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  1. Iowa has quite the storied history of flaming out early, so this is my pick.
  2. So is this a play in game? Or is IU's resume still too weak even with another neutral court win.
  3. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    What is BOT?
  4. GoIU8

    IUBB @ Northwestern - 02/08/22 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Why can't I be done with all of them?
  5. One home win against St. John's gives zero wiggle room for the rest of the year. This one has to be a W.
  6. GoIU8

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    That's the point i was trying to make last night, is that nobody on this team truly knows what it takes to finish. All it takes is a spark though. Just look at what Tom Brady did to the Buccaneers and he's just one guy.
  7. GoIU8

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Nah you blow a 22 point lead that's a losing mentality. Period. Zero killer instinct on this team.
  8. GoIU8

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    My point is that these guys have a losing mentality. I don't care how great Jackson-Davis is, he's used to getting 20 points 12 rebounds in a loss. No one on this team knows how to finish a game for ****.
  9. GoIU8

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Archie's guys are gonna have to get out of here before things can get going. There is no killer instinct on this team and no one on this roster can take over a game.
  10. I only laugh to hide the pain knowing this is exactly what's going to happen.
  11. Good Lord there was a backwards compliment or a subtle jab at IU literally every other sentence in that article.
  12. GoIU8

    General New Coach News

    Wouldn't kill interest in the program, it would kill the program, period. Hire Woodson, boomers will feel all warm and fuzzy until the winter, then when the harsh reality sets in on what they've done, no one will be left to support this corpse of a program.
  13. GoIU8

    General New Coach News

    Grifters and trolls.
  14. I mean it described him when we hired him. He made the tournament or NIT more at Marquette than at Indiana. The weirdo part is true but that's one half of one of the five points.
  15. GoIU8

    General New Coach News

    People sourced out the yin yang have no idea what's going on yet this loser thinks he does....some people I swear.