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  1. Gonna be one of the outliers ... Shuckers 33 Hoosiers 27
  2. Throw it to the guys in white this week!
  3. No late rally this time ... Bearcats 37 Hoosiers 20
  4. LamarCheeks

    Jay Edwards

    I remember reading somewhere (might have been in one of the books about him) where RMK said he rarely had any problems with what Jay did on the court. He just said the kid had horrible personal habits -- i.e., couldn't lay off the booze, pot.
  5. Washington 22,, Sparty 0 -- 8:32 to play in the second quarter. Penix looks like a Heisman candidate!
  6. All we need a FG and in our first two plays, we've lost 8 yards. I smell another OT.
  7. Good grief -- we don't wanna make a huge gamble, but we don't wanna go backwards either.
  8. Ref: Congratulations on a well-played four quarters. HUH?
  9. Definitely PI. Thing is -- he wasn't gonna catch it anyway.
  10. Not banking on OT just yet. We could very easily still blow this.
  11. Jeezus -- he damn near dropped the ball.
  12. Down 8, 3 minutes to go -- running up the middle. Makes perfect sense.
  13. The faster part is what's killing me. WKU is blowing past us like we're standing still. Just who the hell are we recruiting?
  14. We are not a good football team.
  15. What in the hell kinda play was that? Bazelak took the snap and -- did nothing!