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  1. Naturalhoosier

    Positive news regarding coronavirus thread

    Ate at a restaurant last night for the first time in 2 1/2 months. It was nice to get out and about. Looking forward to more places opening up.
  2. Naturalhoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    MLB will be in a world of hurt if they can't screw their heads on straight.
  3. Naturalhoosier

    Prayer Thread

    I think right now would be a good time to flood Heaven with our prayers of healing and hope.
  4. Naturalhoosier

    IUFB -- RIP Chris Beaty (1981-2020)

    I read he was trying to help out a couple ladies who were getting robbed. :(
  5. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    Thx. Checked it out. Pretty solid. My only comment was they used a few pictures at the beginning that didn’t jive with the specifics of the story being told. But 99% of people probably would never recognize it. Such a good story!!!!
  6. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    I reread my description and stand by that still. I really think it should be mandatory reading.
  7. Naturalhoosier


    I have a Glock 19 which I was going to use as my conceal carry. But it was to big for my liking. It’s been relegated to house protection duties. I’ll be getting a Sig Sauer P365 for concealment in due time.
  8. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    It’s definitely ripe for a movie. I’ll have to check out the documentary.
  9. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    Finished The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown. It’s about the University of Washington’s Crew team from the early 1930s. Focused mainly on one individual who had a terribly upbringing and fought through, persevered, and won at life. Well written. It ties in Nazi Germany as Berlin hosted the 1936 Olympics. It was also interesting to read how much impact rowing had on a mainstream level. Just a wonderful story.
  10. Naturalhoosier

    Woodworking Thread

    And another. “Made in Delaware”!!! ;)
  11. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    Ok. Just signed up for Goodreads. It'll take a while to get used to it.
  12. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    I do too. This was just released not too long ago. Finished the Guardians. If you like the Reckoning, you'll enjoy the Guardians. I've not read too much Grisham, but I like how these are based loosely on true events.
  13. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    It was a really good book. I kind of saw it but not really. I'm nearing the end of his book, The Guardians. Then I'll be on to the latest Baldacci book, Walk the Wire. Part of the Amos Decker series.
  14. Naturalhoosier

    Woodworking Thread

    You’re killing me, Toots! Lol
  15. Naturalhoosier

    Woodworking Thread

    Made another cutting board. These are fun to make.