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  1. WRSMick55

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Ideal recruiting TARGET
  2. WRSMick55

    2021 Transfer Portal

    If he were to come to Indiana then both the men and women’s team would have players in their 7th season. lol
  3. WRSMick55

    2021 Transfer Portal

    This is the kid from Florida? Yes to this. Seemed like I read he was very good 3 pt shooter. Though, did I read he wanted to be primary scorer? That could be an issue.
  4. WRSMick55

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Plus two open? Thought I read somewhere that Miller only was using 11 scholarships.
  5. WRSMick55

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Actually, I think he was referring to Fife being a great player at IU. As in, well maybe great would be an exaggeration, but .....
  6. WRSMick55

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Geeez, where are CMW’s priorities ?? The fan base needs to know. (Lol)
  7. I thought it more as I want to talk face to face where we can look at each other in the eye instead of over a electronic impersonal media.
  8. The part of the press conference where Dolson said he talked to the players before the hire on what they wanted and they mentioned having a coach they could have a relationship with and style of play ( mentioned twice) was very interesting. Sounded to me maybe the players didn’t like Miller’s style of play or maybe had “soured” on Miller.
  9. Doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing NON- endorsement to me.
  10. Sorry, WTH does LFG mean??
  11. Hell, if he can actually shoot the ball and make baskets, sign him up. IU could use a few.
  12. I’m banking on nothing......but deposit slip is ready
  13. Yea.don’t remember what amount of years, but LB did say when he resigned that after so many years the players tune you out.