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  1. The game keeps going in and out for me :/
  2. Dalton26


    Crazy thing is Purdue fans believe he got no calls. That dude has been pretty protected all yr.
  3. It’s so nice watching this team not just die and quit. Win or lose I love the fight.
  4. The officials have been ruining every game I’ve watched IU or not.
  5. With as bad as we were 10 pts feels like we’re in this game.
  6. I don’t want to hear any Race Thompson slander
  7. TJD really isn’t making much of an effort to be apart of the game thus far.
  8. Dalton26

    Prayer Thread

    Any prayers for my family would be appreciated. my stepmoms uncle passed away on Tuesday, my grandpa passed away this morning, and then my stepmoms grandma passed away this afternoon. Been a rough week and anything helps.
  9. Dalton26

    WWE thread

    I’m not into wrestling to the level that I used to be but AEW largely bores me nearly to tears.