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  1. My opinion is based on what has worked with other programs like ours and what has worked in the past. Your opinion is based on nothing, which is why your weirdly fixating on my reference to a podcast.
  2. DiNardo tanked LSU into the ground and was the worst HC in the XFL. That was always going to be a disaster.
  3. Professor at IU, uploads old IU games on youtube, it's the oldest IU related podcast. Anyway, I like how you completely deflected my point, because there's really no rebuttal to it.
  4. Galen Clavio of Crimsoncast made a great point of this topic. We all know this is the hardest job in FBS, and we need to treat it as such. This is not a job you need to be learning on the fly. Our best coaches and at other programs like ours, have all had HC experience elsewhere before taking the job here. It needs to be a head coach, period.
  5. Sign stealing coordinator and get back coach are the two most important positions in football.
  6. Mike Hart is the ultimate lose-lose. It's highly, highly likely he won't succeed, cause he would be beholden to who his coordinators are, just like Allen was. And if he succeeds, he'll leave the nanosecond the Michigan job opens up.
  7. Right, which is why hiring someone who has never even been a coordinator would really dumb.
  8. No clue about what? That half the finalists have never even been coordinators? Thats a fact, not opinion. Dabo Swinney was a WR coach when he got the Clemson job, crazier things have happened. But this is not the time to roll the dice on someone who would be learning on the job.
  9. Went from head coach being a must, to half the finalists not even having Coordinator experience. Real bang up job Dolson is doing.
  10. "Indiana isn't a destination job." - I'm aware of that.... "Where you going to find this "great" coach?" - No idea. Luckily I'm not the one that has to find him. My point is, there's a bunch of programs out there who used to be as bad of a program as we are, but found a great coach and found a way to keep them. Wisconsin was every bit as bad as we were...until Barry Alvarez. Kansas St. came close to moving down because their football program was so bad...until Bill Snyder. Now, both of those are destination jobs. It can be done.
  11. He picked up some Taco Bell with Mgbako.
  12. That could be. I don't think Mike Elko ever got mentioned until the moment he got hired by A&M.
  13. So Syracuse hires a position coach who has never been a HC or Coordinator. Scott Dolson, do NOT take notes.
  14. Is Herman actually a choice though? I don't think I've seen him anywhere as being a candidate.
  15. I like Mike Hart. We turned into Running Back U when he was here, and Michigan is 24-1 since hiring him and turning into a run first team. With that being said, I would not want him as a head coach in any way. That would be an all time bad decision.