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  1. IUGRAD06

    Extend Coach Woodson + Assessment of Former Posters

    Extend his retirement. Definitely.
  2. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    If Galloway isn’t starting the better we will be. He isn’t a starter because he can’t shoot. I have said this since the beginning of time. Indiana needs players that call play at all three levels not one.
  3. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    As much as I crapped on Mbagko this past season he was better than Carlyle. Carlyle in no way in hell is starting over him.
  4. That’s every year under Woodson to be honest. Over 300 on 3s.
  5. It’s the system and getting the right ones. Even Knight screwed up here sometimes but if you target and run a system it will work.
  6. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    He was tweeting about the Yale kid and then it was posted we weren’t into consideration then they were deleted. Just a clown.
  7. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Thank you for this. Just got back and commented as well. They have been top 20 in attempts and makes and percentage before.
  8. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Don’t just look at this year. Fran has been top 20 when he has the personnel. The year before they were top 100. He just had Sandfort and Dix shooting them this year and with a lower volume than normal.
  9. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I would have lost it. Keatts has been disappointing. His offense has very little movement.
  10. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    They weren’t even going to make the tourney if it wasn’t for a missed FT by Duke and a Hail Mary three. They have made a nice run here but they underperformed all season and had to make the tourney to get in. Keatts was going to be fired if it was not for this run. He has been below .500 in the ACC and finished 8th or worse in four out of seven seasons.
  11. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    He was paired with two kids that shot over 10 3s per game and combined shot 37% from 3. His lack of shooting was nice to be paired with 2 3 pt shooters and a good big. If I was him I would be thinking of who I am playing with making a choice. He had a pretty decent amount of talent around him outside and in that allowed him to drive and dish.
  12. Stated also that it wasn’t his job to get Kopp shots. Watching UCONN and Purdue run action/screens off the ball for their shooters and then rethinking our offense makes me want to punch things.
  13. IUGRAD06

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    They had two capable 3 pt shooters and still shot 2-3 percent higher than us. We had one in Ware who averaged one 3 a game. There two best three point shooters averaged 10 3s a game while ours averaged 2 3s. His shots will be more difficult with what we have compared to what he has had in the past. Perkins isn’t a high volume three point shooter at 2 per game. You can’t put five guys on the floor who can’t shoot the three. It’s a recipe for a disaster offensively.
  14. Dude if I had a kid that was D1 level talent and lived in Indiana and Painter and Woodson were the only two offers. I would tell my kid he would be an idiot if he took the Woodson offer. It has literally come down to that we are not the best basketball program in the state anymore. Can be fixed but there needs to be a want to.