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  1. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Damn. Really lucky that didn't trickle into the net after Celentano deflected it.
  2. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Trying not to be biased here, but it sure looked to me as if Endeley got tripped and their guy flopped.
  3. A Schwarbomb in his return to Wrigley ...
  4. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Jesus. I go to let the dog out -- and we score. I'm gonna just spend the rest of the match with her in the backyard!
  5. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Holy crap -- what a horrible mistake. Just glad Pitt didn't cash in.
  6. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Whew -- on first glance, I thought that was a goal.
  7. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Was only able to take cursory glances while finishing up work. Am I correct in assuming we're very fortunate to be scoreless at halftime? Regardless, I can now focus 100 percent on the match. I'm hoping we can step it up in the final 45 minutes.
  8. CTA keeps reelin' 'em in. Thomas had interest from LSU, Auburn, Oregon, and Michigan.
  9. LamarCheeks

    College Bball Thread

    This is a very interesting story. At Detroit Mercy (where Mike Davis is, coincidentally), the women's coach was accused of player mistreatment and abuse. So ... they got rid of the team, not the coach. They will have an entirely new roster next season. One player wanted to stay, but was told she couldn't. She could stay at the school and be on scholarship, but would no longer be welcome on the basketball team (sorta like Jerome Hunter, I guess). Kinda bizarre ... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/detroit-mercy-womens-basketball-player-100012049.html
  10. LamarCheeks

    IU Men's Soccer News and Notes

    This has nothing to do with IU, but since I live in Virginia, I was watching the U.Va.-FSU women's semifinal. It went to PKs -- U.Va. airmailed its first, then was stopped easily on its next two. FSU scored on all three. Not sure I've ever seen a poorer performance at PKs.
  11. LamarCheeks

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Pretty high praise considering he hasn't made it through a full season yet (not criticizing; just stating a fact).
  12. LamarCheeks

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Wow. I live 15 minutes from ODU. https://www.pilotonline.com/sports/college/old-dominion/vp-sp-odu-indiana-football-20210512-frk2fcikvbc55glqmco2tr2j4q-story.html?fbclid=IwAR3IN-5-0XR7tvqZvjWSksqdRZ9K5ufS0V3hS-AxVsZZgIPHZBV5Ra1jwvs
  13. LamarCheeks

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Our first five-star? https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/report-iu-football-could-work-the-transfer-portal-to-land-first-ever-5-star-recruit/?fbclid=IwAR0M0Vpmc6jiGR661rPT-a_KGNUqg7FJsYWC42axid8BrlhwQgjHptAjByg (I'm not sure how recruiting rankings worked way back in the day, but I'm assuming that Dave Schnell, Anthony Thompson and possibly Vaughn Dunbar would've been five stars?)
  14. LamarCheeks

    IUMS-Tournament Talk