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  1. LamarCheeks

    (2023) DB Daeh McCullough to Indiana

    Gee -- who saw that one coming???
  2. LamarCheeks

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Assistant Ashley Williams is headed back to her alma mater -- N.C. State.
  3. LamarCheeks

    Daily MLB Banter

    First major-league AB. BOMB! He's on pace to hit roughly 8,374 career homers. I think that would be a record
  4. LamarCheeks

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    Mavs 92, Suns 50 at the end of the third quarter. How the hell do you get down by 42 points when playing Game 7 at home!
  5. LamarCheeks

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Whatever our roster looks like next season, it won't include Dexter Dennis. He's headed to Texas A&M ...
  6. LamarCheeks

    Daily MLB Banter

    Craziness in Anaheim tonight ... Reid Detmers, making his 11th major-league start, throws a no-hitter ... And what's kinda funny ... The Angels were blowing the Rays out, so Tampa Bay used a position pitcher to pitch. Just for the hell of it, Anthony Rendon -- a right-handed hitter -- bats left-handed for the first time in his career. What'd he do?
  7. LamarCheeks

    Fire Steve Aird

    My reaction to this is twofold: For one, really disgusted that this guy is coaching women, particularly at my alma mater -- and that my alma mater has allowed this to happen. And feeling terrible for the women who've had to endure this fool. For two, really impressed by the digging the IDS reporter did to uncover this. As a grad of the school of journalism and former IDS staffer, I'm proud of the work he did and the time and effort he put into this investigation. Very well done.
  8. Or a very tall milkman or mailman out there somewhere. LOL!
  9. Funny how tiny Miller Kopp's mom is compared with her boys ...
  10. LamarCheeks

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Mrs. Focker, I presume? Saw a FB post from IU today about how Grace Waggoner was among the women's hoopsters who graduated this spring. Obviously, I had seen her play, so I know who she was. But when I saw her photo -- she again reminded me of someone, though I couldn't recall whom. Then, it hit me -- I think she bears a striking resemblance to Teri Polo of the "Fockers" movie series fame.
  11. LamarCheeks

    College Bball Thread

    Happy May day to everyone!
  12. LamarCheeks

    College Bball Thread

    Happy trails, Vivian. A very, very classy lady.
  13. LamarCheeks

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Easy mistake -- there are a lot of 6-foot-11 QBs in the NFL!!!