile away. I just hope Devin is ok and lives a normal life even if he doesn't play basketball again. 
  4. I pray that Devin is ok.