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  1. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    I get that, but Archie got 4 years to be successful and he never did. If Woodson is on the same timeline, we're almost halfway to 4 years, and the same warning signs are popping up. I don't think talk of firing is inappropriat if the year goes the way it looks like it's going.
  2. Math checks out. A win would make it go from 3 to 4.
  3. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    Was it Dane Fife that was responsible for last year's defense? He's the only missing variable from last year and they look measurably worse.
  4. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    Would've been 1 if not for covid, but I'm not gonna defend Archie. We didn't like Archie because he didn't win enough...and Woodson is on track to have a worse record after 2 years than Archie.
  5. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    Winning. He's already got a worse conference record than Archie at this point and if he goes 0-2 in the next two he'll have a worse overall record too.
  6. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    After 8 years, Painter had multiple sweet 16's and multiple big ten titles. We had a coach that did that in 8 years and fired him.
  7. GoIU8

    Mike Woodson

    Brad Underwood went from OK st. to Illinois, Beard went from Texas Tech to Texas.
  8. GoIU8

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Good thing nobody was comparing Oklahoma and Indiana football then.
  9. GoIU8

    College Football Thread

    Multiple top 10 years before it all gets wiped away with sanctions incoming for Colorado.
  10. GoIU8

    Fire Tom Allen

    So everyone is just standing pat until Allen is gone before fully committing to the football program. Not the worst idea, if you can go all out and get somebody good to take the next step.
  11. GoIU8

    Fire Tom Allen

    Tom Allen's record with Kalen DeBoer/Michael Penix: 14-7, 11-5 in conference, 2 bowl appearances. Allen's record without them: 15-31, 5-28 in conference, 0 bowl appearances.
  12. Iowa has quite the storied history of flaming out early, so this is my pick.
  13. So is this a play in game? Or is IU's resume still too weak even with another neutral court win.
  14. GoIU8

    IUBB @ Northwestern - 02/08/22 @ 9:00 ET on BTN

    Why can't I be done with all of them?