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  1. JSHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Crean thought Priller could play in the Big Ten. Getting Anderson instead of Henry does hurt though.
  2. JSHoosier

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    You could say that about everyone on the team.
  3. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Now I'm depressed....
  4. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    For some reason I just envisioned a Mike Davis reunion.....I may need help.....
  5. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    We cannot keep whiffing on hires, period. If we want to get back we have to put our big boy pants on for a change and act like it. That means instead of looking for excuses for why a coach isn't getting it done we expect them to do their job and fix it, or they get a new job. That means we fire them when they show they need to be instead of give them a few extra years to royally screw things up so the next guy has built in excuses. That's where it starts, when we say enough is enough.
  6. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I'd call Beilein before Oats. His "fantastic" job at Buffalo resulted in not getting past the second round; maybe if the comparison is getting paid 3+ mil to not have a tournament appearance in year 4. If that's fantastic Crean should have been extended not fired. I'd keep Miller before giving Oats a chance before he's actually shown something.
  7. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Let him sustain something at even the SEC first, until then pass. What does his age have to do with the price of rice in China? Miller is young too and his seat should be on fire.
  8. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    With what I saw of Oats record I don't get the infatuation, and it's only a 5 year sample.
  9. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    It's Indiana, here a coach can't just prove they're not good enough. They must have another 2-3 years to figuratively smear s*** all over the place.
  10. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    So he'd be a perfect fit for most non-pUKe SEC gigs.
  11. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Right now I wouldn't put Oats on that list.
  12. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Personally, I think the only question is how many years too long they give him.
  13. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Matta I'd be fine with, he can coach. I'd want to see more out of Oates before even thinking about him, he was 9th in the SEC last year.
  14. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    It's sad when our best FT shooter was a guard shooting 80%, that's not good for a guard.
  15. JSHoosier

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I just want to see a winning team, beyond that I don't care if it's a track meet or played at a snail's pace. I like that the defense is better under Miller, but he's failed miserably at addressing the flaw his teams tend to have (shooting) and I'm sick and tired of missing the easiest shot in the game so often.