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  1. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Woodson never should've been hired, he was never a remotely good candidate. There was a video posted earlier in this thread. Poor shooting, inefficient long 2s instead of 3s, struggling to guard the perimeter; yeah, his Knicks teams had those same problems. So it's systemic and he's shown zero ability to fix those issues. Is it on Woodson and staff? Yes, it is. They had a chance to move toward perimeter oriented style and doubled down on playing through the post. Roster isn't great but enough talent to not get punked at home by shorthanded PSU and NW and a Nebraska team that's bad on the road. You don't need talent to play hard either and FTs are the easiest shot in the game. We probably shouldn't talk about recruiting. There's 1 commit and it's not looking good for the likes of Sisley and Mullins in 2025. They went all in on 3 player for 24, and landed 1. Giving a bad coach all the time in the world isn't a solution. He said he was hired to be a bridge and a rebuild is needed after 3 years because of how badly it's been handled, that alone should mean year 4 isn't deserved.
  2. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Running for president of the Coach Woodson Fan Club. Not many people left at this point.
  3. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Cronin has done pretty well at UCLA. I wouldn't mind giving Otzelberger from Iowa State a shot either.
  4. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Eric Bledsoe was eligible for UK and he couldn't spell ACT.
  5. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Just got to get over that darn hump.
  6. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    The article I read said 12m through March 14, then drops to 10, then 7, then 1 for 2026-27. No buyout in final 2 years. They could've reworked it though.
  7. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    No joke. We had a couple players get suspended under Crean because of bumper stickers.
  8. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    If the people expected to enforce the rules don't care about them, then the rules aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  9. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Yes we should, as in don't self report and self sanction. Make the NCAA do their own job for once.
  10. JSHoosier

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    With Woodson, I expect to miss out on them.
  11. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    They might get down 10 at some point in the 1st and just give up.
  12. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    That video that was posted breaking down Woodson and the Knicks should squash any idea that he'll make real changes. His Knicks teams had the same problems; so either we're seeing what he wants or he's incapable of fixing the problems. Dolson etc should watch that, then they should know the problems won't be fixed.
  13. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Suck on the road? IU will fix that for you. This is embarrassing, just fire him now.
  14. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    He bounced around the league for 10 years but wasn't very good, there are far worse ways to make money though. He had no experience coaching college, so I don't think he realized how much different coaching college is from coaching NBA; college coaches don't really have an off season. Nothing malicious on his part but just further highlights it was a bad hire. Plus he's in his 60s and semi retired so he doesn't put as much into it as he needs to.
  15. JSHoosier

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Seems like it be difficult to get less serious than hiring a guy simply because he played here over 40 years ago.