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  1. Naturalhoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/dodgers-trevor-bauer-investigated-by-mlb-for-using-foreign-substances-on-multiple-balls-per-report/ I’m pretty certain his stance on cheating is a lifetime ban....hmmm....
  2. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    Are we keeping score in this league or is this some kind of everyone wins socialistic hipster BS league?! ;) C’mon Boob!!!
  3. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    Last years champion. Just sayin’!!!! So you can SUCK IT!!!!!!!
  4. Naturalhoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    Astros start the season w/a 4-game sweep of the A's. That's a great start! Law of averages says it won't continue, but it would be nice if it did!
  5. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    Hey, I’m an equal opportunist!
  6. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    Poor @HoosierAloha Always the bridesmaid never the bride.
  7. Naturalhoosier

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

  8. Naturalhoosier

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers. Never hesitate asking. Safe travels friend. It’s ok to lose it. Give her big hugs and heal each other. Prayers.
  9. Naturalhoosier

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Ah hell no. This is the worst possible scenario. Congrats, I guess. A-Hole.
  10. Naturalhoosier

    Prayer Thread

    Thanks for the prayers everyone. Please keep them coming. Please also keep the 9 other victims in your prayers as well.
  11. Naturalhoosier

    Prayer Thread

    Please keep Officer Eric Tally’s family in your prayers. He is the officer murdered in the tragic Boulder, CO shooting tonight. He leaves behind a large family. He was a great guy. Stand-up human being. A friend.
  12. Naturalhoosier


    I’m not following any of your suggestions! Yeesh. :)
  13. Naturalhoosier


    I haven’t tried FanDuel or DraftKing because I always questioned their authenticity. Like I’m getting into bed with the Mob. lol
  14. Naturalhoosier


    Nothing to write home about. A little here/there. Mainly I’m too lazy to run over to the casino so I’ll just save my money. lol Have you?
  15. Naturalhoosier

    Another New Moderator!

    Not my moderator!