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  1. LamarCheeks

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Why do we need Goode? Pretty simple ... We lost a No. 10. He's No. 10. He fits the shirt. LOL!
  2. LamarCheeks

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Jamal Mashburn Jr. -- one year at Minnesota, three at New Mexico, will take his COVID year at Temple.
  3. LamarCheeks

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Not sure if this is sorta known or if the topic has been broached -- I've been on vacation and visiting with out-of-town friends the past couple days, therefore mostly out of the loop -- but according to Tyme on Twitter, getting both Goode and Anderson isn't really an option. Guess it's one or the other.
  4. LamarCheeks

    Expectations for the 24-25 Season

    Not sure how the portal will continue to shake out for us -- and others -- so I'm not exactly sure what my expectations are. But I hope at the very minium, we can finish in the upper half of the B1G and get into the NCAAs. At the maximum, I hope we can challenge for the B1G crown and get a top four seed. I'm just damn and sick and tired of finishing every season with double digit losses. Would be awesome to head into the NCAAs (if we indeed make it there) with fewer than 10 losses for a change.
  5. LamarCheeks

    Kanaan Carlyle to INDIANA

    His Instagram ...
  6. LamarCheeks

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Former Bears and Colts GM Bill Tobin dies at 83. Also was an exec with the Lions and later, a Bengals scout. Gave us one of the greatest sound bites in NFL history. 'WHO IN THE HELL IS MEL KIPER?"
  7. LamarCheeks

    College Bball Thread

    After all the departures in Madison, some Bucky fans have been calling for a changing of the Gard (see what I did there?) Not gonna happen. At least not anytime soon.
  8. LamarCheeks

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Conwell to Xavier
  9. LamarCheeks

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    FWIW ... According to our friend Tyme, Carlyle is a done deal. Assures us all to be patient with the final pieces -- says there's work to be done with new names popping up. Some even not in the portal yet. Sorta sounds like the Essegian ship has sailed. Tyme says it's not easy when you don't have a starting role to hand out. Not sure who would have a starting spot for him unless he goes mid-major.
  10. LamarCheeks

    NCAA Women's Bball Transfer Portal

    When I look at Twitter every now and then, I see plenty of movement in the women's portal -- but nothing from Bloomington. We have a good core returning and some nice freshmen coming in, but IMO -- we could use a couple experienced players. Maybe a big and a shooter. Trying to replace Mack and Sara will be no easy task. It seems the IU staff likes to keep things close to the vest when it comes to recruiting, but jeez -- it's getting kinda disappointing to see player after player enter the portal, and player after player commit to a new school and none of it involves us (well, I'm glad the players entering the porta doesn't involve us -- LOL). I've really enjoyed seeing us become a player on the national scene in these past few years -- would love to see it continue. But you almost HAVE to add portal pieces to continue competing at that level. For the past couple years, it's mostly been us, Iowa and Ohio State as the B1G's top dogs. Maryland has dropped off a little from years of being a power. But other schools are catching up.
  11. LamarCheeks

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    So, if Malone's visit has ended, does that mean we're discussing Post Malone? Sorry -- couldn't help myself ...
  12. Terry Jones just picked off Tayvon Jackson. He's in his sixth year of college -- fourth playing. 2019 -- at Old Dominion: Reshirted 2020 -- at ODU: Did not play; season canceled by COVID 2021 -- played at ODU 2022 -- played at ODU 2023 -- played at ODU 2024 -- playing at IU Can he still take a COVID year? Guessing not, but since ODU canceled its entire season, it makes me wonder.
  13. LamarCheeks

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Been busy for the past couple hours and haven't kept up ... Are we out on Essegian, or still in a holding pattern? Seemed as if it were a done deal, but since nothing's still official yet, makes me wonder if it's a no-go ...
  14. LamarCheeks

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    This made me chuckle. Goodman's source tells him that ODU has rounded out its coaching staff. But as someone pointed out, Mike Jones' staff has been in place for a while now. Guess Goodman's "source" was ODU's website! https://x.com/ODUMonarchists/status/1780599989624000897
  15. LamarCheeks

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    BTW, as far as I know -- Essegian has NOT committed yet. But Badger Nation is getting restless -- and throwing a little shade at us and Kansas in the process. https://x.com/IKE_Badgers/status/1781029442292252771