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  1. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    Didn't even know you could read. Impressed!
  2. Naturalhoosier

    Game Thread: IUFB Spring Game | 8pm on BTN

    Problem I saw with Jackson is that he continues to stare down his receivers. Rarely if ever did he go through his progressions.
  3. Naturalhoosier

    Travel Thread

    Spent a week in the Grand Cayman's over spring break w/the Natty Fam. I can't recommend it enough. White sands, crystal blue waters, friendly people, easy to navigate (once you get accustomed to a RHD car and driving on the left hand side). We felt safe the entire time. Food is incredibly expensive however (which makes sense considering essentially everything aside from seafood is imported).
  4. Naturalhoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    I scour the interwebs for Zima references and appear with a Z on my cape!!!!!
  5. Naturalhoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    This is the correct recipe. Skittles is for losers. ;)
  6. Naturalhoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Zima is pure deliciousness. Hater's gonna hate!
  7. Naturalhoosier

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I was able to score a pair of LEO cleats for my son. They are pretty freaking awesome actually.
  8. Naturalhoosier

    2024 BTOWN Banners Women's Bracket Challenge

    I’m sitting at a 50% chance of winning! Sweet!!!
  9. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    I didn't get home till almost 9:30 last night. Here's to the autodraft!
  10. Naturalhoosier

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Same boat! Don’t rock it!
  11. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    I texted him. I’m sure he’ll pop on before the days out.